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Low Downtime E-Business Suite Migrations using Oracle GoldenGate

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Who likes to work work weekends and holidays to migrate a production database to new hardware or to upgrade to a new version?      In many cases working the weekend is unavoidable and often these types of activities have to be done while minimizing business activities that generating revenue.   But let’s face it, current migration methods haven’t changed a whole lot in twenty years;  take the system down Friday night, migrate the data to the new system in bulk or upgrade the database in place,   bring the system back up, unit test and hope Monday morning that everything works.    The techniques have changed and things have definitely improved on the efficiency side of the equation, but downtime for the business still exists.   As IT professionals and DBAs all know, months of planning and preparation go into making these types of event successful but things can go wrong.    “The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For Promised Joy - Robert Burns 1785."    For years customers have been asking for a better way to migrate or upgrade the underlying Oracle database for E-Business Suite with a low amount of downtime.    

Oracle ACS (Advanced Customer Services) developed a services based solution to  deliver low downtime, low risk migrations and upgrades using Oracle GoldenGate as the enabling technology. Oracle GoldenGate has a long track record of successful migrations and upgrades with little or no downtime. Combining this technology with the services provided by Oracle ACS and customers now have an option significantly reduce their downtime when migrating or upgrading their Oracle databases. The Oracle ACS Migration Service uses functions integrated in the Oracle Database for the initial load of the target system and Oracle GoldenGate for ongoing data synchronization (see image below). The process is suitable for all Oracle E-Business Suite products on an Oracle Database of any size. The end result is a database migration with low amount of downtime for business users. 

One common question that comes up regarding this specific migration service is “Oracle GoldenGate provides zero downtime migrations for other applications, why not E-Business Suite?”   The reason why the migration service is a low downtime solution and not zero is that E-Business Suite uses Oracle Advanced Queues, which under meta data tables use the ANYDATA data type. This particular data type is not currently supported by Oracle GoldenGate and as such has to be moved in bulk. These tables typically have a very small amount of data and prior to cutting over to the new target environment, these tables are moved from the source to target as a complete unit.   A small amount of time is needed to perform this action. 

For additional details about the Migration Services available for Oracle E-Business Suite, please refer to this Oracle Migration Service for Oracle E-Business Suite data sheet. You can hear about this new solution and Oracle GoldenGate 12c on Feb 12th 10am PT in our upcoming webcast:
Introducing Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Extreme Performance Simplified

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