MySQL UC2009 - Little innovation so far

MySQL Community, I am disappointed.

Innovation Everywhere is the theme of the Users Conference and Expo 2009, and yet, in the proposals that I have received so far I have seen very little innovation. Few daring technical proposals. Few accounts of truly novel exploits.

Instead, I've seen very similar topics to past years, without the spark of experimentation that we look for as an extra spice for the year where the topic is Innovation.

If I look at Planet MySQL, I see plenty of movement. New projects, new releases of old projects, people trying exciting technologies, others combining old technologies with new platforms. And yet, some of the people who are posting these exciting news are proposing the same old story.

Now, I don't mean to say that everyone has to propose something extremely new, but I can't believe that all the innovation going around in blogging and mailing lists is going to be kept in your drawers.

And innovation does not mean invention. It's time to see accounts of early adoption of MySQL 5.1 in production. As you have seen in our Use Case competition articles, there are some brave souls who are using the new release with satisfaction. It's time to show some concrete innovation with facts. This is the conference for MySQL users, by users. It's your conference, where you come to see cool things created by other users, and you should be itching to tell the world the cool things you have done. It's time to show off.

It's time for innovation. Don't be shy. Please submit a cool proposal.

Oh, by the way. Innovation, yes, but not vaporware, please. If you have something advanced to show, you will make the whole voting committee happy, but please show the code. Have a project that will shake the foundations of the database business? Great! But add a link to a site where we can see and touch your new creature. When you show off, you may as well start with your proposal.


I hate to say it, but a big part of that is probably due to the delays in 5.1 (and thus 6.0 and 7.0). Some of the really cool things that came out 2 conferences ago are not out yet because they all depend on 5.1. I bet once 5.1 is finally given the GA badge, things may change.

Posted by Tim Soderstrom on October 04, 2008 at 11:46 AM CEST #

You are right about 5.1. It has taken too long to become GA.
However, innovation is beyond versioning. There is room for innovation even without partitioning and events.
Or so I hope!



Posted by Giuseppe Maxia on October 04, 2008 at 12:06 PM CEST #

I don't want to be a party spoiler, but I really think the sentiment about MySQL on the "outside" has turned in the last 18 months. I detected it even before the last conference. Commercialism, sales and marketing hype, etc -- I really think the "innovation everywhere" tagline just kind of reinforces it.

What about my 6 proposals, were they not interesting enough? I guess I will have to wait and see if any are accepted ;-) Oh, and I know you vote down carbon-copies, but I decided to re-propose last year's talks (with updates) anyway because they were so popular and I don't think they will go out of date.

Posted by Xaprb on October 04, 2008 at 07:33 PM CEST #

What's the matter with selling what you produce? Commercialism and innovation are not mutually exclusive. I understand that you dislike the company's marketing strategies. I agree with most of your reasoning on that matter. But the commercial offering does not block innovation. The current strategy of MySQL makes active participation difficult, but believe me, we are taking steps to change things. (The switch to Bazaar and the adoption of the SCA were the first ones. More is going on and I will announce it when we have finalized it.)
About your proposals, thanks for the innovative part. As for the acceptance, you will have to wait and see, like everyone else.
But even if all your six proposals were all innovative, you are just one person. I am not saying that there is no innovation, but only that there is not as much as I expected so far in the proposals, and I am trying to change the tide.

Posted by Giuseppe Maxia on October 04, 2008 at 11:42 PM CEST #

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