Sunday Jul 04, 2010

MySQL track at the German Oracle User Group conference


As we have seen for other events, the MySQL community has been invited to attend and participate in conferences organized by the Oracle User Groups.

After the past, present and future events in the United States, now we start with Europe.

There is a MySQL Track at the DOAG 2010 Conference, the main event of the German Oracle User Groups, and the CfP expires on July 10th.

The event is of course important for German speakers, but English speakers are also accepted.

As the other events in the US, this is a good occasion for MySQL users to get acquainted with the independent Oracle user group organization, and find common business needs. There are many MySQL users among the Oracle User Group members, and much curiosity about this small database that powers the Internet.

If you want to get a talk at this conference, feel free to submit a proposal. Or simply mark the dates: November 16th to 18th.

MySQL users, don't be shy!

Follow Paul McCullagh's example, and get ready to explore a yet uncharted but promising territory.

Tuesday May 04, 2010

The MySQL Community meets the Independent Oracle Users Group

ioug After the MySQL Conference, while most of my European colleagues were busy with volcanic disruptions and seeking alternative routes to the Old Continent, I headed to Las Vegas, to attend Collaborate10 a conference different from the ones I have been used so far.

Collaborate10 is the conference of the Oracle Users Groups. I had been asked to participate with a few talks on MySQL, and I was curious of meeting this for me new organization. I prepared three talks, one introduction to MySQL and two advanced ones, and thus equipped I ventured along the immense corridors of the Mandalay Bay convention center.

The conference started on Monday, but the convention center had plenty of activity on Sunday as well. Part of the action, and a big surprise for me, is that the board of directors of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) wanted to meet me, and not just informally in front of a coffee cup, but in one of the board rooms, where I was seated at the head of a long conference table and asked to talk to them about MySQL and its community.

Boy! That was quite an experience. That meeting was very pleasant and informative. I learned that the IOUG is very well organized, with national and regional groups, publications, benefits for members, several conferences, and much more that I don't feel qualify to convey in full.

The process of mutual learning called for a presentation of MySQL and its community, which looks comparatively very much scattered and hard to fit under a single umbrella. Nonetheless, we managed to explain the relative positions, and I was impressed by the high relevance given to community in this organization, independently from Oracle, the company. Also very relevant to me is the attitude of the IOUG members, who are very much technically oriented, and thus quite similar to many MySQL users, who like a direct involvement with their tools.

There was not room for final decisions, but we ended the meeting with the understanding that it makes sense for both communities to explore each other and find out how they can eventually interact in common activity, such as group meetings and conferences. The root of the IOUG interest in MySQL is not only in the Sun acquisition by Oracle, but also in the results of a recent survey among their 20,000 members, where 44% of them say that in addition to historical Oracle products, they also use MySQL. Of course this fact calls for a desire of knowing MySQL users and exchanging notes.

Therefore, this is my first pass. I am letting the MySQL community know that the IOUG is willing to know more on MySQL and the MySQL community, and is eager to facilitate the introduction of MySQL groups among its ranks, in the ways that will be mutually determined by the interested parties. Therefore, MySQL users, if you know someone who is a member of the IOUG, you may start getting acquainted and exploring the possibilities offered by this mature institution, and explore in which ways the two sets may overlap.

I am not suggesting any rushed move from either side. Some preliminary courtship and information gathering must precede more serious commitments. But both sides can start thinking about the advantages that one group's exposure to the other can bring along. There is business to be done on both sides of the ditch, as many Oracle users are also MySQL users. There is going to be need for training, consulting, conference talks, integration, migration, and much more may come to mind after some pondering.

For the Oracle community, being in contact with MySQL users may be a refreshing and enlightening experience, since MySQL users are traditionally well versed in Web related issues, and can teach one trick or two to users whose experience is delimited by the walls of corporate rules. On the other hand, the MySQL community can have a similar epiphany by comparing experiences with their Oracle counterpart. I did that for the four days of the conference, and I must say that the questions that I got from this particular audience were quite revealing and useful.

