Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management is now available!

As a quick refresher, Metadata Management is essential to solve a wide variety of critical business and technical challenges which include how report figures are calculated, understanding the impact of changes to data upstream, providing reports in a business friendly way in the browser and providing reporting capabilities on the entire metadata of an enterprise for analysis and improvement. Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management is built to solve all these pressing needs for customers in a lightweight browser-based interface. Today, we announce the availability of Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management as we continue to enhance this offering.

With Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management, you will find business glossary updates, updates for a better experience to the user interface as well as improved and new metadata harvesting bridges including Oracle SQL Server Data Modeler, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, SAP Sybase PowerDesigner, Tableau and more. There are also new dedicated web pages for tracing data lineage and impact! At a more granular level you will also find new customizable action menus per repository object type for more personalization. For a full read on new features, please read here. Additionally, view here for the certification matrix details.

Download Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management!

Monday Nov 10, 2014

Big Data Governance and Metadata Management - A Recap

On the 30th of November we held a webcast on governing Big Data. It was the second in the series on Big Data (if you missed the first you can register for it here). We discussed the importance of bringing transparency to the Big Data Reservoir architecture and how to improve and enrich data within the reservoir using Oracle's Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ). Oracle also announced Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM), a comprehensive metadata management tool that is built with a business friendly search driven interface. 

Here is a quick recap of some of the questions that came through. 

Do these principles and technology of Metadata Management, Data Governance and Data Quality apply to Big Data as well as traditional Data?

All the technologies are equally applicable to Big Data as well as traditional data warehousing. In fact, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management are designed to bridge these two worlds.   

 Does Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management work with 3rd party metadata?

 Yes. We recognize that to truly govern data life cycle  Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management should be able to harvest data across multiple technologies and platforms including Oracle and Non Oracle Data bases, Business Analytics, Data Warehouses and ETL engines.

Is Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management compatible with 11g?

Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management is compatible with many 11g products too.

Where can I get more information about Oracle’s Data Integration products?

The best resource for Oracle Data Integration Products are

The Oracle Data Integration Home Page,

The Oracle Data Integration Technology Network,

The Oracle Data Integration Blog

Also connect with us on facebook and twitter (#OEDQ, #OEMM, ORCLGoldenGate, ODI12c)

Monday Oct 27, 2014

Updated Statement of Direction for Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics (OBIA)

Oracle's product strategy around the Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics (OBIA) has been published this October in the latest Statement of Direction.

Interesting points relative to the BI Applications around data integration:

  • Oracle’s strategic development for ELT for BI Applications will focus on the Oracle Data Integrator and related technologies. Since the fielding of the ODI compatible version of BI Applications in the 11g series, customers have realized substantial financial and operational benefits from reduced time to value and improved speed of operations. Oracle continues to evolve and develop ODI, and Oracle’s BI Applications will take advantage of the latest capabilities as they become available.

  • Oracle will continue to support the 7.9.6.x product series according to the Oracle Lifetime Support policy including certifications of databases, operating systems, and enabling 3rd  party technologies.  However, Oracle will no longer develop new content for this series, nor extend the 7.9.6.x support or any series based on an ETL architecture with Informatica.

You can find the related blog entry with additional details from the BI Team here.

Raymond James Financial Leverages Oracle Data Integration

Hot off the press! 

Raymond James Financial shares how it uses Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate in establishing an enterprise information platform that integrates data from multiple heterogeneous sources such as HP NonStop, Microsoft SQL Server, etc and provides a consolidated company view.  This solution provides quicker access to actionable, timely data that helps operational efficiency for its 6,000 financial advisers by enabling repeatable processes in data migration and loading.

Read the press release.

For more information on this solution, this blog may be of interest also.

Thursday Oct 23, 2014

Big Data Governance Webcast

Earlier during the week we announced Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM). Join us as we follow up the release with a webcast where we discuss the pressing issue of Data Governance and how it applies to Big Data. Jeff Pollock, Vice President of Product Management, talks about 

  • Applying Governance to Big Data 
  • The role that managing metadata plays in Governance
  • How data quality fits into the whole Governance framework and 
  • The actual product Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management.

Register here and join us for the webcast on the 30th.

Wednesday Oct 08, 2014

Meet the Data Integration Winners of 2014 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation

Last Tuesday evening we had a special celebration at Oracle OpenWorld. In an Oscars-like ceremony we announced the winners of the 2014 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation. You can find an overview of the Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards Ceremony and the full list of winners across all 12 categories in the following blog post: And The Winners Are....

In this blog post I would like to introduce you the 2014 Fusion Middleware Innovation Award winners in the Data Integration category: NET Serviços and Griffith University.

