Thursday Sep 19, 2013

Customer Spotlight: Schneider National, Inc.

Company Overview

Schneider National, Inc. is a leader in transportation and logistics services and has been providing expert solutions for more than 77 years.. With unmatched shipping capacity, the industry’s best personnel, communication and technology, Schneider has everything to get the job done. Wherever freight is moved, timeliness, safety and adherence to budget are distinguishing factors for Schneider.

Challenges and Goals

Schneider National, Inc. was embarking on a multi-year program to transform their business and IT solutions. Legacy processes and systems were not cost effective to extend and maintain, and were not allowing the Schneider business to expand and evolve services as required. Schneider’s goals were to enable highly effective business processes for internal operations for all lines of business, and decrease the overall total cost of ownership. Internal systems related to revenue management tasks, equipment validation, status and inventory control, as well as systems for driver/shipment assignments would be affected. In this effort, the initiative included a standardized architecture for designing and building, executing, and managing the applications and infrastructure across the end to end solution. Oracle was chosen as the technology partner of choice across applications, middleware, systems management, database, and infrastructure. Oracle Data Integrator was specifically chosen as the data movement standard, eliminating the need for the various other movement tools previously used within the organization. Oracle Data Integrator was tasked with providing real-time shipment updates across many packaged, custom built, and third-party external applications; ensuring high performance, scalability, reliability, and availability. Additionally, operational reporting and analytical environments needed to have updates from the various operational systems fed into and transformed to reporting structures.

Solution and Results

A strategic initiative, dubbed The Quest Program, was set in motion and included a data warehouse, an operational data store, and multiple integration hubs. Oracle Data Integrator was used as a foundation for bulk data movement across the board, integrating an environment with a large number of technologies and application end-point such as Oracle DB , SQL Server, DB2 z/OS, Siebel, E-Business Suite, Oracle Transportation Manager, Hyperion and SOA. The data warehouse itself consolidates data from 18 sources to a single Oracle system whereby processing data related to transportation orders, shipment updates, and related financial transactions. This solution consists of over 800 Oracle Data Integrator packages and 3,900 interfaces with data available for reporting by 6 am daily. The operational data store leverages 16 sources to a single Oracle system processing transportation orders and related financial transactions. This solution consists of over 1,000 Oracle Data Integrator packages and 3,400 interfaces with latency being under 30 minutes. The integration hubs gather data related to drivers and shipments which are subsequently propagated to other systems via SOA BPEL. Latency for these integration hubs is under 1 minute. Overall, there are 225,000,000 DML operations via Oracle Data Integrator against the operational data store and data warehouse on a daily basis. Benefits in cost, performance, scalability, productivity, and time have already been proven, with more to come! Schneider continues to work through this multi- year program, and looks forward to completing the business and IT transformation in 2013.

For additional information, please check out a customer case study about Schneider National, Inc.

Oracle Data Integrator Product Strategy and Updates: Sneak Preview

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is Oracle’s flagship product for Data Integration. With great features, regular investment and a crack team working on the product, it is only natural that everyone is curious and excited about the product direction. Come attend this session to learn more about ODI and how it fits into the overall Data Integration portfolio within Oracle.

Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Future Strategy [CON8513]

Monday 23rd September 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Moscone West - 2024

In this session, Denis Gray, of our Data Integration Product team lays out the thought process in building this product both for past releases and for future investments and upcoming releases with particular emphasis on the proliferating heterogeneous sources for enterprises.

Watch out For: more insights into how ODI tackles emerging technologies, best practices when integrating with other Oracle Data Integration products like GoldenGate and Oracle Warehouse Builder. Also touching upon ETL vs ELT and a customer implementation, this session is a must attend if you are looking into the horizon trying to catch the direction that Data Integration is headed.


Learn the latest trends, use cases, product updates, and customer success examples for Oracle's data integration products-- including Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality


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