Monday Aug 11, 2008

OpenSolaris booklets

opensolaris books

At OSCON, Sun had a huge booth. I mentioned that before, and I was part of the show. During booth opening hours, members of all Sun communities (Open Solaris, Glassfish, OpenJDK, MySQL) addressed the audience with technical presentations.

I was very impressed by these two booklets that were given away to whomever wanted them. They are short, well written, with the sort of practical information that a beginner wants to find immediately.

It's nice to hold them, but books are heavy, especially if you are traveling 6,000 miles with hand luggage only. So it's very nice to find them in the OpenSolaris site.

That's something that we should consider for MySQL as well. Better than giving away T-shirts and stuffed dolphins. Spreading knowledge is more helpful.

Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

Sun open booth at OSCON

Sun open source

Going to OSCON? Sun Microsystems is a sponsor, and has a large booth area, all dedicated to you.

It is an unusual way of using open space. We welcome all visitors and encourage them to participate in our activities. There are presentations at almost any time, given by the makers of the open source products you use. And you can have a chance to chat with the very people who are shaping the open source world.

The booth talks include presentations and live demos on MySQL, OpenJDK, Glassfish, OpenSolaris, JCP, mobile and embedded technologies, and more.

The "more" part is up to you. Just drop by and ask for a demo on your favorite product. Chances are that an expert on that very topic is nearby, to answer all your questions.

Our booth is your booth. Come to see us.

Bring a friend.

Thursday May 29, 2008

At ease in the Aquarium

As announced by Eduardo, I have started playing with The Aquarium.
That does not mean that I sleep with the fishes, but that I am playing along with the group. And besides, dolphins are not fishes, but nonetheless they should be at ease in an aquarium.

This blogging is part of MySQL integration in Sun. Slowly but surely we are becoming aware of our surroundings and we are engaging the rest of the Sun communities.

We are learning.

Thursday May 15, 2008

Speaking at the Italian Free Software Conference

I am speaking at the Italian Free Software Conference, an event with the aim of considering the state of the art of Free Software in Italy.

The conference is held in Trento, Italy, sponsored by public institutions, the local university, and private industries.
My session is about MySQL as open database, which is a philosophical walkthrough of how MySQL has become successful, why Sun has bought it, what is in store for the future.

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Yet another $2.5m of MySQL starts blogging at Sun

Hello, Sun!

I am one of the 400 employees who, on January 16, 2008, awoke at the thundering words of Marten Mickos and Jonathan Schwartz, announcing that MySQL had been acquired by Sun for $1b. Theoretically, or arithmetically, I should be worth $2.5m, and so handle with care. :)

Who am I?

I am a database enthusiast, with a reputation in several open source places. I am known in the Perl and MySQL communities, and you may have seen me around during some conferences, talking about unusual hacks or making jokes in heavily accented English.

I have another, historical blog, actually, with the same name, The Data Charmer, which has become my middle name.

My current job is MySQL Community Team Lead, but until January 2008 I was a QA Developer with community links. The jump did not happen by chance. Community and QA are strictly related. I am an open source enthusiast because of the quality of my favorite open source products. It's my job to broaden the MySQL community by showing what I do, not by trumpeting announcements. When I recommend something, it's because I have tried it out, and it worked for me.

I love experimenting, and I often come up with unusual ideas to bend the stiff applications to more flexible needs. Someone calls this approach creative programming, someone prefers the term hacking. The bottom line is that I stretch my favorite tools to the limits, and I get results that, to the untrained eye, look like magic. I usually don't contradict the believers, unless they ask for the manual page where the trick is explained. Then I have to admit that most of what I did is an harmonious combination of simple elements that were initially designed for some other purpose.

Before joining MySQL, I was "in the family" for several years. I was working as a database consultant and I contributed to the community from outside. Now, I do the same from the inside. Growing the community is my task, and I have three dedicated fellows in my team, who share the burden of managing a worldwide community spread across all continents.

Europe has the lion share, since I and my boss, Kaj Arnö, live in that continent. The astute reader will have noticed that there is nobody covering Latin America and Africa, and also Russia is largely neglected. We know it. We are making plans.

For now, that was an introduction. Hello, Sun, here we come! More on MySQL in my next posts.


Giuseppe Maxia


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