After meeting the IOUG, I managed to meet another board of directors, this time it was the Oracle Development Tools Users Group (ODTUG), a group of very skilled people, who produce high level training sessions that are always sold out and a conference that gathers the best experts on Oracle development tools. The ODTUG is interested in the MySQL community for the same reasons that raises the IOUG attention. But their interest is somehow more pressing, because the main conference, Kaleidoscope, is quickly approaching. Therefore, they wanted to get in touch with some MySQL community people immediately, in order to include some MySQL contents in their conference. The conference is in Washington, and I was going back to Europe, since the volcanic ashes, by the time of my scheduled return trip, weren't a threat anymore. Therefore I gladly absolved my task by involving two super heroes of the MySQL community, who have recently been awarded the title of Oracle ACE Director: Ronald Bradford and Sheeri Cabral. Having left the matter in their capable hands, it wasn't long before they came up with a full emergency schedule for the conference, with an understanding for an integrated and more thoroughly planned schedule for next year. You can see the rest in The MySQL community impacting the Oracle community.

Finally, I would like to spend a few words to thank my hosts at the IOUG conference for their hospitality, for the excellent organization shown, and for providing some fun among all the business, which this picture can describe better than any words.

Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

webinar on Data Reduction and Smoothing in MySQL

If you have missed Michael McFadden's session at the last MySQL Conference, here's a chance to catch up.

On June 11, at 17:00 UTC Michael McFadden will present at a free webinar, on the subject of Faster Data Reduction and Smoothing for Analysis & Archival in MySQL.

Don't let the "For ISVs" distract you. This session is a collection of very practical and down to earth tips for tasks that can be in the TODO list of any DBA.

In addition to being practical, Michael's advice is justified by rigorous statistical analysis, and the tips he provides have both the benefits of practical testing and a scientific justification.

Did I make you curious enough? I may add that the tips provided in this lesson will privilege SQL instead of external languages coding, but some Python will be there as a bonus for the patient attendees.

Tuesday Apr 28, 2009

MySQL Community awards 2009

Attending the MySQL Users Conference in 2006, I had one of the best days of my career. At the morning keynote, my name was called, and I found myself on stage, together with Markus Popp, Roland Bouman, and Rasmus Lerdorf, being awarded a Community Member of the year crystal ball. That day is permanently in my mind as a very fond memory.

For this reason, it is a particular pleasure for me to be in a position to suggest the next ones who will hold the community awards. It is a collegial decision, not my own. Each member of the community team submits a few names, we discuss the pros and the cons, and then we settle for the first three names in the list.

This year, the agreement fell on three names, who were included for different reasons.

MYSQL UC 2009 - Marc Delisle Marc Delisle should be familiar to anyone working with MySQL.

As the author of phpMyAdmin, he deserves gratitude and respect from the community.

For the few who are unfamiliar with it, phpMyAdmin is a web based GUI for MySQL, which has helped millions of users to improve their experience with MySQL from beginner to expert.

Probably the only question that everyone in the community will ask is "what? He was never awarded before?". Indeed. This award was long overdue.

Good job, Marc! The MySQL community would not be as large and happy without your contributions.

MYSQL UC 2009 - Ronald Bradford Ronald Bradford has been a community member for long time, with with a genuine passion for MySQl and its ecosystem.

I remember when, in 2006, he fought Sheeri in an auction to get a T-shirt with the developers name. At the end of the day, he had earned himself a mention in MySQL source code, and a solid reputation as a lover of community.

After a brief period as MySQL employee, Ronald has gone back to the trenches, and his contributions to the community have always been constant and of high quality.

Whenever I can, I enjoy working with him. He is a fine analyst and a hard worker.

Well done, Ronald!

MySQL UC2009 - Shlomi Noach

Shlomi Noach is the new blood among the award winners.

His contributions are proof that you don't need to be a superhero to become a good community member. As Sheeri said in her keynote, you just need to do something well. If there is something that you enjoy and can help others, don't ask questions, and do it.

Shlomi's fresh approach in the community arena is a very welcome and necessary addition. The community needs both the extremely advanced articles of Matt Yonkovit and Shlomi's wake-up posts that make some experts scratch their heads and keep them on their toes.