NET Serviços is Latin America’s largest multi-service cable company and enjoyed a steep growth in its business. However the existing system architecture was not supporting this business growth, and the new product areas and business models they were expanding to.  Net Serviços team, led by Robin Michael Gray, built a single corporate real-time integration platform in a standards-based private cloud architecture with high level of maturity of standardization and architecture documentation. They implemented the private cloud environment on Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic, and for enterprise-wide real-time integration they are using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle SOA Suite. This platform enabled:

  • 60% reduction in development time
  • 50% reduction in management costs via native solutions for monitoring and error handling
  • 80% reduction in data quality problems via data validation as part of integration
  • Increased agility in identifying and fixing problems due to very innovative ODI data quality firewall and Oracle GoldenGate "error hospital" 

Griffith University is based in Australia, and is one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Bruce Callow, chief technology officer for Griffith University, and his team saw the opportunity to improve student experience and attract more enrollment by building a modern web and mobile interface. Griffith University deployed Oracle Data IntegratorOracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus with the help of their partner Integral to build a real-time data hub that supports key applications such as Oracle RightNow Service Cloud and allows a new web and mobile interface for students. The solution also reduced the load on the core Oracle PeopleSoft system during peak load windows. With this solution Griffith University:

• Achieved unified view of students by using Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle Service Bus

• Improved visibility on the state of demand for courses and to optimize enrollments and course scheduling in real time to best meet that demand

• Increased student satisfaction in enrollment process from 20% to 86%.

You can learn more about Griffith University's solution here: Griffith University Manages Enrollment Peaks 4x Faster—Boosts Student Satisfaction and Retention Rate

Congratulations to Net Serviços and Griffith University with their partner Integral for winning this year's Oracle Excellence Awards for usion Middleware Innovation in Data Integration category! 

A Recap of the Data Integration Track's Final Day in OpenWorld 2014

Last week during OpenWorld, my colleague Madhu provided a summary of the first 3 days of the Data Integration track in his blog post: Data Integration At OOW14 -Recapping days 1,2 and 3Today I would like to mention a few key sessions we presented on Thursday.

We kicked off the last day of OpenWorld with the cloud topic. In the Oracle Data Integration: A Crucial Ingredient for Cloud Integration [CON7926] session Julien Testut from Data Integration product management team presented with Sumit Sarkar from Progress DataDirect. Julien provided an overview of the various data integration solutions for cloud deployments, including integration between databases and applications hosted on cloud,  as well as loading cloud BI infrastructures. Sumit followed Julien with a live demo using Oracle Data Integrator and the Progress DataDirect JDBC drivers for loading and transforming data on Amazon Redshift, and extracting data from All of us in the audience were amazed that the demo worked seamlessly using only the OpenWorld wi-fi network.

For Oracle GoldenGate we had 2 key sessions on Thursday:

Achieving Zero Downtime During Oracle Applications Upgrades and System Migrations was in the Fusion Middleware AppAdvantage track and featured Oracle GoldenGate’s zero downtime upgrades and migration solution with customer Symantec and partner Pythian. In this session, Doug Reid presented GoldenGate's 3 different deployment models for zero downtime application upgrades.  In his slides, Doug highlighted GoldenGate’s certified solution for Siebel CRM, and mentioned the support for zero downtime application upgrade for JD Edwards and Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) as well. Following Doug, Symantec’s Rohit Muttepawar, came to stage and talked about their database migration project for their critical licensing database. And Pythian’s  Gleb Otochkin and Luke Davies presented how using Oracle GoldenGate in a 6-node active-active replication environment helped Western Union in achieving application releases with zero downtime, database patches and upgrades with zero downtime, and a real-time reporting database with no impact to online users.

The other key GoldenGate session was Managing and Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate. Joe deBuzna in the GoldenGate product management team provided an overview of the new monitoring and management capabilities included in the Oracle GoldenGate Plug-in for Enterprise Manager, and Oracle GoldenGate Monitor. Both of these products are included in the Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate license. With the new 12c release,  they can now control the starting, stopping and configuration of existing Oracle GoldenGate processes, and include many new metrics that strengthen how users can monitor their Oracle GoldenGate deployments. 

