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Highlighting Oracle Data Integrator 12c (ODI12c)

Towards the last two months of 2013 we
highlighted several features of ODI12c's various features with full length
blogs for each of the features. This was so popular that we bring you a one
stop shop where you can browse through the various entries at your convenience.
This is a great page to bookmark, even if we say it ourselves if you are using
or thinking of using ODI12c.

Blog Title

Blog Description

Kicking off the ODI12c Blog Series

Talks about ODI12c themes and features
at a high level shedding light on the new releases focus areas.

ODI 12c's Mapping
Designer - Combining Flow Based and Expression Based Mapping

Talks about ODI's new declarative designer
with the familiar flow based designer

Big Data Matters with ODI12c

Talks about ODI12c
enterprise solutions for the movement, translation and transformation of
information and data heterogeneously and in Big Data Environments.

ODI 12c - Aggregating Data

at the aggregation component that was introduced in ODI 12c for composing
data with relational like operations such as sum, average and so forth

ODI 12c - Parallel Table Load

at the ODI 12c capability of parallel table load from the aspect of the
mapping developer and the knowledge module developer - two quite different

In-Session Parallelism in ODI12c

the new
in-session parallelism, the intelligence to concurrently execute
part of the mappings that are independent of each other, introduced in the
ODI12c release.

ODI 12c - Mapping SDK the ins and outs

about the ODI 12c SDK that provides a mechanism to accelerate data
integration development using patterns and the APIs in the SDK

ODI 12c - XML improvements

ODI support to advanced XML Schema constructs including union, list,
substitution groups, mixed content, and annotations.

ODI 12c - Components and LKMs/IKMs

capabilities of ODI 12c's knowledge module framework in combination with the
new component based mapper.

Welcome Oracle
Management Pack for Oracle Data Integrator! Let’s maximize the value of your
Oracle Data Integrator investments!

help you make the most of Oracle Data Integrator, and to deliver a superior
ownership experience in an effort to minimize systems management costs,
Oracle recently released Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Data Integrator

ODI 12c - Mapping SDK Auto Mapping

you want to properly leverage the 12c release the new mapping designer and
SDK is the way forward.

ODI 12c - Table Functions, Parallel Unload to File and More

you integrate an existing table function implementation into a flow.

And below is a list of “how to”
and “hands on” blogs about ODI 12c and to get started.

ODI 12c - Getting up and running fast

quick A-B-C to show you how to quickly get up and running with ODI 12c, from
getting the software to creating a repository via wizard or the command line,
then installing an agent for running load plans and the like.

Time to Get Started with Oracle Data Integrator 12c!

We would like to
highlight for you a great place to begin your journey with ODI. 
Here you will find the
Getting Started section for ODI,

ODI 12c - Slowly Changing Dimensions

setup a slowly changing dimension load in ODI 12c, everything from defining
the metadata on the datastore to loading the data.

ODI 12c - Temporal Data Loading

temporal validity feature in 12c of the Oracle Database is a great feature
for any time based data
. If you are thinking dimensional data that varies over time.... the
temporal validity capabilities of 12c are a great fit, worth checking it out.

12.1.2 Demo on the Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine

big data team has just
announced the Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine, a pre-built environment
to get you started on an environment reflecting the core software of Oracle's
Big Data Appliance 2.4. BigDataLite is a VirtualBox VM that contains a fully
configured Cloudera Hadoop distribution CDH 4.5, an Oracle DB 12c,
Oracle's Big Data Connectors, Oracle Data Integrator 12.1.2, and other

- Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle Warehouse Builder

you missed the recent Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle Warehouse builder
live webcast. You can catch up on the events and connect with us with your
feedback here. Here we discuss customer examples,ODI12c new features, Big
Data compatibility, Oracle Warehouse Builder Migration Utility and Support
and live Q and A among other topics.  

 For more information on Oracle Data
Integrator visit the ODI Resource Center.

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