Leading Industry Analysts Comment on Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release

April 5, 2023 | 6 minute read
Youko Watari
Product Marketing Director
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Oracle has just made Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release available to the developer community for early access.

Download Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release

23c Free Site QR CodeThis free download is the ideal way for application developers to get started with the app dev innovations in Oracle Database 23c. It provides native support for all modern data types, analytics, and the latest development paradigms—all built into one free downloadable release, providing a powerful platform that simplifies the development and deployment of applications. Developers can experiment with the latest innovations, such as JSON Relational Duality, Java Script Stored Procedures, JSON Schema, SQL Property Graph Queries (SQL/PGQ), Enhanced Oracle Kafka APIs, SQL Domains and Annotations, and more.

For more about Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release and its innovative features, I suggest reading Gerald Venzl’s announcement blog and other feature-focused blogs. 

What Industry Experts Are Saying

Commenting on the release, leading industry analysts stated the following:

“Developers are the most important constituency in tech decision making today. Therefore getting tools into their hands with a minimum of friction is more important than ever.  "Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release is designed to remove obstacles to developer access, allowing devs to define the ecosystem without requiring permission. This is a radical departure for Oracle." 
—James Governor, Co-founder, RedMonk

“With Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release, developers get early access to new app dev features highlighted by JSON Relational Duality. This release finally gives developers an opportunity to try out a feature that unifies and synchronizes the documents and relational worlds. It enables developers and data engineers to access formats for each use case without worrying about data structure, data mapping, data consistency or performance tuning. They can now also run graph analytics on top of both relational and JSON data. Oracle’s JSON Relational Duality, a truly revolutionary solution, is perhaps one of the most important innovations in information science in 20 years.”
—Carl Olofson, Research Vice President-Data Management Software, IDC

Constellation Research
“Living up to the code name ‘App Simple,’ Oracle is making it extremely easy for developers to try its latest innovations with Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release. Developers have over 300 features and enhancements in Oracle Database 23c to work on, but JSON Relational Duality will probably be the favorite as it solves a mismatch between document and SQL approaches to storing and analyzing data. The Free version will enable developers to gain velocity in applying their new skills once Oracle Database 23c becomes GA. The Free approach could persuade the developer community at large to experience developing apps with Oracle Database and realize that there’s a reason very many of the world’s most critical applications run on this particular database.”
—Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

“Now that Oracle Database supports even more data types and development paradigms, developers have more opportunities to solve a wide range of problems with one unified, powerful approach. Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release offers a jumpstart on applying new technologies that simplify the creation of modern data-driven apps. For example, developers need no longer use specialized databases for document and relational data. JSON Relational Duality in Oracle Database 23c unifies both so that data is held once, but can be accessed, written, and modified with either approach.  This capability is unique to Oracle.   It delivers “App Simple” from Oracle.” 
—Richard Winter, CEO and Principal Architect, WinterCorp

“The battle for developer mindshare is intense. Developers want the shortest path to delivering their applications. When it comes to new apps, they are typically in the driver’s seat. They expect to have the chance to kick the tires before they choose their targets. And increasingly, those apps will involve lots of data types. By offering Oracle Database 23c for free, Oracle may have found a way to break through the noise and meet developers where they live. They can develop with relational or JSON data, or both. With JSON Duality, they won’t have to make an either-or choice.”
—Tony Baer, Principal, dbInsight

“I fully get the appeal of ‘free’ to developers. It’s clear that Oracle Database 23c Free—Developer Release will be positively received and see good acceptance in the developer community across both Oracle and non-Oracle users, Certainly being able to try the new features in Oracle Database 23c is very persuasive. Simplifying the development process with the ability to unify relational data and JSON documents, to run Kafka applications directly against Oracle Database, or to build both transactional and analytical property graph applications with Oracle Database are all positive for developers. And that’s what 23c—“App Simple” is all about.”
—Ron Westfall, Senior Analyst and Research Director, FUTURUM


“…developers need no longer use specialized databases for document and relational data. JSON Relational Duality in Oracle Database 23c unifies both so that data is held once, but can be accessed, written, and modified with either approach.  This capability is unique to Oracle.” 
– Richard Winter, CEO and Principal Architect, WinterCorp


“Understanding the power of the developer community in driving IT decisions and how important constant innovation is to that community, Oracle has introduced Database 23c Free—Developer Release. Developers get early access to try out the latest and greatest features in Oracle Database 23c. For instance, developers can get a head start in working with important innovations like JSON Relational Duality, JavaScript Stored Procedures (powered by GraalVM), and property graph queries support. These are all cutting edge additions that developers will eventually put to work in building applications for the coming GA of Oracle Database 23c. Kudos to Oracle for opening up its software with free access without requiring a user account, login, or credit card.”
—Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst-AI platforms, analytics and data management, OMDIA

KuppingerCole Analysts 
“Oracle Database is consistently recognized as a leader in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass reports. It’s no surprise that Oracle continues to combine innovation in data management, application development, and security features in the latest release as well. However, with Oracle Database 23c Free, the company takes a major further step in the right direction by making these cutting-edge capabilities available to developers first. Under the “App Simple” motto, Oracle not only gives developers the opportunity to experiment and be more productive but helps boost the “shift left” initiatives. With this, we can expect new applications to be more “secure by design,” helping Oracle customers improve their security and compliance posture and focus more on their competitive advantages.”
—Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst & CTO, KuppingerCole Analysts

"Oracle Database 23c is the most comprehensive, automated, advanced, and popular multi-model database on the planet, Now Oracle is making it free to developers. That’s an insanely smart strategy. It provides developers with popular database models all in one fell swoop with capabilities like JSON relational duality—simply not available anywhere else. And the Oracle Database is at the heart of many Oracle cloud services and products such as the Autonomous Database, Exadata Database Service, Exadata Cloud@Customer, and more. It makes developers’ lives easier and pulls Oracle products and services. That’s brilliant.”
—Marc Staimer, Senior Analyst, Wikibon

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Youko Watari

Product Marketing Director

Youko Watari is a Product Marketing Director for Oracle database products. Youko spent most of her 25-plus-year career in data and analytics, and she has an end-to-end perspective in data platform implementation as well as analytics and application product development.

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