Monitor your MySQL Database Service using MySQL Enterprise Monitor

August 14, 2021 | 7 minute read
Jitender Singh
Senior Cloud Engineer
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Monitor your MySQL Database Service running on Oracle cloud using MySQL Enterprise Monitor.


MySQL Enterprise Monitor provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of all your MySQL databases running on On-Prem or Oracle Cloud. Start monitoring MySQL Database Service (MDS) in Oracle Cloud within 10 minutes with zero configuration and no agents.




  1. Need one compute instance to install MySQL Enterprise Monitor installed on it.
  2. Active MySQL Database Service.


Now first we will install MySQL Enterprise Monitor on Compute instance. For that you can download MySQL Enterprise binaries from Oracle




Provide login credentials when asked and in search box type “MySQL Enterprise Monitor”. Select product and click continue.



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You will be asked to accept license and click on continue. There you will see two zip files. One for MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and one is for Agent.


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Download both files on Compute instance where you want to install MySQL Enterprise Monitor and place it in a location which is accessible.


Now login into compute instance and go to path where you have placed both zip files.



Now unzip MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service Manager zip file “”


[root@test-instance-image opc]# unzip


  inflating: mysqlmonitor-

  inflating: mysqlmonitor-

  inflating: README_en.txt


  inflating: mysql-monitor-html.tar.gz

  inflating: monitor.a4.pdf

  inflating: monitor.pdf

  inflating: LICENSES.pdf

  inflating: READ_ME_ja.txt


Unzipping file will create mysqlmonitor installer.bin file in the same directory



Now install using command as below. I am using installation mode as text. Please refer below link for more information on installation type.


Installation Guide:

Text based:



Execute command as: ./mysqlmonitor- --mode text and follow the instruction.


[root@test-instance-image opc]# ./mysqlmonitor- --mode text

Language Selection

Please select the installation language

[1] English - English

[2] Japanese - 日本語

[3] Simplified Chinese - 体中文

Please choose an option [1] : 1

Info: During the installation process you will be asked to enter usernames and

passwords for various pieces of the Enterprise Monitor. Please be sure to make

note of these in a secure location so you can recover them in case they are


Press [Enter] to continue:


Welcome to the setup wizard for the MySQL Enterprise Monitor


Please specify the directory where the MySQL Enterprise Monitor will be


Installation directory [/opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor]:

Please indicate the scope of monitoring this installation will initially encompass so we can configure memory usage accordingly. NOTE: This setting may have a big impact on overall performance. The manual contains instructions for updating the configuration later, if needed. This installation will monitor a:

System Size

[1] Small system: 1 to 5 MySQL Servers monitored from a laptop computer or low-end server with no more than 4 GB of RAM

[2] Medium system: Up to 100 MySQL Servers monitored from a medium-size but shared server with 4 GB to 8 GB of RAM

[3] Large system: More than 100 MySQL Servers monitored from a high-end server dedicated to MEM with more than 8 GB RAM

Please choose an option [2] : 1


Tomcat Server Options

Please specify the following parameters for the bundled Tomcat Server

Tomcat Server Port [18080]:

Tomcat SSL Port [18443]:

Once installation is done successfully, you will see output like below:


Please wait while Setup installs MySQL Enterprise Monitor on your computer.



 0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%



Completed installing files


Setup has finished installing MySQL Enterprise Monitor on your computer.



Once installation is done, you need to open in browser so that you can add your MySQL Database Service to monitor. Copy public IP of your compute instance on which you installed MySQL Enterprise Monitor and past it in browser with port. 


For me the public IP of my compute instance is and below is the complete URL to open Enterprise Monitor on browser. : here 18443 is the tomcat SSL port (you can find from installation steps)


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🡺 For create user with ‘Manager Role’ please provide the username and password that you have set when installing Enterprise Monitor.


🡺 For agent, you can set password as per your choice. And the agent user will be created.


Next configure time zone as per your territory and save. Proceed next.


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Once all the settings are saved you can see dashboard like below. Here you can one MySQL instances being monitored, that instance is compute instance on which MySQL Enterprise Monitor is running.