Friday Sep 28, 2012

Oracle Data Integrator at Oracle OpenWorld 2012: Demonstrations

By Mike Eisterer

Oracle OpenWorld is just a few days away and  we look forward to showing Oracle Data Integrator' comprehensive data integration platform, which delivers critical data integration requirements: from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services. 

Several Oracle Data Integrator demonstrations will be available October 1st through the3rd :

Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Applications, in Moscone South, Right - S-240

Oracle Data Integrator and Service Integration, in Moscone South, Right - S-235

Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data, in Moscone South, Right - S-236

Oracle Data Integrator for Enterprise Data Warehousing, in Moscone South, Right - S-238

Additional information about OOW 2012 may be found for the following demonstrations.

If you are not able to attend OpenWorld, please check out our latest resources for Data Integration.


Thursday Sep 27, 2012

Everything You Need to Know About Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate

By Joe deBuzna

Having over 16 years of database replication experience with 6 of those split between complex Oracle GoldenGate installations across three continents and researching monitoring requirements for both GoldenGate core replication and the GoldenGate monitoring GUIs, I've seen GoldenGate used and monitored in every way conceivable. And definite patterns have emerged. Next week at OpenWorld, on Tuesday Oct 2nd at 5pm please come by to Moscone West-3005 for "Everything you need to know about Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate"session to hear me discuss how GoldenGate customers are monitoring their implementations today, common methods and tricks, what's new in the GUIs, and a what's on the roadmap ahead. As you may have seen in previous blog posts and in our launch webcast we have now Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager in addition to the new Oracle GoldenGate Monitor product.

For those of you who won't be at OpenWorld, please check out our Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate data sheet and Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 New Features white paper to learn more about the new Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 release.

In this latest release we also have enhanced conflict detection and resolution. It is a cornerstone of any Active-Active database replication solution. And in the latest release we just took ours to the next level with built in optimized resolution routines (no more dependency on sqlexec!). At OpenWorld we have a session CON8557 - Best Practice for Conflict Detection & resolution 3:30-4:30 on Wed Oct 3rd at Moscone West- 3005. Oracle Development Manager Bharath Aleti and I will highlight the most commonly used options and best practices gained from our interaction with numerous customers and consultants.

Hope you can join us next week.

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

Data-Driven SOA with Oracle Data Integrator

By Mike Eisterer,

Data integration is more than simply moving data in bulk or in real-time, it is also about unifying information for improved business agility and integrating it in today’s service-oriented architectures. SOA enables organizations to easily define services which may then be discovered and leveraged by varying consumers. These consumers may be applications, customer facing portals, or complex business rules which are assembling services to automate process. Data as a foundational service provider is a key component of today’s successful SOA implementations.

Oracle offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help you define, organize, orchestrate and consume data services.

If you are attending Oracle OpenWorld next week, you will have ample opportunity to see the latest Oracle Data Integrator live in action and work with it yourself in two offered Hands-on Labs. Visit the hands-on lab to gain experience firsthand:



Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle SOA Suite: Hands-on- Lab (HOL10480)

Wed Oct 3rd 11:45AM Marriott Marquis- Salon 1/2


To learn more about Oracle Data Integrator, please visit our Introduction Hands-on LAB:

Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator (HOL10481)

Mon Oct 1st 3:15PM, Marriott Marquis- Salon 1/2

If you are not able to attend OpenWorld, please check out our latest resources for Data Integration.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Update: Demo Pods and Hands-on Labs

Less than one week away until the start of Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and the Data Integration Solutions team is ready to go!  We have an exciting line up for you this year which we have summarized for you in the Oracle OpenWorld Focus on Data Integration Solutions document. In past posts we have discussed session themes and our customer panel, but today I would like to summarize our Hands-on Labs and Demo Pods that we have available for attendees.

For Oracle GoldenGate Hands-On Labs we have two labs that we are running this year.

