Mission Critical Patching for Autonomous Database

February 10, 2021 | 2 minute read
Robert Greene
VP Product Management
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Autonomous Database is a mission critical database service that is self-driving, self-repairing, self-protecting.  The service is designed to deliver an always online, 24x7, high performance database experience.

As complex software systems go there can arise situations where the database engine or some other aspect of the service hits a software issue that requires an in-flight update to mitigate and for enterprise mission critical applications often the update is desired quickly.


Autonomous Database – Dedicated Infrastructure has just released a new One-Off Patching capability for these mission critical deployments.  The feature works in the same manner as normal Autonomous Database quarterly scheduled maintenance, but it is done immediately.

Instead of Oracle’s Autonomous Database’s default approach of simply identifying and patching operational issues, customer and Oracle first agree that a One-Off is required, then Oracle Engineering creates it and Autonomous Database Ops schedules it immediately, rather than waiting for quarterly planned maintenance. Mission critical application owners typically want to know when maintenance events are happening, so just as in regularly scheduled maintenance, both cloud console, notifications and events surface the new One-Off patch to the customer.  For One-Offs, the default schedule set is in the off hours of the next weekend with a minimum of 72 hours from the time it became available, giving the customer the ability to change the policy schedule to a time most suited for the specific application – including an option to Patch Now, which would immediately apply the update. 


The new One-Off feature is yet another way that Oracle Autonomous Database is fulfilling requirements for the Enterprise, enabling the journey to a new era for database where users increasingly leverage an autonomous operational layer both for every day applications and their most sensitive, revenue generating, customer facing mission critical applications.  


For complete details on this new feature you can check out the service documentation.  

Robert Greene

VP Product Management

A EE who became a Database Technology expert with 25+ years experience leading both engineering and product management in database companies. Now evangelizing a new Autonomous era in database services.

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