Friday Feb 05, 2016

Identifying Use Cases for Accelerating Apps with Oracle Database In-Memory

Wondering when to use Oracle Database 12c In-Memory?

This white paper identifies use cases for accelerating applications, and explains the scenarios under which Oracle Database In-Memory provides a performance benefit.

Following are just some of the scenarios discussed to determine whether your use case is a good match for this exciting new technology!

  • Improve the performance of analytics and reporting on data warehouse data.
  • Real-time reporting against the base OLTP data.
  • Enables analytic index maintenance to improve overall application performance.
  • Provides a benefit to queries of various properties.

Friday Jan 29, 2016

[video] IDEXX talks about the benefits of Oracle Management Cloud

IDEXX Laboratories, a global leader in diagnostics and IT solutions for animal health and water and dairy testing, discusses how Oracle Management Cloud enables them to easily extract relevant information to diagnose issues across multiple tiers.

In this video, IDEXX talks about the need for building applications faster and getting them up and running with minimum resources. Like most companies, they experience performance problems and outages. Moving to the cloud, they have other unknown factors that make it even harder to resolve such issues.  Oracle Management Cloud provides IDEXX a light-touch solution for addressing performance issues, troubleshooting problems and long term resource planning and they don’t have to make any changes in their environment to take advantage of it.

Friday Jan 22, 2016

Development Community Drives Database Cloud-Based Projects

Oracle developers and DBAs are the foundation of the user community.  This OracleVoice article illustrates ways the developer community can help your projects and your career.

Check out the Oracle Ace program - its a good way to participate in the community.

Friday Jan 15, 2016

Database Advocates: Blogs to Watch and New Year’s Resolutions to Ponder

Oracle Database is fortunate to have strong advocates and bright leaders who give generously of their time and expertise to support developers and business users alike through a wide variety of events, channels, and publications. As we ring in 2016, we’re happy to offer thoughts and resolutions from some of the community’s leading technologists, and we’re pleased to introduce some new blogs so you can follow these experts regularly.

See what's in store for our advocates for 2016!

Friday Jan 08, 2016

Oracle Magazine: The Undisputed Database Champ

Recent benchmarks show that Oracle Database In-Memory 12c outperforms SAP’s HANA in-memory database.

SAP responded to the BW EML benchmark results that Oracle published by spreading what Oracle would characterize as fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Oracle’s database technology.

Read the myths and facts about why Oracle challenges SAP on in-memory database claims.

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

Oracle Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehouse, Q4 2015

Oracle was cited as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehouse, Q4 2015. The findings say: “Oracle’s mature EDW solution focuses on cloud, real-time, and big data. Oracle’s dominant position in the database market, growing support for data management appliances, and end-to-end data integration platform give it a competitive advantage.” The research evaluated 10 of the most significant enterprise data warehouse vendors across 31 criteria.

Oracle is honored and inspired by this ranking as a leader. Oracle believes that Forrester’s recognition further affirms that our technology is delivering the right solutions to address customers’ business requirements. We also believe it reflects that our data warehouse, In-Memory and Big Data solutions are delivering industry-driving innovations that are helping to transform IT.

With a proven track record spanning almost four decades, Oracle has been delivering data management solutions and providing continuous innovations that power hundreds of thousands of enterprises in the world. Database is in Oracle’s DNA and data warehousing is one of the core technology areas where we’ve driven many innovations over the years. These innovations integrate and extend our data management offerings both on-premises and in the cloud. Oracle recognizes that a secured, scalable data warehouse is the foundation for Big Data and Big Data will continue to drive demands on IT to provide more agile warehousing solutions.

Recently at Oracle OpenWorld, we announced the Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data. We’ve also extended the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to the cloud. Customers can now migrate their data warehouse or production OLTP workloads to the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service. For many of our customers, the Exadata Cloud Service can also be used as a test/dev platform to validate their Oracle Database 11g migration or business applications. The service can be provisioned and available for use in nearly minutes, with all the Oracle Database options included.

With Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Database In-Memory delivers nearly instant analytics for real-time business decisions. This unique dual-format database architecture supports both OLTP and EDW workloads to enable the processing of analytics much faster than traditional database queries. Most recently, we also integrated the same Oracle Database In-Memory technology into Oracle’s new SPARC M7 chip to deliver real time analytics and transaction processing.

Oracle’s comprehensive solution set for data management, Data Warehouse and Big Data spans on-premises and cloud. We are helping customers transform their IT strategy to embrace the benefits of cloud and we are inspired to continue to deliver innovations that help simplify this evolution.

Friday Dec 11, 2015

Oracle Database Cloud Service Trial Available

Your Oracle Database in the Cloud.

Consolidate and manage databases as cloud services and accelerate analytical performance while achieving new levels of efficiency, security, and availability. Take a trial to test the features of Oracle Database 12c, quickly spin-up development and test environments, or simply to expand your technical knowledge!

Try the Oracle Database Cloud Service free 30 day trial today!

Friday Dec 04, 2015

Oracle Database: Oracle's DNA

Check out the cover story for the November/December 2015 issue of Oracle Magazine digital. 

The cover art is awesome but the story about Oracle Database, aka "Oracle" to those old-timers explains how Oracle Database is powering date-driven cloud implementations.

    Cloud <---> On-Premises
    Security by Default
    Updated and Portable

All reasons to find out more about Oracle Database Cloud Services.

Friday Nov 27, 2015

Oracle Database Cloud: The World's #1 Database in the Cloud

Combine the power and flexibility of the World's #1 Database with the Cloud?