Deep Dive into Oracle GoldenGate

Thursday October 4th at 11:15AM in the Marriott Marquis Salon 1/2

Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time log-based change data capture and delivery between heterogeneous systems. It enables cost-effective, low-impact, real-time data integration and continuous availability solutions. This session covers Oracle GoldenGate 11g’s internal product architecture and includes a hands-on lab that covers configuration examples for target database instantiation and real-time change data capture and delivery. The participants will configure Oracle GoldenGate to instantiate a secondary database that can be used for disaster recovery or a reporting instance. Come learn how easy it is to use and how this can be a very valuable and easy technology solution for your organization.

Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate Veridata

Wednesday October 3rd 10:15AM in the Marriott Marquis Sales 1/2

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata compares one set of data with another and identifies data that is out of synchronization. In this hands-on lab, you will be introduced to the key features of this product. Using the Oracle GoldenGate Veridata Web client, you will have the opportunity to configure comparison objects and rules, initiate a comparison, review the status and output of a comparison, and review out-of-sync data.

As a bonus this year, we have recorded the labs and made them available on These will be available the day of the labs.

Our demo pods are an opportunity for attendees to see our products but more so to meet the product management and development teams. I would like to point out that we have two Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 demo pods, one in the database camp and the other in the middleware camp. The one in the middleware camp will be focused on all platforms while the one in the database camp will have a focus on the Oracle platform. The other two I would like to point out are the Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate and the Oracle Enterprise Manager demo pods; both of these pods will focus on methods to monitor GoldenGate but the OEM demo pod will have a specific focus on the Oracle GoldenGate Management Pack plug-in for OEM. Below is a list of our demo pods and their locations.

  • Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate for End-to-End Visibility Moscone South, Right - S-241
  • Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Applications Moscone South, Right - S-240
  • Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 New Features Moscone South, Right - S-239
  • Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2: Real-Time, Transactional Database Replication     Moscone South, Left - S-027
  • Oracle GoldenGate Veridata and Adapters Moscone South, Right - S-242
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Moscone South, Left - S-040

Keep tuned to our blog during the show for news and highlights from the Data Integration Solutions team. See you there.

Monday Sep 24, 2012

Next-Generation Data Integration on Oracle Exadata

Companies are currently faced with increasing data volumes and retention times while simultaneously batch windows are shrinking. In the ‘Next-Generation Data Integration on Oracle Exadata’ session we will be discussing how Oracle with its innovative Data Integration solution along with Exadata can help companies tackle that challenge.

Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate provide industry-leading performance and scalability for data integration on Oracle Exadata. They are both uniquely designed to take full advantage of the power of the database and to eliminate unnecessary middle-tier components which can often be bottlenecks for data movement and transformation. Combined with the extreme performance provided by Exadata our Data Integration products help companies move towards a more efficient and flexible data integration infrastructure.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how our customers maximize the performance of their Exadata systems while minimizing batch windows, all without adding more hardware resources join us for the following session:

Next-Generation Data Integration on Oracle Exadata 

Thursday October, 4th - 11:15AM - 12:15PM

Moscone West – Room 3005

We also have many other exciting sessions including 'Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Future Strategy' on October 2nd at 1:15PM in Moscone West Room 3005. In this session we will discuss the ODI roadmap and its integration with engineered systems such as the Oracle Big Data Appliance. It's a session not to be missed!

You can find a list of all the Data Integration sessions happening at Oracle OpenWorld in this document: Focus On Data Integration.

If you will not be able to come to OpenWorld, for more information please check out our data sheet Oracle Data Integration Solutions and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Friday Sep 21, 2012

Tackling Big Data Analytics with Oracle Data Integrator

 By Mike Eisterer

 The term big data draws a lot of attention, but behind the hype there's a simple story. For decades, companies have been making business decisions based on transactional data stored in relational databases. Beyond that critical data, however, is a potential treasure trove of less structured data: weblogs, social media, email, sensors, and documents that can be mined for useful information.

 Companies are facing emerging technologies, increasing data volumes, numerous data varieties and the processing power needed to efficiently analyze data which changes with high velocity.



