Friday Apr 11, 2014

April Edition - Oracle Database Insider Newsletter

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ODTUG President Monty Latiolais on Planning Ahead for Kscope 14

ODTUG will hold its annual conference, Kscope, in Seattle, Washington, June 22 to June 26. We asked ODTUG President Monty Latiolais for a preview—plus tips on how veteran conference-goers and newcomers alike can make the most of the event.
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Oracle Independent Users Group Announces Award Winners

The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) recognized three outstanding members of the Oracle community at its COLLABORATE 14 conference, which took place in Las Vegas earlier this month. Learn about this year's winners.
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Q&A: Oracle's Paul Needham on How to Defend Against Insider Attacks

The threat from insider attacks continues to grow. In fact, just since January 1, 2014, insider breaches have been reported by a major consumer bank, a major healthcare organization, and a range of state and local agencies. Oracle Senior Director of product management Paul Needham sheds light on the nature of insider risks—and discusses how organizations can best defend themselves against insider attacks.
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Monday Apr 07, 2014

Now Headlining in Vegas - COLLABORATE 14!

Many are gathering in Las Vegas as the IOUG community meets for their annual COLLABORATE 14 conference.  

For old and new users - its a great place to meet new friends and learn a lot about Oracle Database.  

If you are curious about it and didn't sign up - you can still experience it virtually to see what its all about.  Plug-In to Las Vegas with COLLABORATE 14 - IOUG Forum Virtual Conference

 If you are at the conference - here are just a few sessions we'd suggest you consider adding to your agenda.

  • Tuesday morning's keynote with MythBuster's Adam Savage!
  • Tuesday session with Oracle's Tom Kyte ID 302 10:15 - 11:15 am Level 3, Lido 3003 - Introduction to Oracle Database In-Memory : What You Need to Know
  • Tuesday session with Oracle's Willie Hardie ID 988 11:30 - 12:30 Level 2 Venetian Ballroom - Engineered for Clouds and Big Data
  • Tuesday session with Oracle's Thomas Baby ID 695 1:45 -  2:45 Level 3, San Polo 3403 Behind the Scenes of Oracle Multitenant
  • Wednesday session with Oracle's Joe Meeks ID 555 at 8:30am Level 3, Lido 3001A Oracle Active Data Guard 12c: Deep Dive
  • Thursday session with Oracle's Willie Hardie ID 341 11:00 - 12:00, Level 3 Lido 3105 - Delivering Database as a Service
  • Friday session with Oracle's Deba Chatterjee ID 682 11:00 - 12:00 Level 3, Lido 3103 - Oracle Multitenant Meets Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Friday session with Oracle's Larry Carpenter ID 556 12:15PM, Level 3 Lido 3005 A Revolutionary Way to do Oracle Database Backup and Recovery

 Beyond the speaker sessions there is a lot the IOUG offers its members

Tuesday evening at 8:30pm try the IOUG NoSQL Database Hackfest Sponsored by Oracle OTN (Session 975), Level 3 Lido 3003 - Bring your laptop!!!

NoSQL Installation and Cluster Topology Deployment
This session walks through the process and set up for a NoSQL database in a "quick start" format. We will presents the tools and techniques used to manage an Oracle NoSQL database cluster. The discussion will also cover cluster management activities such as initial topology create, topology expansion, online software upgrades, and critical aspects of disaster recovery. Attendees will have hands-on experience managing a production instance of the Oracle NoSQL database.
Priority access for the IOUG Hackfest will be given to IOUG registrants. No pre-registration is required. All lab participants should bring their own laptop.  Laptops must be able to access the internet and download files.

 Use the IOUG's mobile app to track all the action while in Vegas!

Finally PLEASE stop by the Exhibit Hall - Oracle Demogrounds to meet the Oracle team - we'd love to meet you and hear your Oracle Database stories.

Thursday Apr 03, 2014

Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 Announced - Extends Security, Usability, and Performance.

Continuing its leadership in enterprise-class database solutions, Oracle announced Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0. With this latest release, Oracle offers developers an enhanced NoSQL solution for building high performance, next generation applications. The combination of security, availability, scalability, and data model flexibility delivers a comprehensive high performance NoSQL solution for application developers.

Oracle NoSQL Database

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Friday Mar 28, 2014

How to migrate from Microsoft SQL Server to an Oracle Database 12c centralized environment with ODP.NET

Recently the Federal Tax Service of Russia migrated from their Microsoft SQL Server environment to an Oracle Database 12c centralized environment with the help of ODP.NET.

The Federal Tax Ministry of Russia is a national government agency located in Moscow. It operates nine regional offices that oversee major taxpayers with a wide network of local offices that employ 140,000 people.The ministry is in the process of migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle Database 12c technology and Exadata. Its goal is to centralize all fiscal data access, improve performance, and reduce storage costs, while continuing to keep its investment in a Microsoft .NET infrastructure.

