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October 25, 2023 | 2 minute read
Roger Ford
Principal Product Manager
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Are you an Oracle Expert?

So you're something of an expert on Oracle. You know your inner joins from your outer joins, you know how to configure a SQL*Net listener, and you know about Oracle's powerful SQL/JSON capabilities.

But do you know about Oracle Text?

Or maybe you're actually quite new to Oracle, having moved to the converged database from a single-purpose database such as MongoDB or ElasticSearch.

Either way, you'll want to know about Oracle Text - the powerful SQL-based full-text search engine which is available in every supported version and every edition of the Oracle Database including cloud products such as Autonomous Database.

New User's Guide

There's a lot to cover to fully understand the capabilities of Oracle Text, but we've put together a document specifically aimed at those who are new to Oracle Text. It's called the "New User's Guide to Oracle Text, and it's available here.

OK, you've read that document (or maybe you're not new to Oracle Text and knew most of that already). So where do you go from here? How can you find more info? Well, first of all check the links at the end of this post. But also, read on...

GitHub Repository of Oracle Text Scripts

I've been working with Oracle Text for many years now, in Development, Support, Technical Marketing and now Product Management. Along the way, I've accumulated a large number of SQL scripts. Some of them were designed to be passed on to customers to illustrate particular features of the product. Others were simply quick scripts I knocked up to test how a particular feature worked, or to investigate a bug.

These scripts could be useful to anyone looking to see how a particular feature of Oracle Text works, so I've uploaded them to GitHub. There's a lot of scripts, some well documented, some not-so. You can find them here.

Further Information

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Roger Ford

Principal Product Manager

Roger Ford has been at Oracle since 1987. He started writing code for Oracle 6, and has worked in Development, Support, Technical Marketing and Product Management.

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