Oracle Database 21c XE now generally available

September 21, 2021 | 2 minute read
Gerald Venzl
Senior Director
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It is my pleasure to announce the general availability of Oracle Database 21c Express Edition (XE) on Linux! Oracle Database XE is the free Oracle Database edition for developers, DBAs, data scientists, educators and many more. It is the same powerful Oracle Database that enterprises rely on worldwide, packaged for simple download and install, ease-of-use, and a full-featured experience. You get an Oracle Database to use in any environment, plus the ability to embed and redistribute – all completely free!

You can download Oracle Database 21c XE directly from the web: Linux 7, Linux 8

Alternatively, you can head over to

Also make sure to check out the Quick Start Guide.

An important update to Oracle Database 21c XE is that it lifts the restriction on the number of pluggable databases! Unlike the previous version of Oracle Database XE, which only allowed up to 3 PDBs, Oracle Database 21c XE now includes all functionality of the Multitenant feature! Note, that pluggable databases are counted towards user data and hence add to the overall allowed storage.

The resource limits of Oracle Database 21 XE remain the same as to the previous version:

  • 2 CPU threads
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 12GB of user data

Oracle Database is a true converged database, providing support for Relational, JSON, XML, Graph, Spatial, Blockchain, Object, and Key/Value data, all of which can be used with Oracle Database 21c XE. Data access can also be REST-enabled, when combined with Oracle REST Data Services, allowing interaction with the data over standard RESTful web services. In addition, Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle’s popular low-code app development platform, can be easily deployed on top of Oracle Database 21c XE.

All of these capabilities make Oracle Database 21c XE the ideal free database to use for developing and building cutting-edge data-driven applications. It is also an excellent platform for DBAs to educate themselves about the latest advancements that Oracle Database 21c provides. Oracle Database 21c XE is fully compatible with other Oracle Database releases (on-prem and in-cloud), making it easy to scale up to other editions and Oracle Cloud Database Services, including Autonomous Database, as required.

For a quick overview of key new features in Oracle Database 21c, see Introducing Oracle Database 21c.

Oracle Database 21c XE for Windows will be part of the Oracle Database 21c for Windows release later this year. 

Gerald Venzl

Senior Director

Gerald Venzl is a Senior Director of Product Manager for Oracle. During his career, Gerald has worked as a Developer, DBA, Performance Tuner, Software Architect, Consultant and Enterprise Architect prior to his current role, while still being active as a developer in his free time and on open source projects. This allowed Gerald to live several different lives in the IT sector, providing him with a solid understanding of the concerns in these individual areas while gaining a holistic view overall. Gerald focuses on advocating how to build systems that provide flexibility yet still meet the needs of the users.

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