Thursday Mar 29, 2012

Do More, Spend Less, Speed Time to Market – All with Oracle Database Appliance.


Do More, Spend Less, Speed Time to Market –
All with Oracle Database Appliance.

Join Oracle for a first hand experience that will highlight how your business can lower TCO for hardware and software, do more with your existing personnel and resources, and get your products to market faster with Oracle Database Appliance.

Learn how you can take advantage of the world's most popular database – Oracle Database 11g – in a single solution that's affordable, provides automated installation, is easy to manage, and is supported end-to-end by Oracle. Oracle Database Appliance is the complete package: software, server, storage, and networking, all designed by Oracle to simplify your technology and let you get down to business.

Webcast Schedule

Wednesday, April 4
1:00pm Eastern
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Teleconference: 1-866-753-5684
Conference Code: 61908866
Passcode: oda
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Wednesday, April 11
1:00pm Eastern
Webcast Link
Teleconference: 1-866-753-5684
Conference Code: 61909590
Passcode: oda
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Wednesday, April 18
1:00pm Eastern
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Teleconference: 1-866-753-5684
Conference Code: 61910385
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Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

Tom Kyte Webcast on Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture Best Practices - Thursday, April 12 @ 10:00 AM PDT


Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM PDT

Update Your Knowledge with Oracle Expert Tom Kyte

Data is one of the most critical assets of any organization with many operations depending on having complete and accurate data available 24/7.

By implementing Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA), organizations can minimize the cost and risk associated with downtime. Oracle’s MAA best practices extend beyond Oracle Database to span a broad range of products, including Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance.

Join Oracle expert Tom Kyte for this Live Webcast to learn how to:

  • Protect your systems from planned and unplanned downtime
  • Achieve the highest quality of service at the lowest cost
  • Eliminate idle redundancy in the data center

Register today and ask Tom your questions around availability best practices.

Thursday Mar 15, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary to Oracle Learning Library

The Oracle Learning Library (OLL) is celebrating its first year anniversary this month. Throughout the first year, it's provided many things, including:

  • Almost 1,700 content items
  • Launched a mobile version, supporting iOS, Android, and Windows 7 devices

Here's what some of our customers have said about the content found on the OLL:

  • "Excellent : concise, short and extremely helpful."
  • "Excellent - A must for everyone"
  • "Very good material, easy to understand, nice flow."
  • "Wow this is my new favourite way to learn APIs!"
  • "Very well organized and informative. Well packed with facts, practical guidance, and concerns to be aware of. The liberal references to MOS notes is appreciated."
  • "This demo just lays out the basics of the architecture that the rest of the demos will use. Its great to see 4 servers, 2 pools, iSCSI and fibre channel storage - I can't build something like this myself, so this gives me an opportunity to 'look over someone else's shoulder'."

OLL content is comprised of learning materials addressing many Oracle products.  Please check it out as we enter year two!

Thursday Mar 08, 2012

March Oracle Database Events

Mar 21-22, 2012 – New York, NY

GigaOM Structure Data

Oracle is a proud sponsor of GigaOM’s Structure Data. This conference will explore the technical and business opportunities spurred by the growth of big data, including storage needs, data analysis and the uncovering of new revenue opportunities.


Getting Started with Big Data

The first step to unlocking the value of big data is to collect it. In this session we will examine the two technologies most commonly used to acquire big data - Hadoop Distributed File System and NoSQL databases - and discuss the use cases they each address.

Speakers:Ashok Joshi - Senior Director, Oracle

Mar 25-28, 2012 – Orlando, Florida

DRJ’s Spring World

Visit Oracle's Booth # to learn more about 'Maximizing Availability for Global Business Continuity'

Oracle, the Number #1 Database trusted by customers worldwide will demonstrate how Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture can help transform Business Continuity for enterprise data. Watch both demos and talk to Oracle Experts for a chance to win an iPad!

Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) Regional Events:

Mar 8, 2012- Rochester, NY

Real World Performance Tour

A full day of real world database performance with:

  • Tom Kyte, author of the ever popular AskTom Blog,
  • Andrew Holdsworth, head of Oracle's Real World Performance Team, and
  • Graham Wood, renowned Oracle Database performance architect.

Through discussion, debate and demos, they’ll show you how to master performance engineering topics like:

  • Best practices for designing hardware architectures and how to spot and fix bad design.
  • How to develop applications that deliver the fastest possible performance without sacrificing accuracy.
  • New for 2012! Updates on Enterprise Manager, Exadata, and what these technologies mean to your current systems.

Mar 14, 2012- New York, NY

New York Oracle Users Group

Topics include Exadata Demystified, 11g Upgrade Montivators and more

Mar 22, 2012 – Irving, TX

Dallas Oracle Users Group

Oracle Database Forum: RAC Internals, Node/instance management, evictions and more. Featuring Nitin Vengurlekar with Oracle.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

More Q&As Available from Oracle's Big Data Online Forum!

Online Forum. Big Data Essentials. Oracle Big Data.

Oracle Big Data Online Forum Replay and Q&As Now Available!

The Oracle Big Data Online Forum presentations are now available for on-demand replay and download. During the Forum, our experts fielded a lot of good questions.  Many were answered live, but they just couldn't get to all of them. 

You can now view the initial set of Q&A chat transcripts.

We've uploaded all the chat transcripts for your review.



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