Thanks, Shlomi. Keep being curious! We like it.

Monday Apr 27, 2009

Presentation slides online at slideshare

I decided to give a try to slideshare. So I uploaded the slides from my most recent talks, and will eventually catch up with the old ones. My slides repository is

If you are looking for the slides from MySQL Conference 2009, here are the shortcuts:

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

MySQL tour of California prior to the Users Conference

Mark your calendars!

Just before the Users Conference, 4 MySQL enthusiasts will tour California Universities and user groups.

This is the conclusion of the Dups on rails journey. When the heroic Dups arrives to California, he will have company. Colin Charles will tour Northern California with Dups. Yours truly and Sheeri K. Cabral will take care of the South.

Everyone is invited!

Are you in California and want to attend? You are welcome! I will publish more details as we finalize them.

Do you want to contribute with a guest appearance? Contact us! (datacharmer [at] sun [dot] com, dups [at] sun [dot] com).


North California
13-Apr-2009 Univ. of San Francisco
15-Apr-2009 Univ. of California, Berkley
16-Apr-2009 San Jose State University
16-Apr-2009 Stanford University, Palo Alto
17-Apr-2009 Univ. of California, Davis
South California
14-Apr-2009 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
15-Apr-2009 UCLA, Los Angeles
15-Apr-2009 Univ. of California, Irvine
16-Apr-2009 USC, Los Angeles
17-Apr-2009 MySQL Meetup Los Angeles

I would like to thank Dups, for starting this epic journey, and all the colleagues and Sun Campus Ambassadors who have contributed to the organization.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

BoFs welcome at the MySQL Users Conference and Expo 2009

As usual, the MySQL Users Conference and Expo includes Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions.

For the uninitiated, a BoF is an informal discussion group about a common topic. There is no registration and no fee for a BoF. You can organize one even if you don't plan to attend the main event. If your BoF is accepted and scheduled, you can organize it as you like. You won't get a free pass for a BoF, though.

We provide the rooms. You bring in the ideas. Submit a BoF proposal!

Almost everything is suitable for a BoF. We only ask that it is related to MySQL.

  • Do you have a project that you are developing and it is still in vaporware stage? No chances for the main conference, but perfectly OK for a BoF.
  • A topic that you feel is missing from the main schedule? Make a BoF.
  • Your favorite connector is neglected? A BoF may revamp the community attention.
  • Have you created a killer scheme that solves MySQL replication one-master-many-slaves limitation? Show it in a BoF.
  • Your fork of the Archive engine is the best thing since sliced bread? Boast it in a BoF!

Imagination is the only limit. Get a good idea. Make it known!

Monday Feb 16, 2009

MySQL Partitions at PHPCon Italia

I will speak at PHPCon Italia 2009, in Rome, on March 19th.

The subject is a very trendy. I will cover efficiency with partitions, a topic that every DBA and MySQL developers should enjoy.

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Speaking at FOSDEM

I am getting ready to FOSDEM, the biggest European gathering of free and open source software enthusiasts. The event is held in Brussels, Belgium, on February 7-8, 2009.

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

MySQL has a developers room on Sunday, with a schedule rich of well known names and juicy topics.

I will present a talk about partitions in MySQL 5.1.

Lenz will have a talk in the main conference, on MySQL high availability.

There is a wiki page on MySQL Forge where we will provide last minute information.

See you all in Brussels!

Friday Jan 23, 2009

MySQL Users Conference with embedded MySQLCamp

Well, I announced it a few months ago, and now Sheeri made it happen. The MySQL Users Conference and Expo 2009 will have a MySQL Camp embedded.

What is it? Asked most of the people I know, including many colleagues, some of them worried that I was giving away the company jewels.

For starters, it is not a competitor of the Users Conference. It won't duplicate its contents, nor is a way of sneaking into the main conference without a pass. It is a camp, and if you have attended either one of the previous MySQL Camps or the OpenSQLCamp, you know what I mean.

