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Oracle GoldenGate 19.1 on OCI Marketplace

We are happy to announce the general availability of GoldenGate 19c on OCI Marketplace.

Oracle GoldenGate 19c on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace brings high-performance data replication as a customer managed solution that is easily deployed within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This software enables all data capture, delivery, and replication for on-premise and cloud; yet managed from a fast-central location on OCI.

GoldenGate 19.1 on Marketplace Features:

All features of Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle 19.1 Microservices Edition are available on these marketplace solutions. This includes Capture and Delivery support for Oracle Database versions 11g, 12c, 18c, 19c, cloud and on-premises. New cross-endian features also allow remote capture from any Oracle Database platform and operating system.

Automated deployment of GoldenGate topology with default configuration of the newest generation of web-based, easy to use GoldenGate Microservices – this is the recommended path for all new deployments of GoldenGate

Here is a quick summary of the difference in functionalities of GoldenGate on Marketplace versus  GGCS and DIPC.

Steps for Launching GoldenGate on OCI Marketplace

1. Navigate to https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/ and search for “Oracle GoldenGate”

2. Choose “Launch App” and click through ~4 pages of forms (existing OCI account is required)

3. Access GoldenGate Microservices (Web Apps) from public IP Address given via OCI confirmation page

Documentation and Certification Details: