Monday Jun 30, 2014

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Product Family

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) is critical to the Oracle Data Integration portfolio. OEDQ helps make sure that the data that customers use is fit for purpose. While Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) helps with Data Movement and Extract transform and Load (ELT) and Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) is a leader in data replication, OEDQ is the tool that helps maintain data consistency and quality.

Critical Data Quality Challenges

Data used for decision making and analytics has to be fully trustworthy. However in real life data rarely comes clean. It contains missing values, duplicate entries, misspelt words, non standardized names and various other forms of questionable data. Making critical decisions with such data results in operational inefficiencies, loss of goodwill among customers, faulty market readings and audit and compliance lapses.

Essential Data Quality Capabilities

Ever since there have been databases and applications, there have been data quality problems. Unfortunately all those problems are not created equal and neither are the solutions that address them. Some of the largest differences are driven by the data type, or domain, of the data in question. The most common data domains in data quality are customer (or more generally, party data including suppliers, employees, etc.) and product data. Oracle Enterprise Data Quality products recognize these differences and provide purpose-built capabilities to address each. Quick to deploy and easy to use, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality products bring the ability to enhance the quality of data to all stakeholders in any data management initiative.

 Oracle Enterprise Data Quality covers:

 • Profiling, Audit and Dashboards

• Parsing and Standardization

• Match and Merge

• Case Management

• Address Verification

• Product Data Capabilities

Zebra Technologies Uses OEDQ to Reduce Costs

"We chose Enterprise Data Quality because it is easy to integrate. We have got the business groups excited about cleaning up the data."

Click here to learn more about Oracle Enterprise Data Quality.

Thursday Jun 26, 2014

Announcing ODI 12.1.3 – Building on Big Data Capabilities.

Continuing the constant innovation that goes into each Oracle Data Integrator release, this release focuses on supporting Big Data standards that we have seen sweeping the market.

Big Data Heterogeneity

Recognizing the need to integrate data from various forms and sources ODI without losing productivity ODI delivers the following capabilities. Having been chosen as the strategic Extract, Load and Transform (EL-T) standard for Oracle, (ODI is being used as the de facto standard for Oracle applications) it is natural that the product’s latest avatar focuses on some of the most impactful features for our customers. Some of the new Big Data features include

        a. JSON support,

        b. Hadoop SQOOP integration and

        c. Hadoop HBase Integration.

ODI now supports data loading from relation databases to HDFS, Hive and HBase and from HDFS and Hive into relational databases.

All the data movement features are further enhanced through the use of ODI’s Knowledge Modules. Knowledge Modules are easy out of the box functional components that can be easily customized and used to get your project off the ground quicker with easy reusability and productivity gains. As an example, there are Knowledge Modules that write to Hive and helps append data to existing data files.

Enhanced Security and Performance:

All the focus on Big Data does not mean a lesser focus on classic product features. ODI 12.1.3 comes with upgraded Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant security standards for all its passwords and sensitive information.

It also has increased performance in two ways. ODI can now load target tables using multiple parallel connections and an improved control for data loading allows users to customize concurrency of jobs that can be run.

To learn more about ODI please visit the ODI home page. And for more in depth technical and business scoop the Resource Kit is an excellent starting point. More customer validation here.

Saturday Jun 21, 2014

Oracle Data Integration Continues to Shine on Oracle Exadata

In previous posts I have shared with you how Oracle offers the best data integration for Oracle Exadata. Oracle’s key differentiation in providing solutions that are engineered to work together, applies to the critical add-on technologies such as data integration and replication as well. Our customers’ successes with using Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator is a continuous flow of confirmation that Oracle’s differentiated offering brings real results, simplifies IT, and enables innovation.

Today, I have two brand new customer examples to share with you. 11ST uses Oracle GoldenGate for real-time data integration into the data warehouse, and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Distribution uses Oracle GoldenGate for achieving high availability for its private cloud environment running on Exadata.

