Friday Nov 15, 2013

ODI 12c - OWB Migration, Integration Plus Components

Today is another big day for ODI and OWB! Get your hands on the much anticipated functionality covering everything from new components added into the ODI 12c mapping designer, to the ETL design migration utility (announced here) to move designs from OWB into ODI 12c which all complement the integration and auditing of OWB jobs from ODI which was included in 12c.

The patches for ODI and OWB are great news on many fronts, not only in being a major point in the roadmap. As well as the OWB migration this is great for the ODI the product, the new components provide a lot of great capabilities (and will help with a lot of those 'how do I do this' questions).

Included in the ODI patch you'll find a component bundle including transformation components from pivot/unpivot through subquery filtering on to table functions and the like. All great examples of the product's extensibility - a fusion of declarative design and technology specific knowledge modules in harmony. Lots of good stuff that you will hear much more of.

There are multiple patches - if you are only interested in ODI features and enhancements then all you need is the ODI patch below;

  • ODI installed (ODI plus patch number 17053768)

If you want the OWB migration utility then you will need the following patch to OWB as well as the ODI patch above;

  • OWB installed (OWB plus patch number 17547241)

If you install the ODI patch you will find some new components in the palette, the components let you express many more transformations - these were transformations which could be designed in OWB, now in ODI as well as the components we have knowledge modules to support their code generation for heterogenous environments.

The ODI 12c release included a new ODI Tool and support for monitoring OWB jobs - jobs can be initiated using the tool OdiStartOwbJob tool which is available for use from within packages, procedures, KMs or command line. The jobs can be monitored from ODI, this includes OWB mappings and process flows. The patch provides the migration utility plus components.

In subsequent postings we will deep dive into these areas. 

Advanced Replication for The Masses – Oracle GoldenGate 12c for the Oracle Database.

Customer requirements for data replication are reaching very high levels.   The demand is for continuous, uninterrupted flow of data in real-time while lowering IT costs and improving efficiencies. This part of the market constitutes the middle to upper end of the data replication market and customers are broadly educated and well versed in replication technologies as never before. As a result, they demand well-designed, well-engineered, and well-crafted products – possessing advanced features that compliment their evolving IT systems.

Vendors offer a wide variety of replication products and services, but with the exception of Oracle these other vendors rely on brute force log scraping, inefficient fetching of data types not supported or encrypted, and heavy reliance of manual configuration and tuning when dealing with highly tolerant RAC systems or high data volumes.    Oracle GoldenGate 12c is at the forefront and differentiates itself in the market by providing a truly well-designed, well-engineered and smart solution for the Oracle database.

What are the key new features of Oracle GoldenGate 12c for the Oracle database?

  • Support for Database 12c Multitenant feature which allows smooth transitions to private cloud deployments.
  • The new Integrated Delivery for Oracle Database. This feature enables simpler and more powerful configurations with a streamlined process model that coordinates multiple parallel apply processes, which improve performance for high volume implementations. 
  • Enhanced high availability via integration with Data Guard Fast Start Failover
  • Improved security with tighter integration with the Oracle wallet

Oracle GoldenGate is at the vanguard of extreme performance and the one standout feature of the 12c release is Integrated Delivery.    Oracle GoldenGate now leverages a lightweight streaming API built into Database 12c for Oracle GoldenGate. The Smart Product Design of the Oracle GoldenGate 12c Integrated Delivery feature enables simpler and more powerful configurations that coordinate multiple parallel apply processes to improve performance for high volume implementations. 

This high performance feature leverages numerous database parallel apply servers for automatic dependency aware, parallel apply. What this means is that Integrated Delivery will automatically balance transactions across these apply processes and coordinate the transactions to maintain order and insure referential integrity, while delivery data at speeds not feasible by other vendors.

Oracle GoldenGate 12c has many other new features for the Oracle database. You can learn more about GoldenGate 12c by downloading our new resources and watching the replay of the executive video webcast with customer and partner speakers.


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