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Kicking off the ODI12c Blog Series

It is always exciting to talk about a new release,
especially one as significant as the newly released Oracle
Data Integrator 12c (ODI12c). Why? Because it is packed with features that addresses
many requirements for the user community. If you missed sneak previews at this year's Oracle Open World sessions, do not despair. Because over the coming weeks the
ODI12c team of developers and consultants will be sharing their perspective on
key features, experiences and best practices for ODI12c right here through a
series of blogs.

Before diving into feature details in subsequent blogs
it helps to understand the overall themes that went into developing ODI12c.

Let the Productivity Flow:

Let us face it. Designing for developer user experience is
always top of mind to any enterprise software. ODI12c addresses this through
the introduction of declarative flow
based mappings
(the topic of our next ODI blog by the way!!). Reusability has been
addressed though the introduction of reusable mappings cutting down development
times for repeated logics. An enhanced debugger makes life easy for complex
granular debugging scenarios. Unique repository IDs now allow you to manage multiple repositories.

Performance is Paramount:

Another major area of focus for ODI12c is performance.
Increased parallelism (like the multiple target table load feature), reduced
session overheads and ability to customize loads plans through physical views
all empower the user to tune run times for extreme performances.

mapping showing multiple target load

physical representation allowing users to choose execution options

Integrating it all:

This release is not just about ODI12c as a standalone
product. Closer integration with Oracle GoldenGate now brings Change Data
Capture (CDC) capabilities into ODI12c. Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) jobs
can now be executed and monitored from within ODI12c. And ODI12c is fast becoming the de facto standard for Oracle Applications that need data integration in their solutions. The best example being the latest release of the Oracle BI Applications technology.

Even as we bring you in-depth write-ups about the features
there are some great previews and resources that are already out there. Like this super
by beta partner Rittman Mead Consulting and this ODI12c
Key Features White Paper

You can
download ODI12c here

The best though is the upcoming Executive
featuring customers and executives who have seen and conceived the
product. Don’t miss it!

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