Finding the ODI Documentation You Need


The Oracle Data Integrator documentation offers a wide range of resources with different levels of detail to fit your needs. This blog post provides a quick map of these resources.


First Approach
To discover what Data Integrator is about, view the Oracle Data Integrator 11g Product Tour on OTN and learn the key features and benefits of using ODI in the Product Technical Briefs.

Install Oracle Data Integrator
Users should review the System Requirements, Certification Matrix, and Release Notes prior to installing Oracle Data Integrator. The Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Data Integrator (OTN) provides ODI installation information including pre-installation requirements and troubleshooting.

Starting with Oracle Data Integrator
The Oracle Fusion Middleware Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator (OTN) will get you up and running on Oracle Data Integrator in no time. This guide describes how to install ODI and the demonstration environment and provides detailed examples that you can run to learn about ODI.

Existing Oracle Data Integrator Users
Users who have used previous versions of Oracle Data Integrator should review first the What's New In Oracle Data Integrator? chapter in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator (OTN) to learn more about the new features of the 11gR1 release.
Important technical changes are also listed in the Oracle Data Integrator 11g for 10g Users chapter of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for Oracle Data Integrator (OTN). This guide will guide existing users in their upgrade to ODI 11g.

Working with Oracle Data Integrator
The following documentation resources will guide you through your integration projects:

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator (OTN) is intended for developers and administrators who want to use Oracle Data Integrator as a development tool for their integration processes. It explains how to work with the Oracle Data Integrator graphical user interface and guides you through common tasks. This guide is also available in the on-line help of the Oracle Data Integrator Studio.

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Connectivity and Knowledge Modules Guide for Oracle Data Integrator (OTN). This guide lists and describes the ODI Knowledge Modules and how to use them in your integration projects to integrate data from databases, files, XML, BI Platforms and so forth.

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Adapters Guide for Oracle Data Integrator (OTN). This guide describes the Application Adapters and how to use them in your ODI integration projects to integrate applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, JDE, Peoplesoft, Siebel CRM, SAP ERM and BW.


Advanced Topics
Advanced topics are covered in the following guides :

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Knowledge Module Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator (OTN). This guide describes how to develop your own Knowledge Modules for ODI.

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware High Availability Guide (OTN) contains a Chapter explaining how to set up an environment for High Availability for Oracle Data Integrator.


Learn More
You are looking for one resource that provides concept explanations, detailed technical information or step-by-step instructions on a particular business problem? You will find your answer in the following doc resources:


Getting Help
When using ODI, you can obtain immediate and context-relevant help launching the online help within the ODI Studio user interface.

If you cannot solve a problem using the ODI documentation, look for additional information in My Oracle Support. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, open a service request.

The Latest News

  • On this blog, of course! The documentation team will use this blog to provide you with documentation updates and upcoming releases, to keep you informed about new content and improvements, and to share tips and tricks to help you to use the ODI documentation to your advantage.

  • The ODI Release Notes provide information about new features, known limitations, and workarounds.

  • Take advantage of Oracle's community resources to get the latest information: OTN Forum, mailing lists, blogs, newsletters, magazines, forums ...


Sending Feedback
Use this blog! The documentation team will interact with you to find out how to improve the documentation.

So, stay tuned and drop us a comment! We'd love to hear from you.


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