Friday Oct 09, 2015

Focus on Oracle Database @ Oracle OpenWorld 2015

TIME is a precious business commodity.  Oracle OpenWorld 2015 is an opportunity of a lifetime for interacting with colleagues and product experts. Plan to get the most out of your TIME during OpenWorld.

  • Create a custom agenda for yourself or use one of the focused agendas we've created by topic area:

Friday Oct 02, 2015

Oracle Developer Advocate Video Series

The Oracle Developer Advocates team share their joy of SQL with Oracle Database Developers worldwide. 

The Magic of SQL Channel with Chris Saxon

Practically Perfect PL/SQL Channel with Steven Feuerstein

Simply Smarter SQL Channel with Connor McDonald

Add these video series to your YouTube playlist.  Sign up today and hone your SQL skills!

Friday Sep 25, 2015

Oracle Women Redefining Who's Who In Computer Science

Question:  What can three women with very different backgrounds from very different parts of the world all have in common?

Answer:  A passion for computer science (CS), and a talent for turning that passion into a successful, fulfilling career.

Check out how these women are redefining the female place in the Computer Science field at Oracle in the Forbes OracleVoice article:

These Women Are Redefining Who's Who In Computer Science

We applaud Penny Avril, a vice president for Oracle Database development, as one of those making a difference in the industry.

Friday Sep 18, 2015

Oracle Database at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Oracle OpenWorld Returns to San Francisco October 25–29, 2015

At Oracle OpenWorld, you’ll discover ways to optimize your database systems and solutions to help you take your business to the cloud. You’ll hear from Oracle experts and thought leaders sharing best practices aimed to make you successful at your job!

Oracle Executive Vice President Andy Mendelsohn Addresses Oracle OpenWorld Crowd

Here are a few sessions we'd like to invite you to add to your schedule!

General Session: Next-Generation Data Management Architecture (GEN6765)

October 26, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm |Marriott Marquis—Salon 7/8/9 (Yerba Buena Ballroom)
Oracle Executive Vice President Andy Mendelsohn provides wide-ranging insight into what’s new—and what’s coming—from the Oracle Database development team.

Optimizing SQL Performance and Maintainability - a Panel Discussion [CON8415]

October 26, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm | Moscone South—306
Don't miss your chance to pose SQL questions top this panel.  During the session cards will be provided, but the best chance of getting your questions in front of these experts is to post it in the SQL Experts blog as a blog comment.  The panel will try to cover as many questions as time allows.

General Session: Oracle Cloud Platform - Transform Your Tomorrow (GEN5878)

October 27, 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm | Moscone South—103
Steve Daheb, Oracle SVP, PaaS, BI, EPM Business Groups, discusses how Oracle Cloud Platform enables developers, IT professionals, and line-of-business users to innovate faster, improve time to market, and gain a competitive advantage.

Oracle Database In-Memory—What’s New and What’s Coming (CON8659)

October 27, 5:15 pm - 6:00 pm | Moscone South—103
Oracle Senior Vice President of Systems Technology Juan Loaiza explores how Oracle’s unique dual format architecture works and how the new in-memory functionality interacts with performance features such as Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Exadata, and much more. Plus, get a sneak peak at where Oracle Database In-Memory is going next.

Oracle Multitenant: Customer Panel (CON8358)

October 28, 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm | Moscone South—301
Attend this session to hear directly from Oracle customers about their successful Oracle Multitenant deployments.

HOL (Hands-on Lab) Sessions

Oracle Multitenant [HOL10485]

October 26, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 27, 10:15 am - 11:15 am | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 28, 10:15 am - 11:15 am | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 29, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
Build Mobile Applications with Oracle Application Express 5 [HOL10451]
October 26, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm | Hotel Nikko—Bay View

October 27, 8:45 am - 9:45 am | Hotel Nikko—Bay View

Upgrade, Migrate, and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c [HOL10438]

October 26, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 27, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 28, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 29, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate

Oracle Database In-Memory Option Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know [HOL10483]

October 26, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 27, 8:45 am - 9:45 am | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 28, 8:45 am - 9:45 am | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate
October 29, 9:30 am - 10:30 am | Hotel Nikko—Golden Gate

Access a complete list of  Sessions | Meet the Experts | Hands on Labs

* Please note that content is still being added. The content behind the above links will be updated continuously. 

