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Data Integration 2017 Wrap-Up

Vika Mlonchina
Product Marketing Manager

We are wrapping up 2017 with a summary of all the latest announcements, product features, and happenings in our Data Integration space. I sat down with one of Oracle’s best Product Management experts in the DI space, Julien Testut, Senior Principal Product Manager, to get his insight into the latest happenings.

Q: Can you summarize the major accomplishments achieved in these past few months?

Without a doubt, it is the recent launch of the Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC). This is extremely exciting as it unifies everything we have been doing for years in the Oracle Data Integration team into a single unified Cloud offering: data movement, data preparation, data transformation and data governance. We are off to a great start and are already pushing our second update this month with release 17.4.5. It includes a brand new user experience with the DIPC Console, a central data catalog with powerful search capabilities, an innovative way to solve data synchronization problems through a powerful yet easy to use Task as well as Remote Agents that can be installed anywhere and give us access to any data.

In addition, DIPC comes with full access to Enterprise Data Quality, Data Integrator, and GoldenGate so it can truly address any data integration requirement.

Q: Were there any great customer stories that you would like to share with our readers?

I had the pleasure to get on stage with ARRIS at OpenWorld this year and I think their story is a great example of what innovative customers can do with our Oracle Cloud technologies. ARRIS is a world leader in video and broadband technology and they have started to use our Oracle Cloud Applications and Platform including Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service or Oracle Integration Cloud Service to provide a unified, modern business platform, improve agility and reduce costs. ARRIS was able to go from Development to Production in a matter of weeks with Data Integrator Cloud Service and the whole project went smoothly. I am very excited about our partnership with ARRIS and how we can help them go through their digital transformation now and in the future.

Q:  What are some key data integration challenges that companies should be thinking about today?

One key challenge is that data is now everywhere and how companies can harness value from that data is critical to their success. The great news is that most companies have realized that data is a core asset but we also know that creating value from data is hard. Not only is there a proliferation of data as I mentioned but it also now comes in different shapes and formats and needs to be processed in more flexible ways than ever before. This will keep data integration professionals busy for years to come! This requires using solutions that can deal with any data format and shape, can help integrate it with newer emerging technologies in batch or real-time as well as help govern it.

Another critical challenge is how to enable business users to access the data they need in the shape they want and when they require it. As you know, the business demands faster data access in order to derive more value from it. This requires providing self-service data access to anyone who needs to consume data as well as more agile and flexible ways to process that data. Obviously, this raises questions around data governance as you still need to know who did what and when with the data and be able to report on it when required.

Finally, and I think it is related to the challenges mentioned above, companies have to start thinking and implementing more automated data management processes using machine learning techniques. Since there is so much data out there and because data integration is so complex, companies will have to automate as much activities as possible in order to keep up. There are many data processing and data ingestions areas that require doing the same tasks repeatedly. Companies can benefit tremendously from some automation and recommendations in order to make their users even more productive.

Obviously, we aim at helping companies tackle these challenges with our Data Integration Platform Cloud offering. You can watch this video for an overview tour of DIPC:

Q: What else should people know about Oracle’s Data Integration offerings?

There would be so much to talk about but let me point out a couple of things.

First, Data Integration at Oracle is unique. For example, we were the first vendor to provide enterprise-class data replication capabilities from relational systems into Big Data with GoldenGate for Big Data.

Oracle Data Integration is also highly differentiated we have been providing best-of-breed pushdown data processing capabilities with Oracle Data Integrator before it became mainstream at a time when most vendors still relied on separate hardware to handle transformations.

Finally, Oracle delivers truly innovative functionality in that space. Data Integration Platform Cloud is a great example of that as no other vendor can provide the same level of functionality into a single offering and this is only the beginning of the DIPC journey for us!

Q: What can our customers look forward to in the data integration space with Oracle in 2018?

We have a very exciting line up in 2018 with several new releases coming up both in the Cloud and on-premises. Customers can expect us to accelerate the pace of innovation throughout our offerings and to continue to deliver the functionality they need to design their data-driven solutions and solve their challenges. You should also see many synergies between the various components of the Oracle Cloud platform. This is going to be critical for customers as they adopt and standardize on our Cloud Platform and want, for example, to reuse Data Integration processes in their Analytics or Application Integration solutions. Stay tuned for more announcements as we move forward!

To learn more about Oracle’s Data Integration Platform Cloud, watch the webcast ‘Supercharge Your Data Integration.’

Happy Holidays from all of us at Oracle!

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