Oracle offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help you acquire and organize these diverse data sources and analyze them alongside your existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships


Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition(ODI) is critical to any enterprise big data strategy. ODI and the Oracle Data Connectors provide native access to Hadoop, leveraging such technologies as MapReduce, HDFS and Hive. Alongside with ODI’s metadata driven approach for extracting, loading and transforming data; companies may now integrate their existing data with big data technologies and deliver timely and trusted data to their analytic and decision support platforms. In this session, you’ll learn about ODI and Oracle Big Data Connectors and how, coupled together, they provide the critical integration with multiple big data platforms.


Tackling Big Data Analytics with Oracle Data Integrator

October 1, 2012 12:15 PM at MOSCONE WEST – 3005

For other data integration sessions at OpenWorld, please check our Focus-On document

If you are not able to attend OpenWorld, please check out our latest resources for Data Integration.

Thursday Sep 20, 2012

Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 Launch Webcast Replay Available

For those of you who missed Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 launch webcasts last week, the replay is now available from the following url.

Harnessing the Power of the New Release of Oracle GoldenGate 11g

I would highly recommend watching the webcast to meet many new features of the new release and hear the product management team respond to the questions from the audience in a nice long Q&A section.

In my blog last week I listed the media coverage for this new release. There is a new article published by ITJungle talking about Oracle GoldenGate’s heterogeneity and support for DB2 for iSeries: Oracle Completes DB2/400 Support in Data Replication Tool

As mentioned in last week’s blog, we received over 150 questions from the audience and in this blog I'd like to continue to post some of the frequently asked,  questions and their answers:

Question: What are the fundamental differences between classic data capture and integrated data capture? Do both use the redo logs in the source database?

Answer: Yes, they both use redo logs. Classic capture parses the redo log data directly, whereas the Integrated Capture lets the Oracle database parse the redo log record using an internal API.

Question: Does GoldenGate version need to match Oracle Database version?

Answer: No, they are not directly linked. Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 supports Oracle Database version 10gR2 as well. For Oracle Database version 10gR1 and Oracle Database version 9i you will need GoldenGate11g Release 1 or lower. And for Oracle Database 8i you need Oracle GoldenGate 10 or earlier versions.

Question: If I already use Data Guard, do I need GoldenGate?

Answer: Data Guard is designed as the best disaster recovery solution for Oracle Database. If you would like to implement a bidirectional Active-Active replication solution or need to move data between heterogeneous systems, you will need GoldenGate.

Question: On Compression and GoldenGate, if the source uses compression, is it required that the target also use compression?

Answer: No, the source and target do not need to have the same compression settings.

Question: Does GG support Advance Security Option on the Source database?

Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Can I use GoldenGate to upgrade the Oracle Database to 11g and do OS migration at the same time?

Answer: Yes, this is a very common project where GoldenGate can eliminate downtime, give flexibility to test the target as needed, and minimize risks with fail-back option to the old environment. For more information on database upgrades please check out the following white papers:

Best Practices for Migrating/Upgrading Oracle Database Using Oracle GoldenGate 11g

Zero-Downtime Database Upgrades Using Oracle GoldenGate

Question: Does GoldenGate create any trigger in the source database table level or row level to for real-time data integration?

Answer: No, GoldenGate does not create triggers.

Question: Can transformation be done after insert to destination table or need to be done before?

Answer: It can happen in the Capture (Extract) process, in the  Delivery (Replicat) process, or in the target database.

For more resources on Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 please check out our Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 resource kit as well.

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Update: Oracle GoldenGate for High Availability

One of our primary themes this year for the Oracle OpenWorld Sessions featuring Oracle GoldenGate is High Availability. This is a pretty wide theme, but the focus will be on ways of maximizing uptime for critical systems during planned and unplanned events.

We have a number of very informative sessions dedicated to exploring this theme in detail; from deep product implementation strategies up to lessons learned by our customers when using Oracle GoldenGate to meet strict SLAs.