  • 11ST is Korea’s largest online marketplace where customers and sellers can freely trade retail goods, ranging from clothing and food, to electronic equipment. With over 10x turnover growth over the last 4 years, the company faced challenges in delivering high speed transaction processing and good customer experience. So the company decided to implement Oracle Exadata for core database platform to accelerate data-processing speed for online transactions, and for the data warehouse to improve analytical capabilities with a solution that can handle intensive analytical workloads in a scalable fashion.With Exadata, the company increased storage capacity by up to 5x and decreased storage costs, while improving customer satisfaction by accelerating data-processing speed for online transactions.
11ST chose Oracle GoldenGate as the real-time data integration solution for the data warehouse running on Exadata. Their goal is to enable staff access to more timely data throughout the day such as online sales tracking and earnings by period. Oracle GoldenGate supports fast decision-making by completing daily batch loads 4.5x faster—in two hours instead of nine hours.

The key business transformation is seen in their customers’ experience. With the availability of real-time data synchronization between the enterprise data warehouse and marketing systems, the company can act fast to changing customer tastes, such as for women’s clothing and jewelry, to improve its offering and customer service. Using timely data and advanced analytics, the company runs personalized marketing programs, such as cosmetics or shoe promotions, through mobile, private-brand services, which was not possible with the legacy system. You can read more about 11ST story here.

Especially for data warehousing solutions many customers leverage the comprehensive and integrated Oracle Data Integration platform for Exadata. Below is a diagram that shows how customers can achieve an end-to-end solution.

Avea,and Paychex are ywo other good examples of using Oracle Data Integration for Exadata environments for improved analytical capabilities.

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Distribution (ADNOC Distribution) is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) government-owned company that specializes in marketing and distributing petroleum products within the country. The organization decided to implement Oracle Exadata Database Machine to consolidate five Oracle Databases—supporting enterprise resource planning (ERP), online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, and business intelligence (BI) applications—onto a single database platform within a private database cloud.

As this private cloud environment supports the backbone of a business with 250 million financial transactions annually, ADNOC Distribution cannot afford even a minute's downtime. To ensure 24/7 uptime and meet service-level agreements, the company uses Oracle Exadata with Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Automatic Storage Management. Using Oracle GoldenGate ADNOC maximized system availability and improved its ability to integrate Oracle Exadata with nonOracle platforms, such as Microsoft SQL or IBM DB2. You can read more about 11ST story here.

 In a recent webcast we discussed Oracle GoldenGate's offering for consolidation into private cloud. I also recommend watching the webcast: Zero Downtime Consolidation to Oracle Database 12c with Oracle GoldenGate 12c on demand to learn how to use Oracle GoldenGate for maximizing availability in private cloud environments.

Wednesday Jun 04, 2014

ODI 12c - Loading Files into Oracle, community post from ToadWorld

There's a complete soup to nuts post from Deepak Vohra on the Oracle community pages of ToadWorld on loading a fixed length file into the Oracle database. This post is interesting from a few fronts; firstly this is the out of the box experience, no specialized KMs so just basic integration from getting the software installed to running a mapping. Also it demonstrates fixed length file integration including how to use the ODI UI to define the fields and pertinent properties.

 Check the blog post out below....

Hopefully you also find this useful, many thanks to Deepak for sharing his experiences. You could take this example further and illustrate how to load into Oracle using the LKM File to Oracle via External table knowledge module which will perform much better and also leverage such things as using wildcards for loading many files into the 12c database.

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

How Oracle Data Integration Customers Differentiate Their Business in Competitive Markets

With data being a central force in driving innovation and competing effectively, data integration has become a key IT approach to remove silos and ensure working with consistent and trusted data. Especially with the release of 12c version, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate offer easy-to-use and high-performance solutions that help companies with their critical data initiatives, including big data analytics, moving to cloud architectures, modernizing and connecting transactional systems and more.

