Oracle DatabaseWorld at CloudWorld 2023

July 12, 2023 | 2 minute read
Gerald Venzl
Senior Director
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We’re excited to announce Oracle DatabaseWorld at CloudWorld, a conference experience highlighting our database community and showcasing the many learning and networking opportunities available to every data enthusiast.


At DatabaseWorld, you can learn how to get the most value out of your data while reducing the complexities of developing modern data-driven applications. We’ll put a spotlight on how to modernize your environment with the latest Oracle Database technologies, implementing best practices on security, resilience, performance, high availability, and many more. You’ll learn how to migrate workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and be ready to handle the ever-increasing demand for multicloud and hybrid deployments.

DatabaseWorld is for everybody, whether you’re running Oracle databases on premises or in the cloud. With more than 100 learning sessions, more than 40 hands-on labs, and keynotes by Executive Vice Presidents Andrew Mendelsohn and Juan Loaiza, DatabaseWorld has much to offer for all levels of expertise. You’ll hear from customers such as American Airlines, BMW, and Discover about how they’ve optimized their organizations with the latest Oracle database technologies and get tips on how you can replicate their successes.

Between sessions, take the opportunity to boost your knowledge at database demo pods or by talking to experts in the database space in the CloudWorld Hub. There, you can shift gears to network with peers and Oracle product managers and engineers, experience an AR/VR drone flight firsthand, create your own virtual 3D avatar by stepping into our 3D scanner, and much more.

How do you participate in DatabaseWorld? The good news is that DatabaseWorld is included with your CloudWorld pass. If you select Database as your primary interest during registration, you’ll receive a DatabaseWorld badge in Las Vegas. Of course, you’ll have full access to all CloudWorld activities at The Venetian.


Register now for DatabaseWorld at CloudWorld 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!

Gerald Venzl

Senior Director

Gerald Venzl is a Senior Director of Product Manager for Oracle. During his career, Gerald has worked as a Developer, DBA, Performance Tuner, Software Architect, Consultant and Enterprise Architect prior to his current role, while still being active as a developer in his free time and on open source projects. This allowed Gerald to live several different lives in the IT sector, providing him with a solid understanding of the concerns in these individual areas while gaining a holistic view overall. Gerald focuses on advocating how to build systems that provide flexibility yet still meet the needs of the users.

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