Of course Product Managers and experts will be at the demogrounds all week long.  Please stop by - they WANT to talk with you to hear your Oracle Database experience for the Cloud.

Register now for Oracle OpenWorld 2015.

Friday Sep 11, 2015

Your Oracle Database in the Cloud

Database cloud computing - you get that, but how do you get your business operations to that point?

First things first. Figure out which service offering is best for your business. 

Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Database offerings that enable you to dial in the right level of service for your databases and applications in the cloud.

Database Schema Service

Database Schema Service provides a development environment for Oracle Application Express (APEX) and RESTful Web Services that can be provisioned in minutes and is ideal for departmental apps.

This single schema based service is fully managed by Oracle and offers a choice of 5, 20, and 50GB of database storage.

It includes APEX, which lets you quickly and easily develop rich applications using a web browser and an internet connection. You can also easily access and leverage data for applications outside of the Schema Service using RESTful Web Services.  

Database as a Service

Database as a Service offers a complete database instance, with pre-installed database software, running on a dedicated virtual machine. You get the full power of the Oracle Database in the cloud to support any type of application. The database can be provisioned in minutes and the service includes advanced cloud tooling to automate key administrative tasks, including one-click patching, upgrades, backup and point-in-time recovery.  It also allows full SQL*Net access and root OS and SYSDBA access for you to maintain full administrative control of your database. This service is available in a variety of categories ranging from the Standard Edition Service for smaller workloads to the Extreme Performance Service, which includes all Oracle Database 12c options to support enterprise application development and deployment. 

Exadata Service

The Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service delivers the world’s best Cloud Database Platform by combining the world’s #1 database with Exadata, the most powerful database platform, and adding all the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the public cloud.

This service offers a fully featured Oracle Database on Exadata with all Database Options, Enterprise Manager Packs and Exadata performance optimizations available.  This service is 100% compatible with on-premises Oracle Databases to ensure a smooth transition of your business-critical workload to the cloud.  Flexible pay-as-you-grow dedicated Exadata configurations allow you to start with Quarter Rack, Half Rack, or Full Rack, then scale as your business needs require. No overpaying for capacity that is not used.  Full administrative root OS and SYSDBA access is included. This puts you in full control of your database management.  The Exadata Service supports OLTP / analytic / mixed workload databases at any scale to enable consolidation, Test/Dev, proof-of-concept environments. This highly secured environment provides secured network access with customer databases running in separate VMs. With the Oracle Database Backup Service, backup & recovery for Exadata is made simple and very cost effective. Oracle does all the heavy lifting of the infrastructure lifecycle management for the server, storage, network so you can focus on growing your business.

No matter which Oracle Database Cloud service you choose, the database runs exactly the same as it does on-premises - no changes period - you can use the same features and management tools for complete, transparent hybrid cloud support.

Once you understand which service works for you, the next steps of consolidation and management to accelerate analytical performance while achieving new levels of efficiency, security, and availability will be clearer.  Start your journey to the cloud with the Oracle Database Cloud service offering that best fits your business.

Friday Sep 04, 2015

Coming in September Virtual Technology - Oracle Database Cloud Services

The Oracle Technology Network invites you to register for the new Virtual Technology Summits.

Hear from Oracle ACEs and Oracle Product Experts, as they share their insights and expertise through Hands-on-Labs, highly technical presentations and demos that enable you to master the skills you need to meet today’s IT challenges.

This interactive, online event offers a database track, Develop, Deploy and Manage Database Applications in the Oracle Cloud, with a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, best practices and tips:

Developing, Deploying and Managing Applications in the Oracle Cloud

An overview of the Oracle PaaS announcement and resources you need to get your cloud strategy in play.

Using Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle REST Data Services to enable the Oracle Cloud

This session presents the latest capabilities in Oracle's popular SQL Developer and ORDS tools for database application development and deployment in the cloud.  See how to clone and migrate data between Oracle cloud and on-premise implementations and other powerful techniques for developing applications for the cloud, in the cloud.

Developing APEX 5.0 Applications in the Oracle Cloud

This session will walk through the capabilities for rapidly building and deploying responsive web applications using APEX 5.0 in the Oracle Database Cloud Services

DBaaS in a Private Cloud and Public Cloud with EM12c

This session provides an overview of Oracle Database Cloud Services and the management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. See how to manage Oracle cloud deployment, provisioning, security and application access and monitoring.