We kick this track off with our Customer Panel on Zero Downtime Operations on Monday, which I overviewed in my last posting. This is followed by Comcast, who will be hosting a sessions at 1:45PM in Moscone West 3014. Their session will discuss using Oracle GoldenGate to reduce downtime during a database upgrade. Here’s an overview:

CON8571 - Oracle Database Upgrade with Oracle GoldenGate: Best Practices from Comcast

Does your business demand high availability? In this session, Comcast, among the largest telecom firms in the world, shares tips on how to achieve zero downtime while upgrading to Oracle Database 11g Release 2, using a combination of Oracle technologies: Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Database’s Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) features, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Active Data Guard. This successful upgrade took place on a mission-critical system that handles more than 60 million business requests and service calls a day. You’ll also hear how Comcast leverages Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services, including an Oracle Solution Support Center, to maximize performance and availability of its Oracle technologies.

On Tuesday, Joydip Kundu (Director of Software Development) will be presenting “Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Guard: Working Together Seamlessly” at 10:15AM in Moscone South 3005. This session focuses on how both modes of Oracle GoldenGate extract (Classic and Integrated Capture) can be used with Oracle Data Guard for disaster recovery purposes or to offload extract processing.

That afternoon at 1:15PM Comcast takes the stage again to discuss firsthand lessons learned implementing Oracle GoldenGate in a heterogeneous, highly available environment. Here’s a rundown of their session:

CON8750 - High-Volume OLTP with Oracle GoldenGate: Best Practices from Comcast

Does your business demand high availability in a mission-critical environment? In this session, Comcast, one of the largest telecom firms, shares best practices for leveraging Oracle GoldenGate to replicate high-volume online transaction processing data from Tandem NSK SQL/MX to Teradata. Hear critical success factors from Comcast for overall platform and component architectures as well as configuration and tuning techniques. Learn how it met the challenges of replication in a complex heterogeneous environment. You’ll also hear how Comcast leverages Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services, including an Oracle Solution Support Center, to provide mission-critical support for maximized performance and availability of its Oracle environment.

The final session on the high availability track will be hosted by Patricia Mcelroy (Distinguished Product Manager) and Stephan Haisly (Principle Member of Technical Staff). Their session (CON8401 - Tuning and Troubleshooting Oracle GoldenGate on Oracle Database) covers techniques for performance tuning and troubleshooting of Oracle GoldenGate on Oracle Database. Using various types of workloads (OLTP, batch, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise), the presentation steps through the process of monitoring and troubleshooting the configuration to maximize performance and replication throughput within and between Oracle clouds.

Join us at our sessions or stop by our demo pods in Moscone south and meet the product management and development teams.  For additional information, please refer to the document Focus on Data Integration, which lists all things Data Integration at Oracle OpenWorld. 

Tuesday Sep 18, 2012

Raymond James at Oracle OpenWorld: Showcasing Real Time Data Integration.

In today’s always-on, always connected world, integrating data in real-time is a necessity for most companies and most industries.

The experts at Raymond James Financials, using Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator, have designed a real-time data integration solution for their operational data store and services that support applications throughout the enterprise . They boast an amazing number of daily executions, while dramatically reducing data latency,  increasing data service performance, and speeding time to market.

OOW: Meet the expertsTo know more on how they have achieved such results, come listen to Ryan Fonnett and Tim Garrod: they will explain how they implemented their solution, and also illustrate their explanations with a live demonstration of their work. A presentation not to be missed!

Real-Time Data Integration
with Oracle Data Integrator
at Raymond James

October 1st 2012 at 4:45pm
Moscone West, room 3005

Monday Sep 17, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Update: Oracle GoldenGate Customer Panels

We are two weeks out from the start of Oracle OpenWorld 2012. The Data Integration team has a solid line-up of product and customer sessions for you to attend this year, plus five hands-on labs, and numerous demonstration pods in Moscone South.

On Monday we kick the track off with Brad Adelberg’s Future Strategy, Direction and Roadmap for Oracle’s Data Integration Platform at 10:45AM in Moscone West 3005. Over the rest of the week we have a number of deep dive sessions that build out the themes that Brad discusses in his keynote, but the two that I would like to highlight today are our Oracle GoldenGate customer panels.

