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September 14, 2021 | 3 minute read
Bill Sawyer
Consulting User Assistance Developer
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As the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure continues to grow and adapt, the necessity to get you new Oracle user assistance content, give you more frequent revisions of that content for new features, and to provide you with updates to existing content became more essential than ever. As with most things in the cloud, the old ways of doings things do not always apply. Oracle's Database User Assistance team is not immune to the need to change. With that, we announce the publication of the Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure (ADB-D) user assistance content in article format (Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure documentation) and a surprise announcement at the end of this blog post.

Where and Why Articles for Oracle User Assistance Content?

Go to Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure and bookmark this location.

Why change what works? The software industry has consistently used manuals as the primary publication method for software documentation. Originally, available only as printed books, publications are now presented in electronic formats like HTML and PDF. The Oracle Help Center is the one-stop repository for all things Oracle user assistance, including these publications. With the cloud, electronic publications aren't quite a perfect fit. When you need to know how to do something or get an error, on Oracle or other software, you open your browser, use your favorite search engine (e.g., Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc.), and search. You expect to get to results that answer your question within a few clicks.

Publications do not fit as precisely into this search-based model. In fact, it can be annoying anf frustrating to search through a variety of publications to find the information you need. It can be confusing if you have to page up or down in a book to find an answer, especially if you wonder if content above or below your search result is valid to you. All of this works, but not as cleanly as you expect (or need) in the cloud.

Articles change this for you. With Oracle Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure, the user assistance content is organized into chunks, called articles. Articles give you just what you need to answer your question. For those cases where you need more or related content, articles have carefully curated important links. Those links should support answering your question, while not distracting from your primary question. Articles give you the content you need with easier access.

Articles reside within a single catalog. You no longer have to search through a variety of books for precisely the right content. This is the way that you work in the cloud, and now the documentation supports this in a better way.

Don't forget the Oracle Help Center search engine. While we know you use general purpose search engines (e.g., Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc.), Oracle Help Center is the superior search engine for your Oracle questions. It willl always be updated, and contain both current and archive content to get you the accurate answer you need. For Oracle content, the other major search engines will be slower to update and not as complete. Consider adding Oracle Help Center to your bookmarks.

What's Next?

Revisions, improvements, additions, and feedback from you. The team is actively converting other user assistance content to this new article format. Watch for announcements as that content is released.

We will also continue to look at the data on how you access the documentation. We believe that this will significantly improve the content and its usefulness to you. We won't stop improving. We would love to hear from you. Get your direct feedback on this and other user assistance content. How can you do that?

Surprise Announcement

The Oracle Database User Assistance (DBUA) team recognizes that the cloud has altered your expectations. You interact with software communities that include developers, product managers, software experts, and users. The DBUA team is pleased to announce a DBUA-related blog at The blog is written by DBUA team members, who come together to give you insight into DBUA. It is your direct channel to people at Oracle creating the Database User Assistance content.

Bill Sawyer

Consulting User Assistance Developer

Bill is a Consulting User Assistance Developer, and he has spent more than 30-years in all sorts of user assistance related roles, including documentation, training, labs, curriculum development, videos, simulations, and other serious games. Bill has been with Oracle almost 20-years, and regularly contributes to blogs, conferences, and other publications. His personal blog, which he shares with other Oracle UA experts, is

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