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Oracle GoldenGate 19c - April 2020 Bundle Patch New Database Support

Mack Bell
Senior Product Manager

The Oracle GoldenGate product team is pleased to announce the release of a new 19c bundle patch that includes new database version support for the following:

  • SQL Server 2019
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Db2 LUW 11.5

Using Oracle GoldenGate, customers can now capture and deliver data from and to SQL Server 2019 Standard and Enterprise Editions as well as replicate data from and to Microsoft's Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, Azure Database for MySQL, and Db2 LUW 11.5. 

Information regarding new features, additional bug fixes, and enhancements are available in the online Release Notes.

Review the Oracle GoldenGate 19c Certification Matrix for the current list of supported databases and platforms.

How to download?

You may download the patch from My Oracle Support (MOS), https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/PatchHome by searching for patch release Oracle GoldenGate