Oracle Database 12c makes developing and deploying Oracle on Windows and .NET easier, faster, and more cost-effectiveBy using Oracle’s .NET components (ODP.NET), the tax ministry can adopt new Oracle Database 12c features for their .NET applications. The migration to Oracle so far is meeting their goal for centralized data access and provides 20x better performance with a tenfold reduction in storage costs.

Listen to this Database Insider Podcast Interview for more details about their migration from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle Database 12c.

Friday Mar 21, 2014

Need best practices for deploying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance?

What do you get when you combine the advantages of Oracle Database Appliance with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne?

You get an ERP solution-in-a-box running on a complete Oracle technology stack that delivers high availability database and application services, efficiently utilizes system resources, provides performance advantages associated with Oracle’s Engineered Systems, and takes advantage of capacity-on-demand licensing for multiple workloads by leveraging Oracle VM hard partitioning.

This best practices white paper explains how to deploying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance is a simple, reliable, and affordable Engineered System from Oracle. It saves you time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high availability database solutions. Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform, based on Oracle VM, enables customers to quickly deploy both database and application workloads in a single virtualized appliance platform.

Through virtualization, the benefits of simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high availability database solutions are extended to the application tier to provide customers a comprehensive solution-in-a-box

WP: Solution-in-a-box: Best practices for deploying JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Oracle Database Appliance

Monday Mar 17, 2014

Oracle's Real-World Performance Tour - now comes to you!

The Real-World Performance (RWP) Group is part of the Oracle Database Development organization. Engineers in the RWP group focus on extracting the maximum performance from the Oracle Database and hardware in the real-world. We do this by identifying inefficiencies in current systems and applying modern database design and tuning techniques.

They've worked hard to bring their knowledge of performance to you in the following resources:

Friday , March 21st, 2014 8am PDT (3pm GMT)

Join Andrew Holdsworth,Vice President of the Oracle Real-World Performance team, for a 30 minute chat about real-world performance challenges, and techniques that could help overcome them, and even eliminate them for good. If you have specific topics or questions you would like Andrew to address, please email   Register today for the session!

They created this learning library for you so that you can learn the best practices, and methodologies to apply to your Oracle Databases.

 In the Oracle Real-World Performance Video series, Andrew Holdsworth and his team will share with you the best practices and methodologies you should implement to make the most of your investment in Oracle Database.

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Thursday Mar 13, 2014

Tom Kyte writes about Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Option in Oracle Magazine

In the March issue of Oracle Magazine, Tom Kyte discusses Oracle Database 12c Multitenant option with Patrick Wheeler, Oracle Sr. Director of Product Management.

This exchange between two Oracle Experts explains how Oracle Multitenant option can save customers capital expenses by consolidating more applications per server and reducing operating expenses. 

Companies face enormous pressure to consolidate - to reduce floor space, power costs, and license costs and at the same time to realize the benefits of cloud computing and cloud-based agility, including rapid, low-cost self-service provisioning and delivery of standardized services. Its no longer a question of whether to consolidate but how to consolidate.

Oracle Multitenant is a new option for Oracle Database 12c that provides a multitenant architecture for consolidating databases and simplifying operations in the cloud.

You'll find more articles on Oracle Database 12c written by Tom Kyte in past issues of Oracle Magazine.

Friday Mar 07, 2014

Oracle and .NET session at San Francisco .NET Developer Meeting March 12

Need a reason besides free dinner and admission to get out next Wednesday, March 12?

How about joining the San Francisco.NET Developers Group meeting on Wednesday, March 12 at 6:30 PM to learn more about Oracle and .NET.

A session introducing how to use Oracle Databases with Visual Studio 2013 for .NET development will be presented by Christian Shay, a Oracle Product Manager in the .NET technologies group. He will also share What's New in  Oracle .NET releases, including Visual Studio database administration support for Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Option and more:

  • Entity Framework 6 and Code First
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Fully-managed ODP.NET
  • Oracle Schema Comparison tools

Data warehousing leaders gather in Nice, France to discuss best practices

Data warehousing and big data is hotter than ever and Oracle’s Data Warehouse Global Leaders recently gathered in Nice, France to discuss recent data warehousing trends in their respective companies.  Read more here to learn about some of the best practices and success stories shared.   For more information about the Data Warehouse Global Leaders program, check out:[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 05, 2014

Keep Informed! March 2014 Database Insider Newsletter

This edition includes the following and much more!

