Day 1 at Oracle OpenWorld for Oracle GoldenGate

Welcome to Monday, day one of Oracle OpenWorld! The Oracle Data Integration Solutions team has been here at the show preparing our demo pods, bringing up our hands-on lab environments and getting everything ready for today.  Now we are ready to demo our latest products, talk to you about our product updates and provide you with hands-on opportunities with the best heterogeneous data replication product on the market today. Today is going to be a great day!

Kicking it all off today, the demo area is open to attendees at 10AM and we kick off our Hands-On Lab series with ““ Deep Dive into Oracle GoldenGate 11g” hands-on lab on Monday October 3rd at 5PM in the Marriott Marquis – Salon 1 & 2”. Also, Alok Pareek, Vice President of Data Integration Solutions is speaking about our latest release of Oracle GoldenGate in the Sutter Conference room at same time (5PM) in the InterContinental Hotel.

Without taking away to much from Alok’s session, in the latest release of Oracle GoldenGate 11g we continue to add features and functionality that allow our customers to use OGG any way that they want, whether for HA, Data Integration, Distributed Replication, Consolidation, or Migrations, Oracle GoldenGate delivers. Plus if there are different operating systems and databases involved in these complex topologies, GoldenGate is designed to handle any customer requirement.  We are dedicated to provide a heterogeneous replication solution, and we are expanding our repertoire of supported platforms with each release.  Here’s a quick overview of what is in the latest release of Oracle GoldenGate 11g.

Expand our Heterogeneity with the additions of:

  • Log-based capture for MSFT SQL Server 2008, IBM DB2 9.7, MySQL
  • Subscription to JMS messaging systems/service bus
  • Delivery to IBM DB2 for I


Red Stack Optimization:

  • Direct data loads and expanded data type support
  • Certification for Oracle Exadata
  • Real-time reporting solution for Oracle applications and zero downtime application upgrade for JD Edwards
  • Integration with Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition


Enhanced Performance

  • Faster recovery after process interruptions for long running transactions
  • Improved tracing to identify bottlenecks and tune for higher performance


Also, our latest companion product for Oracle GoldenGate is the much-anticipated release of Monitor for Oracle GoldenGate. Monitor for Oracle GoldenGate includes a rich graphical user interface (GUI) client that interacts with core Oracle GoldenGate components to provide a complete view of the GoldenGate implementation. The product provides users with the following:

One web-based UI to monitor all Oracle GoldenGate instances.

Solution discovery – automatically detect and display the end-to-end story. When you start your Oracle GoldenGate processes, the agent registers with the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor server. The server uses the information provided by the agent to look for solutions. Then when you log into the browser user interface, these solutions are available to display.

Customizable views. Oracle GoldenGate Monitor’s web based client allows you to specify how you want to see the components of GoldenGate across the enterprise.

Customizable alert notifications. Oracle GoldenGate Monitor alerts notify you when a specified condition exists for an Oracle GoldenGate component. For example, you can request notification when a process stops or when a specified lag threshold is reached. You select the information to include in the message.

Drill into process monitoring points. Enables users to click on and into focus areas for additional detail.

That’s a quick overview of our latest product releases and looking over our plans for the future releases, we are really excited about what we have coming up. But I’m sorry to say this posting is not a spoiler. What I can tell you is that the theme of the next release of Oracle GoldenGate will be compression. Further out on our hypersonic flight path expect to see more "Red Stack Optimization", an expanded heterogeneous presence and industry leading performance across the board.

Now, getting back to Oracle OpenWorld, this week looks to be jammed packed with excited announcements, opportunities for you to meet our product managers and experience our latest products. Whatever you choose to do this week, make sure to stop by our demo booths and be at the either InterContinental hotel at 5PM on Monday for Alok’s session or in the Marriott Marquis for our 11g Hands-on Lab. Space is limited.

Enjoy the show!

For information on additional sessions and demos, query for keyword “GoldenGate” on


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