Friday Sep 07, 2012

Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 Event Marker System

Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 includes a number of refinements to the Event Marker system. Using event markers enables GoldenGate processes to take a defined action based on an event in the data stream. This feature within Oracle GoldenGate simplifies methods to embed specific custom processing in the areas of error handling, alerts, and notification.

The event marker system effectively allows for DML driven workflows to be created within GoldenGate and enables customers to craft non-standard processing based on special events. There are a number of supported event actions including: trace, log, checkpoint before, suspend, abort, and several others. With 11gR1 events can now be triggered by DDL operations, plus variables can be passed in and out of the system to shell scripts.

Some good use cases for this feature are

  • Automatic switchover to the secondary system during planned outages
  • Better monitoring over source systems’ performance and automated switchover to the standby system in case of an outage with the primary system
  • Automatic switchover from initial load to changed data movement
  • Automatic synchronization of any type of batch processing taking place on both the source and target databases for database consistency
  • Automatic stoppage of the Delivery module to allow end-of-day reporting
  • Finding, tracking, and reporting on transactions that are of interest including the ones that do not have primary keys or transaction record numbers

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