Top Six Oracle GoldenGate Announcements at Cloud World 2022

October 18, 2022 | 8 minute read
Jeff Pollock
Vice President
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Top Six Oracle GoldenGate Announcements at Cloud World!

Oracle GoldenGate has long been at the forefront of data integration and data management as a whole. Recent broad industry shifts towards real-time streaming data, service mesh, data mesh, distributed data, multi-cloud architecture and data fabrics were all preceded by significant innovations in GoldenGate software and cloud services. The GoldenGate platform is used today by 1000’s of customers (including more than 80% of the global Fortune 500) for accomplishing real-time data-driven use cases.

Oracle GoldenGate for Modern Data Management

As a continuation of this long tradition of innovation, the GoldenGate team is very happy to announce another series of advancements that will bring exciting new capabilities, significant cost savings, and a major leap forward in simplicity and usability for all GoldenGate users. 

In this blog is a summary and video presentation of our Cloud World announcements with links to more information:

Each of these announcements above are very exciting on their own, and when taken together all at once they are a massive update for one of the world’s most widely used data fabric solutions. Here’s a bit more about each of these important innovations:

30+ New Sources/Targets for OCI GoldenGate

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate is the first and only full-managed cloud-native service to provide this breadth of interoperability with industry data platforms.

OCI GoldenGate with more than 30 new sources and targets!

GoldenGate was the first data replication cloud service (in 2017) and the first to provide a serverless experience with built-in elasticity (in 2021) and now the team is raising the bar again with a vast new set of source and target capabilities. In the same way that on premises GoldenGate is broadly used as an enterprise standard data fabric, the OCI-GG service may now also be used for a wide cross section of enterprise, non-Oracle, and multi-cloud use cases. This significant step will open the door for customers to have a much simpler and more cost-effective way of doing modern real-time data integration with any of the most popular data platforms in the industry.

Read here for more information…

Introducing OCI GG Stream Analytics, a fully managed cloud service

Oracle Stream Analytics is a widely recognized leader in stream processing capabilities. This Oracle technology has been noted to have superior usability than Apache Flink, better transaction semantics than Spark Streaming and more advanced time-series / geo-spatial analytics than Confluent KSQL.  Now, Oracle has adapted this technology to become a fully managed and elastic OCI cloud service.

OCI GG Stream Analytics for fully-managed, elastic streaming data!

With OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics, customers have a complete platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics. It includes high performance data ingestion, easy-to-use graphical pipeline builder, specialized processing for time-series and geo-spatial functions, and dynamic dashboards for charting and geospatial data manipulation.

Customers no longer need to worry about the administration of Apache Kafka and Apache Spark for the runtime of stream processing, it is all taken care of transparently by the Oracle Cloud teams who are operating the service. Customers can simply create a new deployment of Stream Analytics and begin using the application immediately. The next step would be to create connections to streaming data sources (such as Kafka or GoldenGate) and then begin building stream analytics pipelines. It is now a simple and seamless experience to get started fast with stream analytics and real-time data processing.

Check out the blog for more information!

Certification of GoldenGate for online MongoDB migrations

With MongoDB becoming more of an aging platform, more and more enterprise customers are looking for migration options that don’t involve any downtime and with minimal disruption to MongoDB based applications.  Zero downtime migration has been a specialty area for GoldenGate for more than 25 years, going all the way back to Tandem NonStop series databases.  Now we are bringing that core capability of online data migrations to MongoDB with this recently certified (by Oracle) solution for GoldenGate to support highly automated real-time MongoDB migrations into any GoldenGate supported target technology.

Oracle GoldenGate for zero downtime MongoDB migrations

In the case of MongoDB migrations, customers may be moving to more modern MongoDB versions, or Mongo-compatible databases (such as Azure CosmosDB) or to the Oracle Cloud compatible document stores such as Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous JSON Database.  GoldenGate is certified to migrate into any of these MongoDB compatible data stores, or into any other of the 100’s existing GoldenGate targets.

Take a look at this blog for more information...

New low-cost pricing for Big Data targets

Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data was the first replication technology for big data all the way back in 2015, in the beginning only supporting HDFS, Hive and Kafka.  Since then, this very popular product has added another 25+ big data target technologies as well as more sources such as JMS, Kafka, Cassandra and MongoDB. For enterprise customers that make use of many big data technologies, the original GoldenGate for Big Data product includes all 30 technologies at a single price-point.  However, customers that have fewer big data targets have also asked for lower pricing based on only paying for what they plan to use.  So that’s what we’re doing!  Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data Targets is a new product offering designed to help customers get more value from per-target pricing.

New lower cost pricing for per-Technology Targets in GoldenGate for Big Data!

