Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 21.3

March 2, 2022 | 3 minute read
Ricardo Gonzalez
Product Manager
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Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 21.3

Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) 21.3 is available for download! ZDM is Oracle’s premier solution for moving Oracle Database workloads to Oracle Cloud, supporting various Oracle Database versions as the source and most Oracle Cloud Database Services as targets. Zero Downtime Migration 21.3 enhances the existing functionality by adding online cross-platform migration, Standby Databases as a source, Data Guard Broker Integration, and many more features!

New in Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 21.3


What’s New in Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 21.3

Physical Online Migration Standby Database Support

ZDM 21.3 enhances the Physical Online migration workflow, introducing Standby Database support, thus minimizing any impact on primary databases. ZDM will leverage the standby Database to instantiate the target Cloud Database via a Restore from Service mechanism. The rest of the migration workflow will continue leveraging Oracle Data Guard using the original Primary Databases On-Premises for synchronization and switchover purposes.


Oracle Data Guard Broker Support for Physical Online Migration

Oracle ZDM Physical Online Migration workflow includes now Data Guard Broker support. You will directly benefit from ZDM orchestration and the Data Guard Broker’s automation, complementing the Database switchover process. Oracle’s Data Guard Broker usage is fully customizable and adjusted on a case-by-case scenario.   


Migration Enhancements from Amazon Web Services Oracle RDS Sources

Support for Source Oracle Databases in Amazon Web Services (AWS) RDS ADB) has expanded. You can now use ZDM Logical Online Migration with Data Pump and GoldenGate, migrate to new targets like DBCS and Exadata Cloud Services, and you can now leverage Oracle’s Pre-Migration Advisor (CPAT).


Online Migration from Solaris & AIX based Source Databases

ZDM 21.3 enhances support for cross-platform cloud migration for source Oracle Databases hosted on Oracle Solaris or IBM AIX operating systems. You can now leverage the logical online workflow and Oracle Autonomous Database and Co-managed Cloud Oracle Databases as targets.

Logical Online Migration to Exadata On-Premises

Oracle ZDM Logical Online workflow with Data Pump and GoldenGate can now be leveraged to migrate to On-Premises Exadata Targets. This methodology provides a platform for in-flight upgrades, hardware refresh, and cross-platform migration. Usage of Oracle GoldenGate in this workflow requires an On-Premises GoldenGate Hub with a customer-provided GoldenGate license.

Logical Migration Job Suspension and Update Enhancements

ZDM’s logical workflow now includes the possibility to pause a job in-flight with the zdmcli -suspend job command. Furthermore, you can now update an Oracle GoldenGate Extract or Replicat configuration while the ZDM job runs.


Logical Migration Enhancements

You can now specify multiple schemas, and ZDM will perform the migration in parallel; different or all schemas of the same Database can be selected simultaneously. In addition, Zero Downtime Migration 21.3 introduces the capability to auto-retry specific Data Pump jobs in case of failure. Previously, in the case of Data Pump failure, the migration would fail altogether.


Customization Enhancements and other Fixes

ZDM now registers with the Source Database feature usage tracking API. You can directly query the Source Database to track all features, including ZDM, utilized during the migration.
Before release 21.3, ZDM required the Target Database in Exadata Cloud@Customer migrations to be registered with the OCI Database Service, prompting API calls to OCI. You can now perform Logical Migration to ExaC@C without OCI rest API OCID calls.


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Ricardo Gonzalez

Product Manager

Product Manager for Oracle Database Cloud Migration and Oracle ACFS.

Ricardo holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and a Master in Business Administration, focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Ricardo is passionate about technology, education, photography, music and cooking. He loves languages and engaging with people from over the world. He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and is currently learning Japanese (and somewhere hidden in his head there is a bit of French).

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