Monday Jul 13, 2009

The MySQL Librarian is here!

I have had a wish for a few years. I wanted to find a way to put together the valuable information that the community produces about MySQL, a way that would let me easily find the interesting content that I may have missed when on vacation, or when busy with a conference, a company meeting, or a long stream of coding.

That wish started to take shape last year, when I was traveling with Dups during the East Coast tour. I drove, he took notes. He drove, I took more notes. During meals and walking breaks we discussed and refined the idea. When we went back home, a plan was ready. Dups started coding in January.

At first, his changes were completely invisible. He was refactoring the Planet MySQL code to integrate it with the advanced features that had been developed for the main site. After a series of secondary changes, there came the substantial one. The voting system allows people to show their appreciation or dislike of a post. The tagging system makes the blog posts easy to search.

However, that's only blogs. What about presentations, videos, pictures? Welcome to the MySQL Librarian, the coronation of my wish. My congratulations to Dups for coding it under the pressure that a community relations manager is subject to, while traveling across the continent several times, talking at conferences, dealing with communities, paperwork, blogging, his cat, and some more stray duties that fall on his head regularly.

The Librarian is the place where the community creates, collects, improves, and maintain high quality contents. What you find in the Librarian is not the result of a search engine. It's the refined outcome of cherry picking MySQL related articles, videos, presentations, and pictures, done by dedicated users. The MySQL Community. You. Me. Everyone interested.

There is a detailed description of the Librarian in the Dev Zone. No need to duplicate it here.

Please, share my dream. Come make the MySQL community Librarian the best place to find and post valuable information.

Thanks to the early testers for their patience and valuable advice. The MySQL Librarian is good also because of their comments!

Thursday Jun 04, 2009

MYSQL Planet now with tags and search

Planet MySQL

All this started during a long drive from Charlottesville to Washington, back in November 2008, when I and Dups discussed the status of MySQL Community web presence.

We agreed that we needed to enhance the usefulness of the tools for the community, and MySQL Planet was the first candidate for change. Externally, you have noticed very little until now. First, a login, then the voting system, the Buzz, the Italian, Japanese, and Russian aggregators, an improved treatment for group blogs, and finally the Tags and Searching.

Behind the scenes, there is much more. Dups has been refactoring most of the Planet MySQL code, with the goal of integrating it with the main site. The idea is to eventually allow users to search and use the information available in several formats, such as blogs, forums, presentations, articles, events, and to connect them to each other.

With today's release, we finally see a good reason for logging in to Planet MySQL. Now you can edit tags, thus making the blog posts more useful and easily searchable.

Kudos to Dups and Lenz for the results we got so far. However, there is much more in the making. Stay tuned for the next improvements.

Tuesday Dec 09, 2008

Planet MySQL in Italian, and a new buzz!

New features for Planet MySQL.

Lenz has opened a new section for Italian blogs (I should say blogs in Italian, since there are blogs that are hard to classify).

Thanks, Lenz. We'll try to fill it with some good contents.

In the meantime, Dups was creating a new feature for the Planet. MySQL Buzz is a window on living contents about MySQL, from forums to blog posts, to news and videos.

The Buzz has a fun part. A cloud of most frequently used words. If you look closely at the forum cloud, you will see a THANKS. Forums are powered by the community. Kindness included!


Giuseppe Maxia


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