With this new low-cost pricing, on premises customers can easily add new GoldenGate for Big Data Targets at a simple price point that is significantly less expensive than the all-in-one product. For example, if you have a single source database that you want to replicate to Kafka or Azure Data Lake, you can add just those licenses without having to license any other technologies that you don’t need.  Oracle is committed to a flexible and cost-effective pricing model for our on premises GoldenGate customers.  (Note: cloud customers may use hourly / subscription pricing with Oracle Cloud for many of the same target technologies that run within OCI GoldenGate)

For more information about GoldenGate Big Data Targets, check out this blog!

GoldenGate Free

GoldenGate has been the market leading real-time data integration software for over 20 years, experts recognize the long tradition for robust mission-critical use cases in banking, payments, ecommerce, telecommunications and military deployments.

The new GoldenGate Free community supported package is designed to help small and large enterprises prototype new solutions, developers to evaluate data replication in an event-based architecture, students to learn about advanced database replication, and ISVs to embed in their solutions. By making the full functionality of GoldenGate available – completely free - our prospects and customers can experience the value firsthand.

GoldenGate Free is a brand new community supported, completely free version of GoldenGate!

GoldenGate Free is offered with Oracle’s free use license  that allows for unlimited use of the software, in perpetuity, for any environments including development, test and production. All features of GoldenGate are included with the license and our teams are encouraging new customers to give them a try. Likewise, there is a new recipe-based user experience that automates initial load capabilities and radically simplifies GoldenGate for non-expert users. The main resource limitation for this Free version of GoldenGate is that it is limited to use with databases that are smaller than 20GB in size.  Customers with databases larger than that should consider our low-cost OCI-GG cloud solution or the full on-premises package of Oracle GoldenGate.

For our initial release of GoldenGate Free we are launching with support for Oracle Databases (source and target) and in future releases we plan to add support for other databases (eg; Postgres, MySQL etc) and big data (eg; Apache Kafka, object storage etc). So, stay tuned to GoldenGate Free as we aim to continually add more connections over time!

Follow this link for more information about GoldenGate Free!

Beta program launch for GoldenGate 23c

But wait, there’s more!  …we are also announcing the opening up of the beta program for a whole new major version – GoldenGate 23c!  Oracle GoldenGate 23c is the next long term support version of the GoldenGate platform and it will be the launch vehicle for a wide range of innovative new capabilities for the core platform.

Join us for the GoldenGate 23c Beta Program!

Starting this week at Oracle CloudWorld 2022 we are now accepting nominations for customers to participate in the forthcoming beta program for GoldenGate 23c. By joining the beta, customers will have early access to the software (either on-premises or hosted from Oracle Cloud) and may try out new features and integration points as part of the beta program.

There is a very, very long list of new features coming in GoldenGate 23c, here are a few highlights:

  • Oracle Database 23c support – a very long list of deep integrations with DB 23c
  • Simplified 99.999% High Availability – shared-nothing service mesh for HA/DR topologies
  • Online App Upgrades with EBR – support online DDL during upgrades
  • Streaming Event Service – new Pub/Sub streaming protocol for event-driven apps
  • Usability and User Experience – updated microservices UX and recipe-driven Web Studio
  • Security enhancements – more encryption, vault, identity and SSO capabilities
  • Observability enhancements – greatly simplified AWR, health and diagnostics
  • Performance and Resiliency – new areas of parallelism, more auto CDR, more automation

You can learn more about the Oracle GoldenGate 23c Beta Program here...

We are very excited about all these fantastic new announcements for the Oracle GoldenGate platform and on behalf of the entire team at Oracle we thank you for engagement and for your ongoing feedback which empowers us to keep making the world's most innovative real-time data management software and cloud services!

At Cloud World you can learn more


Learn more here:


Jeff Pollock

Vice President

Mr. Pollock is an expert technology leader for data platforms, big data, data integration and governance. Jeff has been CTO at successful startups and a senior exec at Fortune 100 tech vendors. He is currently VP of Products and Cloud Services for Data Replication, Streaming Data and DB Migrations. At IBM, he was responsible for all Information Integration and Data Governance products, previously Jeff was an independent architect for US Defense Department, Vice President of Technology at Cerebra and Chief Technical Officer of Modulant – he has been engineering artificial intelligence based data platforms since 2001. As a business consultant, Mr. Pollock was a Head Architect at Ernst & Young’s Center for Technology Enablement. Jeff is also the author of “Semantic Web for Dummies” and "Adaptive Information,” a frequent keynote at industry conferences, author for books and industry journals, formerly a contributing member of W3C and OASIS, and an engineering instructor with UC Berkeley’s Extension for object-oriented systems, software development process and enterprise architecture.

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