It’s all about the Cloud!

Oracle has delivered the most comprehensive and powerful platform for deploying cloud-based applications and services. Join us to see what Oracle offers an in-depth overview of the Oracle Database Cloud Services and the enabling technologies for developing, deploying and managing applications in the Oracle Cloud. 

Tuesday Aug 11, 2015

Oracle Database In-Memory Ease of Use and Instant Analytics Empowers SAP Customers

Oracle recently announced that Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database In-Memory were now certified and supported by SAP for use with SAP Solutions. Our ongoing collaboration with SAP ensures the latest Oracle Database technology is always available to our joint customers.

The common need for instant analytics is pervasive, whether it’s a business running SAP applications with SAP BusinessObjects or an individual user searching for available tee times or hotel rooms. When we press the <ENTER> or <Search> key, we expect information instantly. With Oracle Database In-Memory, both IT and their end users can access analytics instantly. Below are two use cases illustrating how customers benefit from the speed and ease of adoption of Oracle Database In-Memory

Engineered for Ease of Adoption:

Oracle Database In-Memory is designed with ease of adoption in mind. No application changes or migration of data is required.

Swiss insurance leader, Die Mobiliar, chose the Oracle Database to be the strategic database after a series of mergers and acquisition. Important in the database decision were the impressive performance improvements that Oracle Database In-Memory offered to existing applications and the fact that no changes or fine-tuning were required to achieve these performance benefits. For example, one report that was running in 200 to 300 seconds now runs in just 1 second. The enabler for this is Oracle Database In-Memory’s unique dual-format architecture that allows for fast analytics together with high-performance OLTP. Data is processed at a rate of billions of rows per second rather than millions and allows analytics to run directly in OLTP databases to help provide reports in seconds rather than the traditional days or week’s manual efforts. Read more about Die Mobiliar use of Oracle Database In-Memory.

Designed for Speed & Cost Savings:

Shanghai Customs is a government agency for the General Administration of Customs in China. It oversees the surveillance and control of imports and exports through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SHFTZ). Shanghai Customs experienced rapid growth in SHFTZ’s customs activities due to the significant increase in re-export and off-shore trade and the expansion of customs duties and business rules. In response, they have used Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Database In-Memory, and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database to build a new customs-surveillance and control-information platform that ensures efficient logistics operations and supports future trade growth.

Oracle Database In-Memory’s dual-format architecture enables customers to automatically route OLTP transactions to the traditional row format and OLAP queries to Oracle’s new in-memory column format, expanding memory capacity and improving query performance. This approach helps to eliminate the need to copy analytical data out of the OLTP environment into a data warehouse thereby reducing system complexity and storage costs.

Oracle Times-Ten In-Memory Database further adds to speed and cost savings. By storing transactional and analytical data in Oracle Database 12c and managing this data with Oracle Database In-Memory and Oracle Times-Ten In-Memory Database in the application tier, customers can gain microsecond response times to accelerate data processing and achieve microseconds response times. Read more to see how Shanghai Customs Processes Clearance 43x Faster, Improves Declaration-Services Efficiency and Reduces Costs with Oracle In-Memory Database.

Stay tuned for more examples of customer use cases for Database In-Memory.

Thursday Jul 30, 2015

DX Marketing Selects Oracle Cloud as the Foundation for its Data-Driven Marketing Platform

Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Marketing Cloud help firm reduce time to market by up to 70 percent.

DX Marketing

To build a new environment for its direct marketing solutions in a limited time frame while maximizing ROI for its customers, DX Marketing, one of the country’s most comprehensive data-driven marketing firms, has selected Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Marketing Cloud Service.

Read the release for full details.

Thursday Jul 23, 2015

Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database In-Memory Certified and Supported by SAP for use with SAP Solutions

Oracle and SAP continue to collaborate to help ensure the latest Oracle Database technologies are available for use by customers using SAP applications.

Oracle announced Oracle Database In-Memory has been certified by SAP for use with SAP® solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver® 7.x technology platform. Customers can use SAP applications together with Oracle Database In-Memory to perform real-time data analytics together with real-time transaction processing on their existing applications, by adding SAP tables into the in-memory column store. This continues the longstanding collaboration between Oracle and SAP to meet the demand from customers to run SAP software together with Oracle technologies. Earlier this year, SAP certified Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2, and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X5-2 for use with SAP solutions.

