Oracle Revolutionizes Cloud with the World’s First Self-Driving Database

November 7, 2017 | 4 minute read
Edgar Haren
Principal Product Marketing Director
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At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Chairman of the Board and CTO Larry Ellison unveiled his vision for the world’s first autonomous database cloud. Powered by Oracle Database 18c, the next generation of the industry-leading database, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud uses ground-breaking machine learning to enable automation that eliminates human labor, human error, and manual tuning to enable unprecedented availability, high performance, and security at much lower cost.

The new autonomous database was designed on a set of key tenets:

  • Self-Driving: Provides continuous adaptive performance tuning based on machine learning.  Automatically upgrades and patches itself while running.  Automatically applies security updates while running to protect against cyberattacks.
  • Self-Scaling: Instantly resizes compute and storage without downtime. Cost savings are multiplied because Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud consumes less compute and storage than Amazon, with lower manual administration costs.
  • Self-Diagnosis: Automatically diagnoses root cause of performance issues, while keeping detailed performance and resource utilization history.  Real-time SQL monitoring automatically diagnoses how resources are used in SQL statements.  Scans for issues across all layers of stack using key diagnostic tools.  Oracle Engineering using Machine Learning to prevent issues from happening.
  • Self-Repairing: Provides automated protection from downtime. SLA guarantees 99.995 percent reliability and availability, which reduces costly planned and unplanned downtime to less than 30 minutes a year.
  • Self-Migration and Data Loading: Automated migration and data loading to the cloud using the tools below.  Database directly reads and loads flat file data from object store.
    • Backup to Cloud
    • Data Pump Export
    • Data Guard Standby
    • Golden Gate
  • Self-Backup: Backups are scheduled on nightly basis to Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service.  Retention Time for backups is configurable.

The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud will be available for many different workload styles, including transactions, mixed workloads, data warehouses, graph analytics, departmental applications, document stores, and IoT workloads.  With built-in automation at all levels to perform maintenance tasks, companies can now use their valuable IT resources to focus on extracting more value from the data they currently manage to directly influence business opportunities and outcomes.

In addition, Oracle also announced its latest data management cloud offering, the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.  Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is a next-generation cloud service built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology using machine learning to deliver unprecedented performance, reliability, and ease of deployment for data warehouses. As an autonomous cloud service, it eliminates error-prone manual management tasks and frees up DBA resources, which can now be applied to implementing more business projects.

Highlights of the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud include:

•     Simplicity: Unlike traditional cloud services with complex, manual configurations that require a database expert to specify data distribution keys and sort keys, build indexes, reorganize data, or adjust compression, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is a simple “load and go” service. Users specify tables, load data, and then run their workloads in a matter of seconds – no manual tuning is needed.

•     Industry-Leading Performance: Unlike traditional cloud services, which use generic compute shapes for database cloud services, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is built on the high-performance Exadata platform. Performance is further enhanced by fully-integrated machine learning algorithms which drive automatic caching, adaptive indexing, and advanced compression.

•     Instant Elasticity: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud allocates new data warehouses of any size in seconds and scales compute and storage resources independently of one another with no downtime. Elasticity enables customers to pay for exactly the resources that the database workloads require as they grow and shrink.

Many customers are proving the value of data warehouses in the cloud through “sandbox” environments, line of-business data marts, and database backups.  More advanced monetization use cases include high-performance data management projects, data warehouses coupled with cloud computing analytics, and big data cloud implementation.  Oracle’s revolutionary Autonomous Database for Data Warehouse cloud service is the industry’s first solution for delivering business insights with unmatched reliability.

Oracle is the market leader for data warehousing solutions.  Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service for Data Warehouse makes available a highly scalable solution to customers with the ease, simplicity, high-performance and security, value that only Oracle can deliver.  With Oracle, customers have deployment choice, and can preserve their existing investment while enabling new monetary opportunities for their most valuable asset -their data.

For more information please take a look at resources below, and also be sure to take a test drive on any of Oracle’s cloud services with free cloud-credits here.



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Edgar Haren

Principal Product Marketing Director

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