The Data Integration track at OpenWorld closed with " Insight into Action: Business Intelligence Applications and Oracle Data Integrator". Jayant Mahto from ODI Development team, and Gurcan Orhan from Wipro Technologies focused  on the Oracle BI Applications latest release that embeds Oracle Data Integrator for data loading and transformations, and provides the option to use Oracle GoldenGate for real-time data feeds into the reporting environment. The session highlighted how the new Oracle BI Apps release provides greater strategic insight quickly, efficiently, and with a low total cost of ownership, as well as the role Oracle Data Integrator as the data integration foundation. Jayant and Gurcan presented how Oracle Data Integrator enables users to increase IT efficiency and reduce costs by increasing data transparency, easing setup and maintenance, and improving real-time reporting.

In case you missed it, I'd like to remind you on the press announcement that went out on September 29th and gives a summary of the key developments in the Fusion Middleware product family and Oracle's data integration offering. As mentioned in the press announcement, we have now a new offering for metadata management. An overview of this product was delivered in the “Oracle Data Integration and Metadata Management for the Seamless Enterprise [CON7923] session We will post a dedicated blog on this topic later in the week. Stay tuned for more on that.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

Data Integration At OOW14 -Recapping days 1,2 and 3

It has been an action packed three days here in San Francisco at the Oracle Open World 2014 event for Data Integration.

Day 1

It all started with the keynote presentations by the executives stressing Oracle's focus around Cloud, Big Data and Mobile developments. Thomas Kurien's session addressed Data Integration's key role in binding the applications, moving data and simplifying access to Big Data.

Jeff Pollock, in his session "Unlocking Big Data Silos in the Cloud" then addressed the various customer best practices and architectural considerations to implement a full or partial cloud based business solution and how Oracle Data Integration products fit in. An interesting real life example was that of the UK Conservatory using Oracle Data Integration in the cloud.

 Product update sessions for the Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate revealed how much of the upcoming releases focus on not  just integrating the products and covering for heterogeneous data source compatibility but also on cloud and Big Data features. Customer testimonials from various well known brands like DirectTV, Canon and LinkedIn further cemented Oracle Data Integration Solution's success.

 Day 2

The highlight of the day was the Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards, awarded to the most innovative use of Oracle technology to solve business needs that can be showcased as best practices to be emulated by customers in the industry. Net Servicos de Communicacao from Brazil and Griffith University from Australia walked away with the awards for the Data Integration category.

Day 2 also saw product updates with Data Quality and how Oracle is now extending its capabilities considerably into the metadata management space to help govern and bring transparency to data within the organization. Enterprise Metadata Management was an area that was of particular interest (a demonstration of which, in the product booth has been always packed with eager visitors).

 Day 3

Oracle Data Integration is one of four pillars key to Oracle's Big Data Strategy stressed Senior Vice president Balaji Yelamanchili. Building on the concept of Data Reservoir, the session "Tapping into the Big Data Reservoir with all Data" explored how it is fully supported by Oracle with Oracle GoldenGate providing real time incremental feed into the reservoir and Oracle Data Integrator doing the data transformations within the reservoir.

The Big Data Lite page offers a great environment that can be downloaded and explored to see all these concepts and technologies in action.

Day 4 is packed with sessions about Cloud Data Integration, Metadata Management, Achieving Zero Downtime migrations and a host of other insightful sessions. Check out the full list here to plan accordingly.

Are you at Oracle OpenWorld?

The week isn’t over just yet!

Oracle Data Integration has nine pods located throughout Moscone South where you can meet the product management and development teams. You will find us in the Fusion Middleware, Database, Application and Big Data areas this year.

For additional details on the Oracle Data Integration Solutions track at OpenWorld, make sure to check us out!  There are still many more sessions to attend before the end of the conference!

Friday Sep 26, 2014

Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator on the Oracle BigDataLite 4.0 Virtual Machine

Oracle's big data team has just announced the Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine 4.0, a pre-built environment to get you started on an environment reflecting the core software of Oracle's Big Data Appliance 4.0. BigDataLite is a VirtualBox VM that contains a fully configured Cloudera Hadoop distribution CDH 5.1.2, Oracle DB with Big Data SQL, Oracle's Big Data Connectors, Oracle Data Integrator 12.1.3, Oracle GoldenGate, and other software.

The demos for Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator show an end-to-end use case of the fictional Oracle MoviePlex on-line movie streaming company. It shows how to load data into a Data Reservoir in real-time, process and transform the data using the power of Hadoop, and utilize the data on an Oracle data warehouse, either by loading the data with Oracle Loader for Hadoop or by using Hive tables within Oracle SQL queries with Oracle Big Data SQL. 

Please follow the demo instructions to try out all these steps yourself. If you would like to build the ODI mappings from scratch, try our ODI and Big Data Hands-on Lab.  Enjoy! 