The first customer panel is on Zero Downtime Operations and is on Monday at 1:45 in Moscone West 3005. The theme of this session is how to reduce downtime for critical must-succeed systems. Here’s a rundown of the session:

Bank of America, TALX, and St. Jude Medical all have users communities that expect systems to be available around the clock. In this customer panel session, Bank of America discusses how it will be leveraging Oracle GoldenGate. St. Jude Medical shares how it is using Oracle GoldenGate to achieve a zero-downtime migration for a 5 TB Oracle online transaction processing (OLTP) 24/7 mission-critical database. TALX discusses how Equifax Workforce Information Services used Oracle GoldenGate to move from processing online transactions in a single site to processing concurrently from two geographically disparate data centers, providing a highly available solution with significant burst capacity.

On Tuesday at 11:45 in Moscone West 3005 we switch gears and host a customer panel on Operational Reporting. The theme of this customer panel is all around reporting and how Oracle GoldenGate raises the bar on reporting by enabling real-time access to real-time data. Here’s a rundown of the session:

Turk Telekom and Comcast are half a world away from each other, but these two powerhouse companies have both drastically improved performance and access to real-time data by using Oracle GoldenGate. During this panel discussion, Turk Telekom will explain its evaluation and implementation of Oracle GoldenGate, how the business has experienced significant improvements in the core database and reporting platform, and how it plans to expand its usage into its SOA architecture and its architecture based on Oracle’s Siebel platform. Comcast will explain its implementation of Oracle GoldenGate and how it moves data in real time from its mission-critical HP NonStop database to a Teradata data warehouse.

Join us at our sessions to learn what other customers are doing with our products or stop by our demo pods in Moscone south and meet the product management and development teams.

Friday Sep 14, 2012

Customer Perspectives: Oracle Data Integrator

The Data Integration Product Management team will be hosting a customer panel session dedicated to Oracle Data Integrator at Oracle OpenWorld. I will have the pleasure to present this session with three of our customers: Paychex, Ross Stores and Turkcell.

In this session, you will hear how Paychex, Ross Stores and Turkcell utilize Oracle Data Integrator to meet their IT and business needs. Our customers will be able to share with you how they use ODI in their environments, best practices, lessons learned and benefits of implementing Oracle Data Integrator.

If you're interested in hearing more about how our customers use Oracle Data Integrator then I recommend attending this session:

Customer Perspectives: Oracle Data Integrator

Wednesday October, 3rd, 1:15PM - 2:15PM

Marriott Marquis – Golden Gate C3

The Data Integration track at OpenWorld covers variety of topics and speakers. In addition to product management of Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Integrator, and Enteprise Data Quality presenting product updates and roadmap, we have several customer panels and stand-alone sessions featuring select customers such as St. Jude Medical, Raymond James, Aderas, Turkcell, Paychex, Comcast, Ticketmaster, Bank of America and more. You can see an overview of Data Integration sessions here

If you are not able to attend OpenWorld, please check out our latest resources for Data Integration and Oracle GoldenGate. In the coming weeks you will see more blogs about our products’ new capabilities and what to expect at OpenWorld.

We hope to see you at OpenWorld and stay in touch via our future blogs.

Thursday Sep 13, 2012

Thank You for a Great Welcome for Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2

Yesterday morning we had two launch webcasts for Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2. I had the pleasure to present, as well as moderate the Q&A panels in both of these webcasts. Both events had hundreds of live attendees, sending us over 150 questions. Even though we left 30 minutes for Q&A, it was not nearly enough time to address for all the insightful questions our audience sent. Our product management team and I really appreciate the interaction we had yesterday and we are starting to respond back with outstanding questions today.

Oracle GoldenGate’s new release launch also had great welcome from the media. You can find the links for various articles on the new release below:

ITBusinessEdge Oracle Embraces Cross-Platform Data Integration

Information Week: Oracle Real-Time Advance Taps Compressed Data

Integration Developer News, Oracle GoldenGate Adds Deeper Oracle Integration, Extends Real-Time Performance

CIO, Oracle GoldenGate Buddies Up with Sibling Software

DBTA, Real-Time Data Integration: Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 Now Available

CBR Oracle unveils GoldenGate 11g Release 2 real-time data integration application

In this blog, I want to address some of the frequently asked questions that came up during the webcasts. You can find the top questions and their answers along with related resources below. We will continue to address frequently asked questions via future blogs.

