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  • May 1, 2019

The Wait Is Over

Patrick Wheeler
Senior Director, Product Management

Those orderly folk who waited for the official start of the Land Rush of 1889 poured into the Unassigned Lands (what is now the Great State of Oklahoma) and found that they'd been beaten to some of the choicest territory by the Sooners, who'd jumped the gun. Thus it may seem to those orderly, methodical customers who have been patiently biding their time on 11g, waiting for the next long-term-support release of Oracle Database. For you folk, the wait is over! Oracle Database 19c (19.3) is now available for download on OTN (Technical Resources) and e-delivery for Linux and Solaris, with additional platforms to follow shortly.

For you orderly folk, it might be reassuring to know that your wagons are rolling down some well-rutted trails. Now it's your turn to find out what the Database Sooners have been reveling in for all these years, through releases 12.1, 12.2 & 18c. Much of the excitement has been about Oracle Multitenant. What's that about? The headlines can be found in Multitenant: At a Glance, a two-minute video. 

Multitenant savings are like getting a tax refund - a nice big fat one. Take it to the bank or spend (some of) it, wisely. By that of course I mean on Autonomous Database. (Or, perhaps, on a self-driving car - and there are some remarkable similarities! Yes, Multitenant is the fundamental architecture for Autonomous Database, but that's a story for another day.) Like a tax refund, after the fun part of counting all the savings, you might be curious about the sources of those savings. I put this series of videos together to help explain Multitenant's Seven Sources of Savings. I hope that you find these helpful. If you like cars, at least you can enjoy the soundtrack!

Multitenant: Time to take it for a test drive!

Multitenant vs VMs: The Test Drive



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