Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

MySQL tour of California prior to the Users Conference

Mark your calendars!

Just before the Users Conference, 4 MySQL enthusiasts will tour California Universities and user groups.

This is the conclusion of the Dups on rails journey. When the heroic Dups arrives to California, he will have company. Colin Charles will tour Northern California with Dups. Yours truly and Sheeri K. Cabral will take care of the South.

Everyone is invited!

Are you in California and want to attend? You are welcome! I will publish more details as we finalize them.

Do you want to contribute with a guest appearance? Contact us! (datacharmer [at] sun [dot] com, dups [at] sun [dot] com).


North California
13-Apr-2009 Univ. of San Francisco
15-Apr-2009 Univ. of California, Berkley
16-Apr-2009 San Jose State University
16-Apr-2009 Stanford University, Palo Alto
17-Apr-2009 Univ. of California, Davis
South California
14-Apr-2009 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
15-Apr-2009 UCLA, Los Angeles
15-Apr-2009 Univ. of California, Irvine
16-Apr-2009 USC, Los Angeles
17-Apr-2009 MySQL Meetup Los Angeles

I would like to thank Dups, for starting this epic journey, and all the colleagues and Sun Campus Ambassadors who have contributed to the organization.

Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

MySQL Sandbox University lesson - June 12, 14:00 GMT

On Thursday, June 12, at 15:00 CEST (14:00 GMT), there will be a MySQL University Lesson on MySQL Sandbox, a tool to install one or more side server in a few seconds.

MySQL Sandbox

To attend the lesson, follow the instructions for attendees and download the recommended material.

Monday Jun 02, 2008

Funny moments at Rome University presentation

There were some funny moments during the conference at Rome University.
Before Marten's arrival, we built an impressive heap of fluff dolphins on the desk.

For convenience, Marten used my laptop (an Apple MacBook) for his presentation, and he remarked about "open source enthusiasts who use closed source software". Mac OSX is, indeed, not open source, but it is the friendlier closed source operating system around. And since I am not a zealot, but I use what is best for me, I can cope withApple. My Mac has all the applications I am used to in Linux, with more pleasant graphics, media, and networking features. This is my personal opinion, and YMMV. Back to the topic.

After the presentation, there was a Q&A session. When Marten said he was ready to take questions, I addressed the audience in Italian, saying that we could take questions in Italian and translate them. Marten added immediately "and we can take questions in Swedish and Finnish at no extra charge".
We gave one fluff dolphin to everyone who asked a question. The audience appreciated it. The questions were frequent and spontaneous, and the extra dolphins were a welcome bonus.
When it was my turn to speak, on the subject of "MySQL Community How To", I started with this remark: "we have shown you the commercial dolphins. One for each question. Now brace yourselves for the open source strategy!" I grabbed two handfuls of dolphins, and threw them at the audience. I had their full attention, and they asked many questions, without further promise of dolphins.
One of the questions was "what is the reason for participating to a open source project? Why should I contribute?" And my provocative answer, which would perhaps deserve a full article to expand, was "mainly, participation in OS projects is for selfish reasons. I have an itch to scratch, and I want to ease it. If your application does 99% of what I need and I know how to do the missing 1%, by writing a patch I am solving my problem, and by submitting my patch for future releases I am making sure that I don't have to recompile the application in future releases. Thus, by looking after my interests, I am doing good to the community."
The reality is much more complex than that, but my answer pleased the audience, and I feel that it is not far from the truth.
Summing up, in addition to having a fruitful day with customers, press, and academic institutions, we had some fun as well.

Monday May 26, 2008

MySQL University - Lua advanced scripting

MySQL University is a set of public lessons held by experienced MySQL developers, to spread technical knowledge inside and outside the company.

It's like a conference session, except for the physical presence. There is no traveling involved. No hotel rooms to book and restaurant bills to pay. The lessons are given over the internet, using an audio stream for the exposition, and IRC for questions from the audience. If you want to attend, check the instructions for attendees and mark your calendars:

Thursday, May 29th, at 15:00 CEST (= 6:00am PDT, 8:00am CDT, 9:00am EDT).

The session will cover Advanced Lua Scripting, i.e. how to deal with MySQL Proxy scripts with more than basic action.

Among the topics covered:

  • handling multiple queries
  • dynamically loading of modules at run time
  • cookbook recipes for result sets

Giuseppe Maxia


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