In a recent press release we announced the great momentum and analyst recognition Oracle Data Integration products have achieved in the data integration and replication market. In this press release we described some of the key new features of Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle GoldenGate 12c. In addition, a few from our 4500+ customers explained how Oracle’s data integration platform helped them achieve their business goals. In this blog post I would like to go over what these customers shared about their experience.

Land O’Lakes is one of America’s premier member-owned cooperatives, and offers an extensive line of agricultural supplies, as well as production and business services. Rich Bellefeuille, manager, ETL & data warehouse for Land O’Lakes told us how GoldenGate helped them modernize their critical ERP system without impacting service and how they are moving to new projects with Oracle Data Integrator 12c: “With Oracle GoldenGate 11g, we've been able to migrate our enterprise-wide implementation of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, ERP system, to a new database and application server platform with minimal downtime to our business. Using Oracle GoldenGate 11g we reduced database migration time from nearly 30 hours to less than 30 minutes. Given our quick success, we are considering expansion of our Oracle GoldenGate 12c footprint. We are also in the midst of deploying a solution leveraging Oracle Data Integrator 12c to manage our pricing data to handle orders more effectively and provide a better relationship with our clients. We feel we are gaining higher productivity and flexibility with Oracle's data integration products."

ICON, a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, highlighted the competitive advantage that a solid data integration foundation brings. Diarmaid O’Reilly, enterprise data warehouse manager, ICON plc said “Oracle Data Integrator enables us to align clinical trials intelligence with the information needs of our sponsors. It helps differentiate ICON’s services in an increasingly competitive drug-development industry."  You can find more info on ICON's implementation here.

A popular use case for Oracle GoldenGate’s real-time data integration is offloading operational reporting from critical transaction processing systems. SolarWorld, one of the world’s largest solar-technology producers and the largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer, implemented Oracle GoldenGate for real-time data integration of manufacturing data for fast analysis. Russ Toyama, U.S. senior database administrator for SolarWorld told us real-time data helps their operations and GoldenGate’s solution supports high performance of their manufacturing systems: “We use Oracle GoldenGate for real-time data integration into our decision support system, which performs real-time analysis for manufacturing operations to continuously improve product quality, yield and efficiency. With reliable and low-impact data movement capabilities, Oracle GoldenGate also helps ensure that our critical manufacturing systems are stable and operate with high performance."  You can watch the full interview with SolarWorld's Russ Toyama here.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts is one of the many customers that found out how well Oracle Data Integration products work with Oracle Exadata. Gordon Light, senior director of information technology for StarWood Hotels, says they had notable performance gain in loading Oracle Exadata reporting environment: “We leverage Oracle GoldenGate to replicate data from our central reservations systems and other OLTP databases – significantly decreasing the overall ETL duration. Moving forward, we plan to use Oracle GoldenGate to help the company achieve near-real-time reporting.”You can listen about Starwood Hotels' implementation here.

Many companies combine the power of Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle Data Integrator to have a single, integrated data integration platform for variety of use cases across the enterprise. Ufone is another good example of that. The leading mobile communications service provider of Pakistan has improved customer service using timely customer data in its data warehouse. Atif Aslam, head of management information systems for Ufone says: “Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate help us integrate information from various systems and provide up-to-date and real-time CRM data updates hourly, rather than daily. The applications have simplified data warehouse operations and allowed business users to make faster and better informed decisions to protect revenue in the fast-moving Pakistani telecommunications market.” You can read more about Ufone's use case here.

In our Oracle Data Integration 12c launch webcast back in November we also heard from BT’s CTO Surren Parthab about their use of GoldenGate for moving to private cloud architecture. Surren also shared his perspectives on Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle GoldenGate 12c releases. You can watch the video here.

These are only a few examples of leading companies that have made data integration and real-time data access a key part of their data governance and IT modernization initiatives. They have seen real improvements in how their businesses operate and differentiate in today’s competitive markets. You can read about other customer examples in our Ebook: The Path to the Future and access resources including white papers, data sheets, podcasts and more via our Oracle Data Integration resource kit.


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