With Oracle Database Cloud Service, you can!

Watch this short video to discover the benefits and start your journey today!

Friday Nov 20, 2015

Database Cloud Channel

Learn how to integrate existing IT with Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) with next-generation cloud learning subscriptions.

Database Cloud Channel provides complete learning subscription for Database Administrators. The Database Cloud learning subscription includes content for the Platform as a Service Database Cloud.  By subscribing to this channel you'll be able to Get Started on your cloud journey, become proficient in administrative tasks, learn how to keep it all secure as well as optimize performance.

Subscribe today and let Oracle University experts guide you on this path.  The content is exclusively digital and updated with new release information.

Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

Database In-Memory OOW Recap

Oracle Openworld 2015 was an amazing conference this year and in particular for Database In-Memory. Many thanks again to our customers and partners for their participation and contributions to make this event a success. There were many sessions with lots of great technical content and insightful discussions from customer forums as well as presentations.

A highlight of Oracle Database In-Memory customers presentations and their experiences of using In-Memory. You can find details from their sessions below:

The Customer Panel session includes speakers from AVNET, CERN, Cisco, Lockheed Martin.  Learn about their benchmarks and deployment experiences

Check out this presentation to hear how General Mills was able to drastically shortened development cycle with minimal performance tuning needed and minimal indexing required. Learn more about their experiences with Database In-Memory on Oracle Exadata after they migrated to Oracle Database 12c.

Timely analytics is a challenge for many enterprises that need instant analysis to shape business decisions. Swiss Mobiliar shares their own benchmarks as they evaluated database in-memory technologies and how they are able to gain timely analytics on OLTP data with Oracle Database In-Memory.

In this presentation, AT&T WiFi shares their evaluation and benefits with over 100X improvement on SLA for SAP Business Objects reports - reports that took 20 minutes now available in 10 seconds.

For a view of what’s new and in depth drill down of Oracle Database In-Memory, check out the presentations from the product team:

Friday Nov 13, 2015

Oracle Announces Beta Availability of Oracle Database 12c Release 2

More Agility and Scalability for Cloud Deployments

Release 2 beta announcement brings customers to the next stage of database development.

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 further simplifies the journey to the cloud and provides efficient delivery of database services, with greater consolidation density and more administrative agility at cloud scale. Focus areas that are planned for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 include:

  • Improved Agility and Capacity with Enhancements to Oracle Multitenant: Planned enhancements include online movement of pluggable databases between servers, data centers and the Oracle Cloud.
  • Refinements to Oracle Database In-Memory: Features to boost performance, automate management, and provide flexibility in deployment options are planned.
  • Enhanced Support for Big Data Analytics: In addition to enhancements to Database In-Memory, plans include spatial performance improvements and improved support for graph analytics.
  • Hundreds of other new features: Drivers for all the key programming languages and frameworks have been enhanced. The release includes improvements to all the other main areas of customer interest including security, high availability, scalability, performance, and manageability.

Read the full story

Friday Nov 06, 2015

Oracle's Ellison & Mendelsohn: Oracle Database 12c Is the Foundation for the Cloud

Oracle Executives weigh in on cloud solutions.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison: Oracle's Strategy to Provide Cloud Choices

Oracle has more cloud application, platform, and infrastructure services than any other cloud provider—it has the only truly integrated cloud stack. During his Oracle OpenWorld 2015 opening keynote, Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison announced a broad set of new products, and emphasized Oracle’s cloud design goals and the superiority of a standards-based platform to deliver choices.
Read More

Andy Mendelsohn

Oracle Database 12c Is Becoming the Foundation for the Cloud

At Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Oracle Executive Vice President, Database Server Technologies Andy Mendelsohn discussed how Oracle Database 12c and its next-generation architecture are helping customers on their journey to the cloud.
Read More

Friday Oct 30, 2015

Another Oracle OpenWorld in the Books!

What a week!  As they sweep up the streets of San Francisco, it's time to reflect on Oracle OpenWorld 2015 with some of our favorite memories.

We LITERALLY painted San Francisco RED

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Beta Availability Announced

Learn more about the significance of the release in this article Oracle Database 12c is the Foundation for Cloud Computing

Expanded Database Cloud Portfolio with Unprecedented Enterprise-Class Capabilities

  • Platform for Mission-Critical Applications
  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Development and Test Services

We now have the industry’s most comprehensive set of services for Oracle Databases in the Cloud

Larry Ellison Demoing PDB Relocate as part of the SQL in Silicon Solution of the SPARC M7 announcement

We are proud of the demo team!


Lots of brain power in these full sessions.  Be sure to register early next year to secure your seat.,,  demogrounds

The DEVVY Announcements at the YesSQL Celebration

The inaugural Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards were announced.  We celebrate with the community these individuals technical expertise, contribution and enthusiasm in the Oracle Database community!

Our FAVORITE Oracle OpenWorld Moment?  Meeting with ALL our Customers!

Listening and learning what you need, what you are doing, and how successful and awesome you all are!

Safe travels home and we'll see you soon!

Friday Oct 23, 2015

Database Hands On Labs @ Oracle OpenWorld

Attend the hands-on labs. 
Work with product experts.
Hands-on-Labs are a unique experience offered at Oracle OpenWorld.

It's your chance to spend the day learning the exciting capabilities of Oracle Database 12c and its functionality with one-on-one tutorials from the product experts.

Click the links below for full descriptions and days the HOLs are available.

Register to secure your seat today!



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