Property Graphs in SQL Developer release 23.1

April 20, 2023 | 2 minute read
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The Property Graph feature of Oracle Database offers powerful graph support to explore and discover complex relationships in data.

Oracle Database 23c Free - Developer Release is the first release of the next-generation Oracle Database, allowing developers a head-start on building applications with innovative 23c features that simplify the development of modern data-driven apps.   The entire feature set of Oracle Database 23c is planned to be generally available within the next 12 months.

Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release includes support for using SQL to create and query property graphs, implementing the property graph specification in the SQL:2023 standard.   You can now work with property graphs in SQL using any SQL worksheet in SQL Developer.

SQL Developer 23.1 includes the ability to list SQL property graphs in your database, just like you list tables and views:

SQL Developer showing the menu option on the left where you can list the SQL property graphs in your database.

Listing SQL property graphs and creating a property graph using SQL


You can use the sample data and SQL on github to create a graph and run queries in SQL Developer when connected to Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release.    Just load the data, run the sample CREATE PROPERTY GRAPH statement, and start running graph queries in SQL!


Using PGQL with Oracle SQL Developer

If you are a developer using the Property Graph Query Language (PGQL), SQL Developer 22.2 introduced a PGQL worksheet to run PGQL queries on Property Graph Views (PGQL property graphs).   This worksheet been enhanced in SQL Developer 23.1.   

PGQL can be used to create and query graphs in Oracle Database 12.2 and later.

SQL Developer showing how a PGQL worksheet can be opened with the menu on the left.

Open a PGQL worksheet to run PGQL queries


SQL Developer showing an example of listing PGQL property graphs in your database.

Listing PGQL property graphs


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Melliyal Annamalai

Melli Annamalai is a distinguished product manager at Oracle.  Starting from her career as a developer, she has extensive experience in working with different types of data in the database, including multimedia data, data in Apache Hadoop platforms, streaming data, property graphs, and RDF knowledge graphs.  Her current focus area is graph database and analytics, in particular on ways to make it easy for developers to use graphs in any application.

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