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What a great start we had yesterday at OpenWorld for our Data Integration track. My colleague Doug was not exaggerating when he said yesterday “Today is going to be a great day!" It was indeed a great day with lots of interest to our sessions, Hands-on-Labs and demos. We also felt great energy in each of our sessions especially in the form of number of attendance and questions. Our team posted a photo album from Day 1 (Monday October 3rd) to our Facebook page. I invite you to check the pictures to get a feeling of that energy we noticed.

Actually the excitement around our DI sessions started with the morning keynote sessions. Thomas Kurian explained ODI’s critical role in loading data from Hadoop to Oracle Database. ODI simplifies data integration from Hadoop with its easy to use interface and MapReduce transformation capabilities. Important note: ODI Product Management will be talking about the new Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop in more detail in the session:

Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Strategy on Wednesday 5pm at InterContinental Hotel Telegraph Hill Room.

You should not miss it if you are at OpenWorld and interested in the Big Data topic. Also Hasan Rizvi’s FMW Keynote included a great ODI and GoldenGate customer, Sabre Holdings, on stage talking about the value of using our complete and flexible offering for improving the way customer data is accessed and used at Sabre.

The rest of the day, from my perspective, took place in multiple crowded sessions with great customer presentations, discussions, and product updates.

  •  Turkcell presented about Maximizing Integration Results with Oracle Data Integration in their Enterprise Data Warehouse implementations. The presentation covered both the EDW supporting data mining solution and the DW serving their network operations. Turkcell’s presenters Sanem Seren Sever and Gurcan Orhan shared great performance numbers for using ODI. By moving to ODI and using it on Oracle Exadata they reduced the ETL process from 30 days to 2-3 hours. BTW Gurcan received Oracle Excellence Awards, Technologist of the Year 2011 award. Congratulations Gurcan!
  • Customer panel on zero downtime migrations featured panelist Mark Ramsey from FedEx, Ravi Kulkarni from Dell and Gia Huynh from SiriusXM. I had the honor to moderate this panel. We received so many questions even before Q&A part that we ran over our allotted 1 hour time. The audience had questions around Active-Active configurations for migration purposes and justification for investing in a new technology for migration purposes. Our panelists gave a great overview on the business reasons for minimizing downtime and as well as the technical reasons for the architectures they chose to for the migration solution with GoldenGate.

  • Thomson Reuters’ presentation on Active/Active: Moving from Streams to GoldenGate was another popular session which filled the whole Ballroom C at the InterContinental with folks interested to hear any tips and best practices for migration to GoldenGate. David Baar answered questions very candidly and Volker Kuhr from Oracle Advanced Consulting Services provided a migration path for these critical projects. 

  • GoldenGate’s Product Strategy Update session was the last session of our track yesterday. After a long day I would have expected much lower turnout. Again the whole room was full and the attendees were not shy asking our VP of Product Management many questions, including which specific database platforms are part of the road map. After Alok we heard from Sue Clark from SunGard, who presented their use of Oracle GoldenGate in their Enterprise Data Warehouse. Particularly how it eliminated batch window dependency for their E-Business Suite source systems,and reduced the nightly extract process by 9 hours. Sue added that they achieved 35% internal rate of return from using Oracle GoldenGate for E-Business Suite source systems.

Each and every session left me with a great feeling about being at OpenWorld. It made me realize the best part of the OpenWorld is the interaction with customers and our community. Hearing from our DI customers on how they benefit from our products and hearing our community members ask critical questions to us or toour customers….And of course, exchanging ideas on best practices, and what should go into our product road map, matters a lot.

I am glad we have 3 more days to go to continue with these great interactions with our community. I hope you will  join us too by attending our sessions or following and commenting on our updates on Twitter and Facebook.


Thank you so much Irem.
It is an honour for me to receive such an award. I'd like to thank all my colleagues who are involved in our Network Operations Datawarehouse Project (NODI) and people from Oracle Data Integration team for their valuable support.

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