Q: Will the new Integrated Capture for Oracle Database replace the Classic Capture? If not, which one do I use when?

A: No, Classic Capture will be around for long time. Core platform specific features, bug fixes, and patches will be available for both Capture processes.Oracle Database specific features will be only available in the Integrated Capture. The Integrated Capture for Oracle Database is an option for users that need to capture data from compressed tables or need support for XML data types, XA on RAC. Users who don’t leverage these features should continue to use our Classic Capture.

For more information on Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 I recommend to check out the White paper: Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 New Features as well as other technical white papers we have on OTN.                                                        

For those of you coming to OpenWorld, please attend the related session:

Extracting Data in Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Capture Mode, Monday Oct 1st 1:45pm Moscone South – 102

to learn more about this new feature.

Q: What is new in Conflict Detection and Resolution? And how does it work?

A: There are now pre-built functions to identify the conditions under which an error occurs and how to handle the record when the condition occurs. Error conditions handled include inserts into a target table where the row already exists, updates or deletes to target table rows that exist, but the original source data (before columns) do not match the existing data in the target row, and updates or deletes where the row does not exist in the target database table.For
each of these conditions a method to handle the error is specified. 

Please check out our recent blog on this topic and the White paper: Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 New Features white paper.

 Also, for those attending OpenWorld please attend the session:

Best Practices for Conflict Detection and Resolution in Oracle GoldenGate for Active/Active-  Wednesday Oct 3rd  3:30pm Mascone 3000

Q: Does Oracle GoldenGate Veridata and the Management Pack require additional licenses, or is it incorporated with the GoldenGate license?

A: Oracle GoldenGate Veridata and Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate are additional products and require separate licenses. Please check out Oracle's price list here.

Q: Does GoldenGate - Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in require additional license?

A: Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in is included in the Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate license, which is separate from Oracle GoldenGate license. There is no separate license for the Enterprise Manager Plug-in by itself. Oracle GoldenGate Monitor, Oracle GoldenGate Director, and Enterprise Manager Plug-in are included in the Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate license. Please check out Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate data sheet for more info on this product bundle.

Q: Is Oracle GoldenGate replacing Oracle Streams product?

A: Oracle GoldenGate is the strategic data replication product. Therefore, Oracle Streams will continue to be supported, but will not be actively enhanced. Rather, the best elements of Oracle Streams will be added to Oracle GoldenGate. Conflict management is one of them and with the latest release Oracle GoldenGate has a more advanced conflict management offering. Current customers depending on Oracle Streams will continue to be fully supported.

Q: How is Oracle GoldenGate different than Oracle Data Integrator?

A: Oracle Data Integrator is designed for fast bulk data movement and transformation between heterogeneous systems, while GoldenGate is designed for real-time movement of transactions between heterogeneous systems. These two products are completely complementary where GoldenGate provides low-impact real-time change data capture and delivery to a staging area on the target. And Oracle Data Integrator transforms this data and loads the DW tables. In fact, Oracle Data Integrator integrates with GoldenGate to use GoldenGate’s Capture process as one option for its CDC mechanism. We have several customers that deployed GoldenGate and ODI together to feed real-time data to their data warehousing solutions. Please also check out Oracle Data Integrator Changed Data Capture with Oracle GoldenGate Data Sheet (PDF).

Thank you again very much for welcoming Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 and stay in touch with us for more exciting news, updates, and events.

Wednesday Sep 12, 2012

Customers Discuss: Real-World Operational Reporting with Oracle GoldenGate

As businesses leverage business intelligence and analytics for day-to-day decision making, operational reporting solutions become more and more common. While some companies can use their production OLTP system for running operational reports, for many it is too much overhead and performance impact for transaction processing systems. 

Oracle GoldenGate’s real-time data integration capabilities enable companies to create a real-time replica of their OLTP systems, dedicated for operational reporting. This instance can be optimized for the reports needed as well such as containing only the tables needed from the source. Oracle GoldenGate has certified solutions for many Oracle applications such as EBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, to offload operational reporting to another reporting server that has real-time data feeding from the production system.