Data Quality, Data Governance & Metadata Management @OOW14

As you pack our bags for the Open world this year, the importance of Data Quality and Data Governance has only increased with the addition of Big Data and Cloud technologies. This Open World includes sessions that range from dealing with traditional on premise standardization and cleansing of data to understanding how managing your enterprise metadata increases your ability to understand data provenance. Also meet with customers, partners and product experts who have built a complete data management platform that includes not just data movement, but have implemented data quality and data governance enterprise data initiatives and the benefits that accrue from them.

Here are some hot Data Quality and Data Governance Sessions

Data Quality Maturity Journey: Building Toward Strong Enterprise Data Quality [CON7776]

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Product Overview and Roadmap [CON7780]

The Essential Core of Data Governance with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality [CON7775]

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Introduction [HOL9438]


Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

Trusted Data with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Solutions

Metadata Management Sessions:

Oracle Data Integration and Metadata Management for the Seamless Enterprise [CON7923]

Demo: Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management: Trust Your Data

We will keep bringing you regular updates on the happenings from OpenWorld. Meanwhile you can see all the Data Integration related sessions right here.

Tuesday Sep 23, 2014

Data Integration - Hands On labs, Demos and Awards at OOW14

 Posted for Doug Reid

We are just days away from the start of Oracle OpenWorld 2014. The Data Integration team has a solid line-up of product and customer sessions for you to attend this year, plus five hands-on labs, and numerous demonstration pods in Moscone South.

On Monday we kick the track off with Jeff Pollock’s “Unlocking Big Data Silos in the Enterprise or the Cloud” at 10:15AM in Moscone South 304. In this session Jeff will discuss how Oracle Data Integration removes data silos and seamlessly enables the adoption of big technologies and hybrid cloud environments. Over the rest of the week we have a number of deep dive sessions that build out the themes that Jeff discusses in his keynote. Jeff will also be presenting “Tapping into the Big Data Reservoir with All Data” on Wednesday at 3:30PM in Moscone West 3022.

Monday is also when the team will provide product updates on our latest releases of Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate. Here are the session details:

  • · Oracle GoldenGate 12c New Features and Options Product Update - 2:45PM Moscone South 302
  • · Oracle Data Integrator: Product Update and Future Strategy - 4:00PM Moscone South 270

 On Tuesday morning, the team will provide an update on Oracle Enterprise Data Quality at 10:45AM in Moscone South 236.

 There are so many great session on our track this year, but I would like to highlight these:

  • · Oracle GoldenGate and the Cloud – Tuesday 12PM Moscone South 302
  • · Making the Move from Oracle Warehouse Building to Oracle Data Integrator – Tuesday 5PM Moscone South 236
  • · The Essential Core of Data Governance with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality – Wednesday 2PM Moscone West 3022.
  • · Solving Big Data’s Big Problem with Data Preparation and Enrichment in the Cloud – Thursday 12PM Moscone South 270.

 Other key events to keep on your schedule are:

 Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards – Tuesday 5PM YBCA Theater

International Oracle GoldenGate User group (Birds of a Feather) Meeting – 6PM Moscone South 301

For our hands-on labs this year, we will be located in the Hotel Nikko located at 222 Mason Street. All of the labs this year for the Data Integration track will be held in the Nikko Ballroom II. This year we have five labs for the DIS track, these are:

  • · Oracle GoldenGate 12c New Features Deep Dive
  • · Oracle GoldenGate 12c Heterogeneous Replication
  • · Oracle Data Integrator 12c New Features Deep Dive
  • · Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data
  • · Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Introduction
Plus Oracle GoldenGate is showcased with Oracle Coherence in the Hands-on Lab “Pushing Database Transactions to JCache with Oracle Coherence and Oracle GoldenGate”. Make sure to register early as all of the labs tend to fill-p prior to the start of OpenWorld.

In terms of demo pods this year, we have nine pods located throughout Moscone south where you can meet the product management and development teams. As Oracle Data Integration Solutions is pervasive in the Oracle stack so are our demo pods at OpenWorld, you will find us in the Fusion Middleware, Database, Application and Big Data areas this year.

For additional details on the Oracle Data Integration Solutions track at OpenWorld, make sure to check out the focus-on document. Click here to view

Keep tuned to our blog during the show for news and highlights from the Data Integration Solutions team. See you there.

