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Schema Wars Trilogy

'Rouge One' doesn't hold a candle to Schema Wars!

On the distant planet of Datos Prime -  the people of Relopolis are being crushed under the boot heel of constrictive policies.

Our heroine Sequella - the best builder in all of Relopolis, needs to build an Application to cure her brother Ply's illness. But this requires changes to The Database.

The Database is administered by Master DBA - who rules all of Relopolis with an Iron Fist.
There is NO disorder in The Database!

Sequella's changes are rejected by the overbearing Master DBA.

She calls in Jason, leader of The Underground, to help her. Will he be able to find a way to assist her?   

Find out what happens when doc DBs and RDBMSers are transported to the future!

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Follow Schema Wars - the Trilolgy to find out the exciting conclusion!

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