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How to get IDCS OAuth details?

Thomas Vengal
Director, Product Management

Some of you might not be aware of the process to get the OAuth keys for configuring Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC) with On-Premises agents. Keeping this in mind, I have given stepwise details including screenshots to get the OAuth keys for configuring Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC) with On-Premises agents. You would need the following four parameters for connecting an on-prem agent to DIPC server with OAuth authentication:

  1. idcsServerUrl
  2. agentIdcsScope
  3. agentClientId
  4. agentClientSecret

​You will automatically get the idcsServerUrl and idcsscope when a DIPC instance is provisioned. However you will not have the ClientID and ClientSecret parameter to configure the agent. For getting the ClientID and Client Secret, you would need to do the following three steps as mentioned below: 

1. Login to Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) Console

a) Use your browser to go to 'http://cloud.oracle.com'

b) Click on 'Sign-in'

c) Select 'Cloud Account with Identify Cloud Service' and click "My Services"

d) Click "Users" Icon in the top right

e) Click on  "Identity Console" to access the Identity Console

  1. idcsServerUrl Parameter: Note the URL address for the identity console (up to the oraclecloud.com)
    1. For example – https://idcs-xXXxxXXxxNNxxXXXxxxXX.identity.oraclecloud.com

f) Login to IdCS

2. Create Trusted Application

a. Click on 'Applications' Tab within the IDCS Menu

b. Click ' + Add' and Select 'Trusted Application'

c. Provide a Name for the Trusted Application (in newer screens it is called "Confidential Application") . Click 'Next'. 

Note: All other parameters need not be necessarily filled.

d. Select 'Configure this application as a client now' and then check Grant Permissions for 'Resource Owner' , 'Client Credentials', 'JWT Assertion', and  'Refresh Token'.

e.  Click to 'Add Scope' in the below section. Select the DIPC Application URL that you have been provisioned.
Note: This URL will be used as the idcsScope parameter.


f. Trusted 'Application' would be listed in the scope

g. Click 'Next' and then select 'skip for later'  and click 'Next' again in the 'resources' sub-section

h. Click 'Finish' in 'Authorization' sub-section

i. This will list the trusted application with 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret'.

Note down the values down for ClientID and Client Secret for future reference. This will be used later for authentication of your DIPC Remote authentication.


3. Activate the newly created 'Trusted Application'

a. Select the Trusted Application from the Application Menu

b. Click on 'Activate' button

c. Click on 'Activate Application' Confirmation button in the pop-up box

d. You will get a confirmation message once the application is activated.

Note: In case you need to regenerate the ClientID and ClientToken, you would need the open the Trusted Application and click on button 'Generate Access Token'

e. The new application will be listed as a 'Trusted Application' in the 'Applications' Section

This step completes the creation of an IDCS OAUTH Application creation and the credentials can be used in other Oracle Cloud Applications.


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