Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute describes how Oracle Database 12c features ease managability of multi-terabyte database systems

I had the pleasure of speaking with Karen Ambrose, Principle Database Administrator of Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute last week at Oracle Open World. She described for me how the Institute's green initiative and data growth predictions have them researching ways to automate their data archiving processes. Listen to the interview and learn how Oracle Database 12c Storage Optimization features with Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization ease the manageability of multi-terabyte database systems, enhance storage usability, and reduce the time and effort spent enhancing performance.

Monday Sep 23, 2013

Larry announces Oracle Database In-Memory Option

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 started yesterday and San Francisco is a buzz with Larry Ellison’s announcement of the Oracle Database In-Memory option.

During last night’s keynote, Larry explained how the Oracle Database In-Memory option dramatically accelerates Analytics, Data Warehousing, Reporting, and OLTP performance by allowing data to be stored in-memory in a columnar format.

Having worked at Oracle for years on query optimization, I've personally seen the excruciating effort that enterprises go to in order to squeeze the most performance out of their systems. A lot of our customers run mission-critical systems on Oracle Databases, so their ability to get answers quickly literally translates into their own competitive advantage. Oracle Database In-Memory is one of the most exciting products I've worked on, because it takes companies to a whole new frontier of data-driven decision-making and competitiveness. And as Larry said, it'll be as simple as flipping a switch. Every application that runs on Oracle Database 12c can automatically and transparently take advantage of the Oracle Database In-Memory option.

If you are lucky enough to be attending Oracle Open World, and want a more detailed explanation of the Oracle Database In-Memory option check the Oracle Database In-Memory—The Next Big Thing Session GEN9312 Presented by Juan Loaiza at 11:45am in Moscone South - room 103. Or stop by the Oracle Database In-Memory demo on the engineered systems showcase in the lower lobby of Moscone North.

For the latest information on the Oracle Database In-Memory option and for an opportunity to watch a replay of the official announcement by Larry, check here.

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Friday Sep 20, 2013

Take a quick tour of Oracle Database X3-2

See how simple, reliable, and affordable Oracle Database Appliance can make the deployment of highly available Oracle Database environments.

Thursday Sep 19, 2013

Strata Health Solutions supports growth of its SaaS business with Oracle Database Appliance

In the health care industry, speed and efficiency are critical to reducing costs, conserving limited resources and improving patient outcomes. Strata Health Solutions plays a key role in the health care ecosystem with its SaaS resource matching and referral technology to optimize patient flow and experience. Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Real Application Clusters allow Strata Health to create a high availability database cluster infrastructure that seamlessly manages their growing volume of health care providers that rely on its system.

Listen to Darren Jones, chief operating officer at Strata Health Solutions describe how Oracle Database Appliance helped them improve the performance and speed of their SaaS Patient Flow Technology to improve medical facility efficiency and patient care. 

Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

Oracle Database Appliance provides high availability and performance required for public transportation system

Transports publics fribourgeois (tpf) in Fribourg Switzerland ensures reliable public transportation services with Oracle Database Appliance. In 2012, the organization transported almost 28 million passengers by road and rail. They wanted to ensure high availability of their database applications for route planning, vehicle management, and staff allocation, to enable efficient and cost-effective public transportation.

Oracle Database Appliance provided the high availability and performance required for their public transportation system which allowed them to scale easily to meet their changing business requirements and limit their total cost of ownership. To learn why they chose Oracle and more details about their deployment of Oracle Database Appliance with Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard read the complete story.

Focus on Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

Everything you want to know about Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database can be found at OOW13. Listen to Merrill Lynch, Rittman Mead Consulting and Intel Corporation share their real life stories and extreme performance with Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database. Sign up for the Hands-on-Lab to learn how to accelerate performance with Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database or Join a Birds of a Feather session and join Peak Indicators and Rittman Mead Consulting as they describe Oracle TimesTen best practices and finally stop by to see live demonstrations that include extreme analytics with Exalytics and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a memory-optimized relational database that provides real-time data management for performance critical systems deployed in the application tier to deliver blazing-fast response and real-time caching of application data from an Oracle Database to an Oracle TimesTen database.

Focus on Oracle Database 12c Storage Management

Oracle Database 12c Storage Management sessions at this year's Oracle Open World promise to deliver the mother-load of cost savings and performance benefits to your companies bottom line. See for yourself how Oracle Advanced Compression automates both compression and storage tiering with Heat Map and Automatic Storage Optimization features that simplify administration, reduce storage costs and improve performance. You'll meet real customers like Thomson Reuter Corporation, AmerisourceBergen and the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute as they describe their storage optimization best practices. Oracle product experts will be on-hand to answer your specific questions. Don't miss the opportunity to make OOW13 your companies best investment of the year with a focus on Oracle Database 12c Storage Management.