Sunday Sep 21, 2014

Big Data Integration At Oracle Open World 2014

Big Data takes central stage at this Open World. And no matter what part of your organization you are in, this open world has sessions that speak to your Big Data needs. Which is why we, at Oracle Data Integration have listed the most exciting sessions to help you narrow down and plan your conference. Hear customer panels discuss how they innovate using Big Data Integration, Data Scientists demystify their art and how Oracle Data Integration helps everyone by simplifying access to Big Data and introducing real time capabilities to Big Data. We look forward to this opportunity to meet with you and help you convert Big Data opportunities into practice.

Here are some of the sessions that come highly recommended.

Oracle Big Data: Strategy and Roadmap [CON8276]

Unlocking Big Data Silos in the Enterprise or the Cloud [CON7877]

Oracle Data Integrator: Product Update and Future Strategy [CON7899]

Enabling Real-Time Data Integration with Big Data [CON7719]

Tapping into the Big Data Reservoir with All Data [CON7934]

Tame Big Data with Oracle Data Integration [CON7922]

User Group: Beyond Data Integration with Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle GoldenGate 12c [SIG8709]

Deep Dive into Big Data ETL with Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle Big Data Connectors [UGF9481]

Big Data 101 and the Oracle Big Data Solution [CON4231]

Use the schedule builder to make sure you take full advantage and plan your conference in advance so that you don’t miss on any of the Big Data Integration action at this Open World. See you there.

Wednesday Sep 17, 2014

Cloud Data Integration Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

It’s almost time for Oracle OpenWorld and I would like to give you a sneak peek into some of the cloud data integration sessions we are hosting this year.

On Tuesday September 30th we will start with ‘Oracle GoldenGate and the Cloud [CON7774]’. Chai Pydimukkala and Pawan Kumar Kumar will be discussing how Oracle GoldenGate can run in the cloud and be used in the Oracle Cloud.

To learn more about it join us for this session:
Oracle GoldenGate and the Cloud - CON7774
09/30/14 (Tuesday) 12:00 PM - Moscone South - 302

Then on Thursday September 2nd I will have the pleasure to co-present ‘Oracle Data Integration: A Crucial Ingredient for Cloud Integration [CON7926]’ with Sumit Sarkar from Progress DataDirect. In this session we will be explaining how the Oracle Data Integration solutions help businesses integrate with cloud resources such as cloud databases and applications or cloud BI infrastructures. We will cover topics like initializing and synchronizing Oracle DBaaS or performing native E-LT transformations on a cloud data warehousing platform.

We are also very excited to be doing 2 live demonstrations in this session using Oracle Data Integrator and the Progress DataDirect JDBC drivers: extracting data from as well as integrating and transforming data on Amazon Redshift.

If you are interested in cloud integration make sure you attend this session:
Oracle Data Integration: A Crucial Ingredient for Cloud Integration - CON7926

10/2/14 (Thursday) 9:30 AM - Moscone South - 270

Of course there are also plenty of other Oracle Data Integration sessions you should plan on attending at Oracle OpenWorld this year. For a complete list review our Focus On Data Integration website. See you there!

Sunday Sep 14, 2014

Make Data Work at Oracle Open World 2014- Focus on DIS

The single most important thing you can do for your IT roadmap this year is attend Oracle Open World 2014. And to make the best use of your time while at Open World, plan ahead! You can tailor your agenda based on the the Oracle Data Integration Solution Focus On. This will give you a golden opportunity to nail your IT strategy - you can network with experts, get your hands dirty exploring the new Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Golden Gate features and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality products and understand how to capitalize on every new wave of innovation: mobile, cloud, social, big data, fast data, and internet of things.  

Here are some sessions that are on my radar at this Open World 2014:

A Modern Business Demands a Modern Cloud Platform [GEN8589] - by Thomas Kurian

Unlocking Big Data Silos in the Enterprise or the Cloud [CON7877]

Oracle Data Integrator: Product Update and Future Strategy [CON7899]

Enabling Real-Time Data Integration with Big Data [CON7719]

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Product Overview and Roadmap [CON7780]

The Essential Core of Data Governance with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality [CON7775]

Tapping into the Big Data Reservoir with All Data [CON7934]

Oracle Data Integration: A Crucial Ingredient for Cloud Integration [CON7926]

Oracle Data Integration and Metadata Management for the Seamless Enterprise [CON7923]

Oracle GoldenGate 12c New Features and Options Product Update [CON7717]

Making the Move from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator [CON7920]

Oracle Fusion Middleware: Meet This Year’s Most Impressive Innovators [CON7029]

This is one conference you don't want to miss. The weather will be gorgeous, the sessions loaded with information to help you succeed, and you get to network with the brightest minds in the valley. Get your comfortable shoes on, and head over to San Francisco. Register today! Oracle Open World 2014 Registration and Focus On Data Integration.