Oracle delivers multicloud success and offers an on-demand webcast series

March 17, 2022 | 2 minute read
Sandra Cheevers
Director of Product Marketing
Akshai Parthasarathy
Director of Product Marketing
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According to IDC, 70% of organizations globally are using muticloud architectures. A multicloud strategy provides organizations the freedom to place their workloads across multiple cloud plaftorms, taking advantage of the best services each one offers. Capabilities like Autonomous Database are only available on Oracle Cloud Infratructure (OCI), and a multicloud architecture can let organizations using other cloud providers take advantage of the performance, automation and cost advantages it offers. In addition, this architecture enables high availability and disaster recovery resilience across clouds to safeguard against outages of a single cloud provider. 

Customers such as Integra LifeSciences, TIM Brasil, Murad, and Mestec have used OCI for its superior economics and consistent, high-performance infrastructure. The Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect provides a low-latency connection between two leading cloud vendors that offers cost-effective and high-throughput networking. They can also utilize FastConnect solutions from Oracle and connectivity solutions from Equinix and Megaport, among other partners. 

Figure 1: OCI’s global presence and Azure Interconnect capability


Deliver Multicloud Success: An On-Demand Series includes webcasts that walk through the challenges and benefits of using OCI, Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Google Cloud investments for cost savings, performance benefits, and faster time to insights. Each episode showcases a comprehensive set of multicloud solutions in the form of specialized deployments, database services, extensive monitoring capabilities, and strategic partnerships to fit an organization's needs.   

These webcasts showcase various customer stories and use cases with guest speakers from Cognizant, Integra Life Sciences, Accenture, Say Partners, and more. Published episodes in the series include:

The webcasts are available on the showcase page for Deliver Multicloud Deployment Success, with more to be added soon. Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Database, and Oracle’s multicloud capabilities using the following resources:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Database

OCI’s Complete Support for Multicloud Strategies

Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect

Sandra Cheevers

Director of Product Marketing

Sandra Cheevers is Senior Director for Cloud Product Marketing at Oracle, and has worked in various positions in Customer Support, Customer Education, Product Management and most recently, Cloud Product Marketing.  She is a frequent contributor and speaker at Oracle events and industry conferences worldwide, presenting Oracle’s overall cloud strategy to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Akshai Parthasarathy

Director of Product Marketing

Akshai is a Director of Product Marketing for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) focused on driving adoption of OCI’s services and solutions. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech. When not working, he enjoys keeping up with the latest in technology and business.

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