Monday Sep 16, 2013

Coming October 21st: Database as a Service Online Forum

Plan to take 3 hours of your day to start planning your DBaaS Cloud!

Enterprise IT is under increasing pressure to deliver better services to the business faster, at lower cost, and with higher quality of service. Now, there’s a new page in the CIO playbook—delivering enterprise Database as a Service.

Join this online forum to hear from analysts and experts (Carl Olofson, Research VP, IDC & Juan Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Oracle Systems Technology plus more) on how companies are beginning to transform with Database as a Service, and learn the prescriptive steps your organization can take to design, deploy, and deliver Database as a Service today.

 Don't delay - register today!

Friday Sep 13, 2013

What is the best approach to database storage management?

Read how IOUG members approach database storage management in the 2013 Database Growth Survey: Achieving Database Performance and you'll understand why Oracle Database 12c Storage Optimization features like Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization in Oracle Advanced Compression help reduce costs and improve performance while providing a smarter approach to data management and information lifecycle management.

Thursday Aug 29, 2013

Learn From The IOUG at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

As in previous years, Oracle OpenWorld attendees will have the opportunity to not only learn from Oracle product experts and partners, but also directly from customers and actual users of Oracle technology.

For Oracle Database and related technologies, a great venue to do this is the User Group Forums on Sunday, Sept. 22, and very specifically anything organized by the IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group). Check here for more info.

In addition to those sessions, the IOUG will also have a pavilion, and will organize plenty of other fun activities. More info on IOUG's site.

To talk about this and more, I recently had the pleasure to host IOUG President, and
Oracle ACE Director, Michelle Malcher and we recorded this podcast.

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

ESG Product Brief: Introducing Oracle Database 12c: Managing Many Database as One

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) took a look under the covers of Oracle Database 12c and talked with customers James Lui of Aramark and Jens-Christian Pokolm at Postbank.

Oracle’s dramatic re-architecture of its latest enterprise relational database, Oracle Database 12c, offers database customers a long list of real improvements to support cloud implementations, enable the consolidation and management of many databases as one, and streamline the day-to-day work of database administrators .

Between engineered systems and now Oracle Database 12c, Oracle has once again stretched the leadership lifespan of the Oracle database.

 Read the full Product Brief:   Introducing Oracle Database 12c: Managing Many Database as One

Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

APEXposed: ODTUG returns to the Centre Mont Royal for 2 Days in Sept!

Mark your calendars for September 10-11 when ODTUG returns to the Centre Mont Royal for two days packed full of APEX sessions.

Join speakers like Oracle ACE Directors Martin D’Souza, Roel Hartman, Steven Feuerstein and Oracle leaders like Joel Kallman and David Peake to learn from the best of the best. Sessions will be targeted towards a wide range of skill sets from introductory to expert level APEX developers.

Use the code INSIDER to save $50 on registration.

Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Focus on Oracle Database Appliance at Oracle Open World

Focus on Oracle Database Appliance every day at Oracle Open World and see for yourself how simple, reliable and affordable it is to create a virtual platform for both your application and Oracle Database in a single box.

Tuesday Aug 20, 2013

Your Next Big Cloud Opportunity: Database as a Service

Database as a Service helps enterprise IT deliver better services faster and at a lower cost.

Check out this Forbes article to learn more!

Thursday Aug 15, 2013

Oracle Monthly Webcast Series: Plug into Oracle Database 12c

Register For the Webcasts in our Oracle Database 12c Monthly Series

Oracle Database 12c has arrived and with it comes the opportunity to plug into the cloud with a multitenant architecture that lowers cost, increases agility, and minimizes risk. With Oracle Database 12c you can consolidate and compress databases at a higher density than ever before. During this monthly webcast series learn how Oracle Database 12c can help your organization save time and money through:

  • Simplifying database consolidation
  • Redacting sensitive data
  • Improving application continuity
  • Automatically compressing and tiering data
Register today!  The series includes:
  • August 28: Plug into Cloud Consolidation with Oracle Database 12c
  • September 10: Plug into Storage Optimization with Oracle Database 12c
  • October 17: Plug into Maximum Availability with Oracle Database 12c
  • November 13: Plug into Defense-in-Depth with Oracle Database 12c


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