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Get the Most Out of Your Week at the COLLABORATE 14 Conference

From April 7 to 11, Oracle technology users from around the world will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada, for COLLABORATE 14. Conference organizers offer tips for how attendees can plan their agenda to get the most out of their experience.
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Oracle Excellence Awards Honors Outstanding Data Warehouse Leaders and Database Administrators

Every year, Oracle customers and partners implement revolutionary solutions using Oracle technology. To honor such pioneering work, Oracle has conferred Oracle Excellence Awards on three data warehouse leaders and three database administrators who have demonstrated a particularly high degree of leadership and technical mastery.
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PCI Requirements Go into Effect Amid High-Profile Retail Data Breaches

Major breaches of retail customer data are making headlines just as the latest version of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards go into effect. Find out how Oracle's defense-in-depth strategy can help you protect sensitive data.
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Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

Oracle Academy's March Ask the Oracle Experts Series Webcast Features Andy Mendelsohn

Join us on March 12th for this educational webcast with Andy for Oracle Database insight.

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Friday Feb 28, 2014

Database as a Service Minnesota Style

This is a great story that's worth repeating of how the University of Minnesota began offering database as a service a few years ago as a way of providing database services to the University’s colleges, departments, and administrative offices.

In typical Minnesota style, the University of Minnesota was way out in front of the DBaaS trend. The school's database sprawl was becoming more difficult to maintain and manage with 215 databases running on 40 servers, and requiring the equivalent of four to five full-time DBAs to manage it all.

The University's IT team decided to consolidate and centralize databases on two Oracle Exadata Database Machines -one for production workloads and the other for testing and development, reducing the number of databases from 215 to 25, and servers from 40 to 8. 

As part of the consolidation initiative, the University began offering DBaaS to support their business applications on campus which included Oracle PeopleSoft for HR, financial management, administration-and Web sites. When new business needs arise at the University, they can satisfy the requirements almost immediately with database as a service, rather than go through a time consuming database acquisition and deployment process one project at a time.

As an early adoptor if DBaaS, the University is evaluating Oracle Database 12c as the potential next step with its multitenant architecture and pluggable databases, making it even easier to offer database services.

Join Andy Mendelsohn March 4th to Say Yes to NoSQL

Say Yes to NoSQL in the Enterprise

Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT

NoSQL databases are becoming part of the enterprise developer's big data toolkit. Join Andy Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President - Oracle Database Server Technologies, and Paul Sonderegger, Big Data Strategist - Oracle, to learn about the role of NoSQL in the enterprise, how it complements the relational database, and why you should be looking at Oracle NoSQL Database for your next project.

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Thursday Feb 27, 2014

Oracle Multitenant Infograhpic

Customers are just starting to realize the many benefits that Oracle Multitenant offers.  Take a look at the infographic below to see how Oracle Multitenant dramatically increases consolidation density while allowing for the management of many databases as one---all without having to make application changes.  

What's been your early experience with Oracle Multitenant? 


Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

CSX Corporation Upgrades Databases 2x Faster With Oracle Real Application Testing

Oracle Real Application Testing Helps Premier Transportation Company Streamline and Accelerate Upgrade of 400 Oracle Databases While Maintaining Business Continuity

  • To maintain business continuity, CSX Corporation, a premier transportation company, used Oracle Real Application Testing to upgrade its Oracle Database infrastructure.
  • With more than 400 databases supporting critical commercial, packaged and proprietary business applications, including payroll, dispatching, and a customer-facing order entry system, CSX wanted to take advantage of the enhanced functionality in Oracle Database while minimizing the business impact and downtime during the migration.
  • CSX turned to Oracle Real Application Testing to streamline the upgrade process and help ensure flawless execution.
  • With Oracle Real Application Testing, CSX completed the database upgrade in less than half the time required for the company's previous database upgrade that involved a database footprint that was 30 percent smaller.
  • Oracle Real Application Testing enabled CSX to fully assess the impact of infrastructure changes and fine tune queries in a test environment before deploying the change in production, reducing risk, avoiding disruption and rework, and accelerating the overall upgrade process.
  • CSX used Oracle Enterprise Manager to analyze performance data from Oracle Real Application Testing's SQL Performance Analyzer to evaluate the impact of both prepackaged and custom SQL workloads during the Oracle Database upgrades in its Oracle E-Business Suite environment. By capturing SQL workloads for different peak periods into SQL Tuning Sets, CSX was able to create a comprehensive library of SQL queries that can be used for validation of changes. CSX plans to use Oracle Real Application Testing on an ongoing basis to test changes in the new upgraded environment.
  • In addition, CSX has implemented Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to monitor and manage a combination of more than 500 Oracle Database and Oracle Real Application Clusters instances. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides centralized, standardized and reliable monitoring, which has allowed CSX to efficiently manage the growth in the number of servers and databases.
  • CSX is also using the Oracle Advanced Compression option of Oracle Database to enable 7x data compression rates, which has improved performance, reduced storage requirements by 21 percent, and stemmed storage growth by 19 percent. 

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