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2008 Year in Review for Data Integration and Management

So rather than my own ramblings of the best and worst in 2008, I thought I would point you to other folks who have also reviewed the landscape. Consider this a review of other year in reviews!

Number 5: Fernando Labastida’s Integration Blog. This isn't so much a year in review so much is about the year of Data Integration and Management. CIOs are all the buzz with it!

On to the top IT priorities for 2008. According to CIO Insight magazine, the number 1 and number 3 top priorities in terms of technology that will improve a company’s business strategy are business intelligence and data and application integration, at 44% and 29% respectively. Since business intelligence requires data integration tools to build the data warehouses that BI tools sit on top of, then two of the top five priorities regarding technology for business improvement for 2008 will require application integration tools.

Number 4: Dan Power's In one of the top 10 posts, Dan Power points to one of the keys to successful Master Data Management which I think is very true.

"Use a holistic approach – people, process, technology and information."
Power to the people. Especially for MDM and data people.

Number 3: Predicts 2009: Technology Changes Will Shape the Future of Data Management and Integration. This isn't a top 10 blog, but I thought it was relevant as sometimes the best way to look back is to look forward - or is it the other way around?

Number 2:Top 10 Disruptive Technologies by Billy Cripe. This is more focused on Enterprise 2.0 and content managment, but actually I thought it was a good prediction. It also has a really good photo!

Number 1: BI The Year in Review. Stephen Swoyer writes that the Data Integration market enjoyed healthy adoption:

Despite the tumult in the global financial markets, 2008 was relatively calm for BI professionals. In contrast to 2007, when the three biggest BI pure-play vendors (Hyperion, Business Objects, and Cognos) were acquired by larger, non-BI vendors, the year past was a sleepy one. There were the requisite acquisitions, to be sure, but nothing comparable to the domino-toppling wave of consolidation that swept the industry in 2007.

I think overall we saw a lot of interesting developments. I'm definitely looking forward to an interesting 2009.

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  • Michael Waclawiczek Sunday, January 4, 2009
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