Monday Aug 11, 2008

OpenSolaris booklets

opensolaris books

At OSCON, Sun had a huge booth. I mentioned that before, and I was part of the show. During booth opening hours, members of all Sun communities (Open Solaris, Glassfish, OpenJDK, MySQL) addressed the audience with technical presentations.

I was very impressed by these two booklets that were given away to whomever wanted them. They are short, well written, with the sort of practical information that a beginner wants to find immediately.

It's nice to hold them, but books are heavy, especially if you are traveling 6,000 miles with hand luggage only. So it's very nice to find them in the OpenSolaris site.

That's something that we should consider for MySQL as well. Better than giving away T-shirts and stuffed dolphins. Spreading knowledge is more helpful.

Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

Sun open booth at OSCON

Sun open source

Going to OSCON? Sun Microsystems is a sponsor, and has a large booth area, all dedicated to you.

It is an unusual way of using open space. We welcome all visitors and encourage them to participate in our activities. There are presentations at almost any time, given by the makers of the open source products you use. And you can have a chance to chat with the very people who are shaping the open source world.

The booth talks include presentations and live demos on MySQL, OpenJDK, Glassfish, OpenSolaris, JCP, mobile and embedded technologies, and more.

The "more" part is up to you. Just drop by and ask for a demo on your favorite product. Chances are that an expert on that very topic is nearby, to answer all your questions.

Our booth is your booth. Come to see us.

Bring a friend.

Friday Jul 04, 2008

Test stressing OpenSolaris with MySQL

Over the last months I have seen some impressive presentations about Open Solaris, and I wanted to give it a try.

The live CD provided with opensolaris 2008.05 is very easy to install, and so I set it up in a virtual machine.

The environment looks familiar for a seasoned Linux user, and thus I decided to use it as a test bed for my MySQL Sandbox, which includes a test suite that lets you run a complete test with little effort.

Well, little effort for you, maybe, but not for the operating system. The test puts a lot of stress on the operating system, as you can see from this picture.

Running a complete test for a single version (1 single server + 3 replicated, + 3 circular, + 3 multiple, + 1 custom group = 11 servers) is already demanding. But since in my Mac I dare run the test with 7 concurrent versions for a total of 77 instances of MySQL, and I have still memory to spare, I ran a test with 2 versions on 2 virtual machines, one with Ubuntu 8 and one with Open Solaris.

I am sorry to say that opensolaris did not fare well with this test. The Linux virtual box, with 512 MB of RAM, ran 22 MySQL instances without trouble. The opensolaris box, with 1 GB of RAM, ran out of memory after 18 instances.

Nothing to be afraid of, though. From this negative test I got some useful experience. I asked for help in the opensolaris forums, and I got quick and smart advice from an active and vibrant community (thanks folks!). I haven't solved the problem, but I got enough information to file a proper bug report. According to someone in the forum, that's not even a bug, but the expected way of opensolaris of dealing with memory allocation requests, which is allegedly safer than Linux.

I am not in a position to judge who's right, but perhaps someone in the audience is better qualified to provide an objective answer to this problem. For now, I will just lean back in my chair and wait for comments.

UPDATE It looks like it's more a Linux than a Solaris fault. If you set vm.overcommit_memory=2 in sysctl.conf, as suggested in the comments, Linux will fail even earlier than opensolaris.


Giuseppe Maxia


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