Introducing Zero to low-cost Autonomous Database for Developers

March 14, 2024 | 3 minute read
Simon Law
Senior Principal Product Manager
Robert Greene
VP Product Management
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Oracle has recently been recognized as a leading cloud service provider (CSP), providing a full suite of cloud computing solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and industry-specific application solutions via Software as a Service (SaaS).

To accomplish this, we created a next-generation cloud experience that focuses on enterprise performance, availability, security and cloud economics where you pay for what you use. The economic benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) are substantial, enabling workloads such as AI and Oracle Database to achieve outstanding price-performance.

We are now further improving OCI economics for our Oracle Database cloud service portfolio with the introduction of Oracle Autonomous Database for Developers, which provides Autonomous databases for developers on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure and Exadata Cloud@Customer at no additional cost. 

Oracle Autonomous Database is an ideal database for developers. It provides multi-model database capabilities for many types of data (including relational, JSON, spatial, graph, multimedia, XML, files, and more), many workloads (transactional, data warehouse, and analytics), and typical developer interfaces (full SQL, REST data access, and language drivers). It comes with free development tools such as Database Actions, Oracle Application Express (APEX) for low-code app creation, and Oracle REST Data Services. It also includes in-database machine learning algorithms and Select AI which enables users to query data using generative AI powered natural language processing.

Autonomous Database for Developers enables developers to experiment with Autonomous Database and build applications with no additional cost. The free developer databases are intended solely for development and functional testing. There is no limit on the number of developer databases users can create on their Exadata and these databases have no expiration dates. Autonomous Database for Developers supports Transaction Processing and Data Warehousing workload types. Each developer database instance has 4 ECPUs, 20 GB of data storage, and supports up to 30 concurrent database sessions.

Create Autonomous Database for Developers instance

Except for Autonomous Data Guard, Database In-Memory, Autoscaling, and long-term backups, all other features of Autonomous Database, such as backup and restore, cloning, patching, APEX, Database Actions, ORDS, Performance Hub, Select AI, APIs, metrics, and notifications are included in Autonomous Database for Developers. While developer databases may lack a few production database features, they are otherwise 100% compatible with the Autonomous databases used in production environments, letting developers create and test their applications against identical database environments.

Autonomous Database List View

Developer databases are automatically patched following the same schedule as regular Autonomous databases. Developers can file service requests (SR) to Oracle Support to get assistance with their developer databases; however, there is no severity 1 SR support or critical one-off patches. Autonomous Database for Developers adheres to a 99.5% service level objective (SLO).

While Autonomous Database for Developers is for development and functional testing only, users can access the full suite of Autonomous Database features or scale up the database for non-development deployments such as load/stress testing and production by cloning a developer database to a full-featured Autonomous Database instance and running there.

Oracle Autonomous Database offers developers a powerful and user-friendly platform for building and deploying mission-critical applications with high performance, scalability, and built-in security while minimizing administrative overhead and costs. With the introduction of Autonomous Database for Developers and it’s free Autonomous databases for developers, there is now an even more compelling reason to start all new application development with Autonomous Database.

See FAQ to learn more about Oracle Autonomous Database for Developers on Dedicated infrastructure and Cloud@Customer.

Simon Law

Senior Principal Product Manager

Product Manager for Oracle Autonomous Database

Robert Greene

VP Product Management

A EE who became a Database Technology expert with 25+ years experience leading both engineering and product management in database companies. Now evangelizing a new Autonomous era in database services.

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