Leading Industry Analysts Comment on the Latest AI and Machine Learning Innovations to Autonomous Database

February 13, 2024 | 4 minute read
Youko Watari
Product Marketing Director
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As AI innovations flood the market, we continue to hear from our customers about the challenges posed by needing to decipher all the jargon, learn new tools, or even move their data to where the AI tools are. This is why we have embedded AI into our full-stack, including our databases, so you don’t need to take your data elsewhere to obtain AI capabilities. 

Oracle has just announced a number of enhancements to Autonomous Database that address the goal, including innovations that bring AI and ML to your data and simplify and accelerate the integration of AI and advanced machine learning into your applications and analytics:

The announcement includes the following innovations that bring AI and ML to your data:

  • Autonomous Database Select AI now allows you to create AI-enabled applications that understand your users’ natural language questions in a conversational thread and get answers from your private data.
  • A new spatial enhancement in Oracle Machine Learning enables you to improve model accuracy by incorporating location relationships in ML models.
  • A new user-friendly “no-code” model monitoring interface that simplifies you to detect quality and concept drift in ML models in a timely manner.
  • A new UI for Autonomous Database Graph Studio enables you to create property graph views on RDF (Resource Description Framework) knowledge graphs using a drag-and-drop method, so you can explore interconnections across knowledge silos without complex coding or data duplication.

Read George Lumpkin’s announcement blog for more about these new built-in AI and ML innovations. In addition, in-depth blogs that explore each feature are available. 

What Industry Experts Are Saying

Commenting on the innovations, leading industry analysts stated the following:


AI doesn’t exist without data. Of course, Oracle offers conversational access to the commonly available text data captured in large language models (LLMs) gleaned from the Internet, but that’s just table stakes. Everyone does that. What is hard, is extending this capability to structured data in databases, which have no definitions and no semantics, and where these things must be specified or inferred. This is where Oracle has a tremendous advantage as petabytes and petabytes of data are stored in Oracle databases. With Autonomous Database giving users an enterprise view of an organization’s data and Select AI providing a natural language interface with wide-ranging SQL translation and generation capabilities, you have a differentiated combination that pushes the boundaries of data interaction to new levels. To make it even more compelling, this capability is encapsulated within Oracle’s full-stack approach to AI which gives customers a universe of both structured and unstructured information at their fingertips.

— Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC



"Oracle continues to deliver on its philosophy of bringing applications to data, now with AI. Autonomous Database Select AI brings it all together with human-like conversational capabilities. Not only can a user query the database using natural language, but they can do follow-up queries to refine search parameters and narrow down the results. This is a true democratization of analytics, enabling any user to explore data without having to know where or how it's stored. Oracle is ahead of the AI pack in this area in both functionality and availability."

— Stephen Catanzano, Senior Analyst, ESG 


Constellation Research

The sum total of Oracle’s Autonomous Database enhancements—from Select AI to machine learning and Spatial Studio—represent Oracle’s ongoing commitment to provide customers with the tools they need to integrate AI and ML into their applications, a prerequisite these days to streamlining business processes and improving employee productivity. In addition, these new innovations are all built directly into Autonomous Database, making it easy for any enterprise to immediately take advantage of them. This is Enterprise Acceleration at its finest.

—Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research



When it comes to having a conversation with your data, people just want to have a real-world type dialogue—not deal with coding, complex interfaces or manually copying and pasting from one form to another. With Select AI, Oracle is first-to-market with a generally available capability for organizations to have a contextual dialogue with their private, proprietary data—intuitively. It’s so simple that organizations of all sizes can use it immediately, placing Autonomous Database with generative AI at the forefront of data platform innovations.

— Ron Westfall, Senior Analyst and Research Director, Futurum Research



Oracle is rapidly out-innovating other cloud service providers when it comes to generative AI LLM pragmatic business conversational capabilities. The crucial advantages to Oracle’s Autonomous Database Select AI are its incredible facility in enhancing applications intuitively with nominal effort—which is a game changer—and it’s generally available now.

—Marc Staimer, Senior Analyst, Wikibon



Technically speaking, Autonomous Database with Select AI is a really cool innovation. The ability for anyone to converse with enterprise data not in SQL but instead in their own language will do wonders for employee productivity since no coding or database gymnastics are required to use Oracle's smart implementation. And once Oracle adds AI Vector Search and graph analysis to Select AI, good luck trying to find a more data-savvy application of generative AI in the enterprise.

— Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst, AI & Data Analytics, Omdia


NAND Research

With support for a broad range of LLMs, and the ability for everyone from developers to project managers to now easily hold a conversation with their troves of corporate data and obtain instantaneous insights instead of writing SQL queries or asking someone else in their organization for help, Oracle’s Autonomous Database Select AI clearly elevates the productivity of organizations that adopt it. AI solutions focused on accelerating business productivity will be the most valuable new additions to the enterprise tech stack.”

— Steve McDowell, Chief Analyst, NAND Research


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Youko Watari

Product Marketing Director

Youko Watari is a Product Marketing Director for Oracle database products. Youko spent most of her 25-plus-year career in data and analytics, and she has an end-to-end perspective in data platform implementation as well as analytics and application product development.

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