At Oracle OpenWorld we will be hearing from a panel of Oracle GoldenGate customers how they deployed GoldenGate for operational reporting. Comcast, Turk Telekom, and Raymond James will be sharing their experiences and the benefits achieved when implementing GoldenGate’s solution.

If you have performance degradation in your production systems due to reporting or ad-hoc queries, and you will be at OpenWorld, don’t miss this informative session:

Real-World Operational Reporting with Oracle GoldenGate: Customer Panel--

Tuesday Oct 2nd 11:45am Mascone West 3005.

For other data integration sessions at OpenWorld, please check our Focus-On document

If you cannot attend OpenWorld, please check out related white paper “Using Oracle GoldenGate to Achieve Operational Reporting for Oracle Applications to learn more.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

Experience Oracle Enterprise Data Quality at OpenWorld 2012

This year Enterprise Data Quality features sessions designed to cover topics above and beyond product strategy and roadmap. Specifically, we have planned to have sessions around data governance, how does EDQ enable data acquisition, migration as well as integration. In addition, check out our hands-on-lab to see for yourself the new enhancements and integration to EDQ. Finally, no OpenWorld is complete without fully exploring the DemoGrounds – come and learn how enterprise data quality is critical to enterprise success and fit-for-purpose data.


Mon Oct 1

  1:45 PM - 2:45 PM Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Product Overview and Roadmap Moscone West – 3006

Wed Oct 3

  1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Data Preparation and Ongoing Governance with the Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Platform                                                   Moscone West – 3000

Thurs – Oct 4

  12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Data Acquisition, Migration, and Integration with the Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Platform                                                 Moscone West – 3005    

HANDS ON LAB – Mon Oct 1

  4:45 PM - 5:45 PM Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Application                                                                                                                   Marriott Marquis - Salon ½


  Trusted Data with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Moscone South, Right - S-243

Interested in other sessions related to data quality and part of the Data Integration and Master Data Management?  Take a look at the Focus On document for Data Integration and the Focus On document for MDM.  

Oracle Data Integrator at Oracle OpenWorld 2012: Sessions, Demos and Hands-On Labs

 By Mike Eisterer

 Oracle OpenWorld is just a few weeks away and the Oracle Data Integrator team would like to introduce you to the sessions, demos and hands-on labs we will be offering this year. We will be out in force at the show with four demo pods and two hands-on labs, plus numerous speaking sessions.

Sessions this year will provide valuable information towards the use and direction of Oracle Data Integration solutions, including:

  • Tackling Big Data Analytics with Oracle Data Integrator, October 1, 2012 - 12:15 PM, at Moscone West – 3005
  • Real-Time Data Integration with Oracle Data Integrator, October 1, 2012 - 4:45 PM, at Raymond James Moscone West – 3005
  • Future Strategy, Direction, and Roadmap of Oracle’s Data Integration Platform, October 1, 2012 - 10:45 AM, at Moscone West – 3005
  • Customer Perspectives: Oracle Data Integrator Marriott Marquis, October 3, 2012 - 1:15 PM, at Marriot Marquis GoldenGate C3
 To see the full list of sessions for data integration topic please check out our Focus-on for Data Integration.

Demos this year will be running Monday through Wednesday in Moscone South and we will be showcasing:

· Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data (Moscone South, S-236)

· Oracle Data Integrator for Enterprise Data Warehousing (Moscone South, S-238)

· Oracle Data Integrator and Service Integration (Moscone South, S-235)

· Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Applications (Moscone South, S-240)

Hands-on labs will feature instructor lead exercises providing direct experience with Oracle Data Integrator, including:

· “Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator” where students will learn how to define sources and create mappings to extract, load and transform data.

· “Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle SOA Suite” where students will define integration flows as web services, access web services as a transformation and integrate ODI sessions into a BPEL process.

If you are not able to attend OpenWorld, please check out our latest resources for Data Integration.

In the coming weeks you will see more blogs about our products’ new capabilities and what to expect at OpenWorld.

 I hope to see you at OpenWorld and stay in touch via our future blogs.


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