MySQL Camp is a gathering of MySQL geeks, developers, enthusiasts, code twisters, gurus, who want to exchange views on deeply technical matters. It is not run by Sun. While we have given Sheeri the task of organizing the event inside the event, we have purposely avoided being involved in the task itself. We want the camp to be a community event, and by community we mean you not us.

Let me just remind the rules of the game, as stated in my original post. Sun provides the room for the event and the rest is up to Sheeri, with two main guidelines.

  • Only MySQL related contents. This is the MySQL conference, and thus, if you want to hack a videogame or the latest music player, this is not the place to bring it.
  • No advertising. The Camp is a place for hacking code and exchanging technology. If you want to advertise your company, the main conference provides sponsoring and partner agreements that will allow anyone to promote their products.

Other than that, have fun!

Thanks, Sheeri, for organizing this event with your usual dedication and efficiency!

Friday Dec 19, 2008

Registration for the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009 now open

Registration for the MySQL Conference and expo 2009 is now open.

Kudos to Colin Charles, who has the not easy task of being the program chair of the conference, for pulling the schedule together.

The schedule is not complete yet. If you haven't got either an approval or a rejection, your proposal is still under review. In the previous years, some of my talks were approved as late as February, but we are trying to finish off the schedule much earlier this time.

This is my last blog post for this year. I am going on vacation this evening. No computers, no internet. Therefore, no comments are enabled for this post (there would be nobody to moderate and approve them).

Happy new year, Community!

Sunday Dec 14, 2008

Talks wanted for FOSDEM 2009

Organization for FOSDEM 2009 is in full swing. MySQL has a devroom, for which we want talk proposals. The call for papers ends on January 15, 2009. There is no registration for the event, but if you want to have a 1 hour speaker slot, please send us a proposal using this form. As usual, we are looking for quality presentations, regardless of the level. We like original talks and we will privilege innovative, creative, and well documented abstracts. You will find some guidelines on how to submit a successful proposal and more info on the event in MySQL Forge wiki.

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

FOSDEM 2009 is not only a geeky reunion, but also a family opportunity. There will be guided tours for spouses/partners!. If your significant one is not interested in technology or doesn't get a kick out of the intricacies of open source development practice, there are other pleasures to discover in Brussels.

Then, don't wait! Submit a talk and book your travel now!

Monday Dec 01, 2008

Pictures from the OpenSQLCamp

I have finally uploaded the rest of my pictures from the OpenSQLCamp.

They include some of the shots taken with Dups in Washington. For a detailed account of what happened, see On The Road With The Community.

Some of my favorite picks:

OpenSQLCamp - hackfest
The "splendid effort" to create an application from scratch in 6 hours. They did not succeed, but what a show they made!

OpenSQLCamp - hackfest
Sheeri, one of the inner forces that kept the event going!

OpenSQLCamp - hackfest
It was ... Drizzling outside and inside!

Saturday Nov 01, 2008

UC2009 - A few days, a few wishes

We are almost there. Four days more, and then it's over. The CfP for the MySQL Users Conference 2009 ends on November 5th, 2008.

We have already received more proposals than we got last year, and (yes!) many of them are innovative.

Thanks to all the submitters.

I have still a few wishes, though.

There are still no proposals or very little on

  • The event scheduler
  • OpenOffice integration
  • Java
  • The plugin architecture
  • MySQL Proxy
If you have a technical story to tell about one of the subjects above, don't be shy, and come forward!

And of course, if you have some innovative ideas on any topic related to MySQL, feel free to submit a proposal.

Thursday Oct 23, 2008

MySQL East Coast mini tour

Next month I will be in the US East Coast, to attend the Open SQL Camp. Since I will arrive a few days earlier, I will also attend a few meetups on the way from Boston to Charlottesville.

Are you around these locations? If yes, please attend the meetups, or drop me a note.

These events are happening because several people have worked on the issue behind the scenes. Thanks to Sheeri K. Cabral, Angelo Rajadurai, Josie Kaufman, Mark Rubin, Tom Coveney, Philip Antoniades, Ronald Bradford, Greg Haase for taking care of the organization and apologies if I forgot someone.


Giuseppe Maxia


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