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Webcast - Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle Warehouse Builder

If you missed the recent Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle Warehouse builder live webcast do not worry. You can still catch up on the events and connect with us with your feedback here. Here we discuss customer examples,ODI12c new features, Big Data compatibility, Oracle Warehouse Builder Migration Utility and Support and live Q and A among other topics.  

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ODI12c and OWB Webcast.

Here are some questions from the audiences that were answered following the webcast.



Is the management pack free to ODI customers?

While the Management Pack for ODI works to consolidate and manage your ODI infrastructure it is a separately licensed product.  

- You can learn more about the Management Pack for ODI in this Data Sheet

Also visit the Oracle Management Pack for ODI homepage for more details.

Where can we download ODI 12c?

The ODI 12c can be downloaded in various ways including Virtual Machines and complete downloads from the Oracle Technology Network.  

This page also gives the latest on trainings, patches and other happenings around Oracle Data Integrator so keep this page bookmarked to follow the latest on ODI.

Thank you.

Happy to help, please let me know if you need any other assistance. Thank you for your participation.

Could you expand on how the time reduction is effected through parallelism?

As you might have suspected the time reductions depends on various factors including database tunings, network capabilities and code efficiencies.

ODI’s parallelism offers parallel threading and intelligent identification of parallelizable components.

This blog on the in-session parallelism functionality explains the workings and logic behind the process.

What has Oracle done to ensure any applications written today using existing KM's will work going forward for any ODI upgrades?

While we do our best to ensure consistency across the versions with Knowledge Modules - any Knowledge Modules you have changed would require additional testing to make sure everything works as it should.

Customization allows your Knowledge Modules to work most efficiently but also means changes from the out of the box KMs provided. Unfortunately there is no simple/easy answer outside of further testing.

Could you tell more about integrations to Workday? (real-time)

Workday integration is currently provided through some of our partners , mostly with customized Knowledge Modules.  For help in contacting such a partner, please reach out to your Oracle Data Integration Sales Manager.

Does Oracle Business Intelligence Application offer a choice to use ODI or a third party DAC?

Oracle BI Apps version which was released in May of 2013 was built on Oracle Data Integrator and fully functions only on ODI.

Is ODI 12c Generally Available?

Yes, ODI 12c has been generally available since October of 2013. For more information on the product please go to the ODI homepage.

You can also download the product here

Can you provide high level differences between Oracle Data Integrator and Golden Gate ?

At a high level, ODI is bulk data movement and transformation - known often as ETL/ELT. 

OGG is a high-volume, low latency replication/synchronization product.  For more information - please view the various datasheets, whitepaper on the two products that can both be found here.

What versions of E-Business Suite does ODI 12c require?

The certification matrix gives an overview of the compatible technologies and standards for ODI. 

You can also find more information in the E business documentation

Do you support connection, extraction and upload from QuickBase and into Quickbase in ODI 12c ?

For Intuit QuickBase there is an ODBC driver which might work in conjunction with the generic SQL KMs shipped with ODI. 

More information can be found here: 

Please note that QuickBase is not certified with ODI. For a full set of certified products refer to the certification matrix.

Is it correct that there is no Oracle Warehouse Builder in 12c ?

That is correct. From a packaging perspective, OWB is not shipped with Oracle DB 12c, however, previous OWB releases can connect to Oracle DB 12c.  

The Statement of Direction around ODI and OWB explains the reasons and direction forward for both the products.

Great Webinar - would love to see more of these

Great! The feedback has been great for all our audiences and we shall definitely find ways to bring ODI to you. Meanwhile we invite you to follow our blogs and facebook channels.


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