Read the news release

Wednesday Jul 15, 2015

Regsiter to attend Oracle Database 12c Customer Forum with Epsilon - July 30th

Join me for an Oracle Database 12c Customer Reference Forum on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time to hear Monish Sharma D.Sc., VP of Technology at Epsilon talk about extending innovative solutions across their private database cloud environment by upgrading to Oracle Database 12c.

You'll learn about the solutions they made possible with an upgrade to Oracle Database 12c that helped streamline their IT processes to improve performance and operational efficiency. I'll begin with a brief interview about their Oracle environment and solution with plenty of time for customer questions from our live audience. Please register to attend this 30 minute customer forum today. 

Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

Oracle Database Cloud - Exadata Service

 Exadata Performance.  Cloud Simplicity.

The Oracle Database Cloud - Exadata Service (Exadata Service) delivers the world’s best Cloud Database Platform by combining the world’s #1 database with Exadata, the most powerful database platform, and adding all the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the public cloud.

Customers can now run Oracle databases in the cloud with the same extreme performance and availability experienced by thousands of organizations deploying Exadata on-premises. Oracle databases deployed in the cloud as part of this service include all Oracle Database options and are 100% compatible with those deployed on-premises, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud, and an efficient hybrid cloud strategy.

Exadata Service

  • Enables fully featured Oracle Databases ( or on Exadata – all Database Options, Enterprise Manager Packs and Exadata performance optimizations available
  • Full compatibility with on-premises Oracle Databases
  • Choose Quarter Rack, Half Rack, or Full Rack, then scale elastically
  • Full administrative root OS and SYSDBA access for you to manage your database
  • Supports OLTP / analytic / mixed workload databases at any scale
  • Enables consolidation, Test/Dev, proof-of-concept, certification, etc.
  • Secured network access; customer databases run in separate VM
  • Backup & recovery to Exadata or Oracle Database Backup Service
  • Server, storage, networking infrastructure managed by Oracle

Learn More

Oracle Database Cloud - Exadata Service Rapid Provisioning  Demo

Data Sheet: Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata Service

Free Trial:  Oracle Database Cloud - Exadata Service

Friday Jun 12, 2015

June 22: Live Webcast – Larry Ellison Unveils New Oracle Cloud Platform Services

Register to watch live as Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle, unveils new Oracle Cloud Platform services.

PaaS Launch

Discover how you can drive innovation with the leading enterprise Cloud platform:

  • Integrate with next-generation Cloud services.
  • Accelerate application development and deployment.
  • Lead the transformation of your business.

Thursday Jun 04, 2015

Learn How DBaaS Benefits Organizations

Want to improve quality of service?

Watch this on-demand Understanding & Implementing Database as a Service webcast to understand how your organization can benefit!


Monday May 11, 2015

Oracle Public Cloud Webinar Series

Wondering how you are going to transform you IT environment with a database cloud to maximize the benefits of the shared database infrastructure as well as simplified and centralized database management?

Oracle University has an upcoming series of webinars highlighting the most important use cases for running databases and applications in the Oracle Public Cloud. Mark you calendar to join live or watch them later on-demand.

  • June 3, 2015 11am PT: Using Oracle Public Cloud to Host Your Application
  • June 17, 2015 11am PT: Quickly Deploy Your Test/Dev in the Oracle Public Cloud
  • July 1, 2015 10am PT: Backing up your database to the Oracle Public Cloud
  • July 15, 2015 10am PT: Evaluating new Oracle Database 12c Features using the Oracle Public Cloud

To Register, click on the Live Webinars link on Oracle University's Oracle Database Learning Stream site.

Thursday May 07, 2015

Why customers choose Oracle Cloud solutions for PaaS

On April 29th, Oracle Senior Vice President Shawn Price moderated a panel discussion where customers described their experience with Oracle Cloud solutions for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The PaaS customer panel included seven global customers from a variety of industries that described use cases for extending SaaS with PaaS, easily moving development and test environments to the cloud, and how to leverage the Internet of Things (IOT) with Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Many described their move to the cloud as the main driver to innovate faster to meet business demands with shrinking IT budgets.

Watch the PaaS Customer Panel to learn how JDSU, mFrontiers, Valdosta State University, Austrialian Financial Group, NetCompany, Surdell and Partners, and Knextech use Oracle Cloud Solutions for PaaS to combine agility, innovation and availability in the cloud.


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