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A Simple Guide to Oracle GoldenGate Enterprise Manager Plug-in

Anuradha Chepuri
Principal User Assistance Developer, Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is integrated with the Oracle Enterprise Manager for monitoring and alerting through the GoldenGate Plug-in for Enterprise Manager. The Oracle GoldenGate Management Pack license includes the license  for the GoldenGate Enterprise Manager (EM) Plug-in.

Here's a snapshot of the GoldenGate EM Plug-in architecture:

Image Courtesy: Nisharahmed Soneji, Senior Principal Product Manager, GoldenGate Development.

The Oracle GoldenGate Enterprise Manager Plug-In extends the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) Cloud Control to support monitoring and managing Oracle GoldenGate processes. By deploying it in your Cloud Control environment, you can:

  • Visually monitor GoldenGate metrics and historical trends.
  • Generate automatic alerts and incidents when thresholds are breached.
  • Start, stop, kill, and resume individual processes.
  • View and modify existing configuration files.
  • View GoldenGate error logs, report files, and discard files.
  • Audit user access of privileged EM Plug-in features and instance-level security for user creation.

Salient New Features of  Oracle GoldenGate Enterprise Manager Plug-in 13.4.1 Include:

  • Support for discovering and monitoring Secure Oracle GoldenGate Microservices targets
  • Includes views for for the following Microservices (MA) targets: Deployment, Distribution Server, and Receiver Server.
  • Support for separate Discovery Modules for Classic and MA.
  • Support for SSL- enabled GoldenGate MA Instances.
  • Support to monitor GoldenGate Marketplace and GoldenGate for PostgreSQL. 
  • Error, discard, and report files are supported for MA Instances.

In this article, I would like to highlight a few key features like the Discovery Module, Editing Target Configurations, User Credentials, and Alerts and Incidents.

Discovery Module

Discovery is a process, where an agent identifies pre-defined target types, registers them in the Oracle GoldenGate Enterprise Manager Plug-in, and collects their target properties and initial configuration data.

What is Discovery?

Watch this video on how to discover GoldenGate classic and MA instances in the GoldenGate Enterprise Manager Plug-in:

Editing Target Configurations

If you want to change the configuration of an instance, then you can do so in the Enterprise Manager Plug-in UI itself. You can update the target configurations for both Classic as well as Microservices (MA) instances.

You need not go to GoldenGate to edit the configurations using the command-line options.

Here's a short video that shows how to update the configuration parameters in EM Plug-in:


If you are an Enterprise Manager administrator, then you also have the option of storing credentials in a secure manner — as preferences or operation credentials. You can then use these credentials to perform different system management activities like real-time monitoring, patching, provisioning, and other target administrative operations.

For a classic instance, you need to set Preferred Credentials and set the Monitoring Credentials for an MA instance.

How do you set these Credentials? Well, I've a video that clearly illustrates how to set Credentials in the Oracle GoldenGate Enterprise Manager Plug-in:

Incidents and Alerts

An incident is a significant event or set of related significant events that need to be managed because it can potentially impact your business applications. These incidents typically need to be tracked, assigned to appropriate personnel, and resolved as quickly as possible.

Alerts can be set for various metrics and target availability status in the GoldenGate Enterprise Manager Plug-in. The Oracle GoldenGate Home page displays all the incidents that are generated. An alert is generated when a metric threshold is reached. The most recent alerts are listed first.

Watch this video on setting incidents and metric alerts for Oracle GoldenGate targets:

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Reviewed and Approved by: Nisharahmed Soneji, Senior Principal Product Manager, GoldenGate Development & Aslam Khan, Senior User Assistance Development Manager.

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