Achieve data residency, availability, and scale with Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database

September 19, 2023 | 5 minute read
Pankaj Chandiramani
Director, Product Management
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We are delighted to unveil the Limited Availability of Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database, a fully managed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service. This cutting-edge distributed database offering supports critical enterprise use cases including data residency, high availability, low latency, and scalable performance. Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database is built on the Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Cloud Infrastructure. As such, this service is self-tuning, self-scaling, self-securing, and self-healing. It automates many routine database management tasks such as patching, disaster recovery, and backup and recovery, reducing the risk of human error and improving system uptime.

With Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database organizations can store and manage large data volumes with exceptional performance and reliability. It facilitates automatic distribution of data across Oracle’s globally distributed converged databases, making it well-suited for both large-scale, mission-critical applications that work with diverse data types, as well as less complex, high-throughput environments like web applications.


How Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database Works

Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database makes it easy for organizations to support their global operations. The built-in data sharding and replication allow data to be distributed across multiple geographic regions for low-latency access and high availability. Organizations that need to operate across the globe can use this OCI service to meet data residency requirements by controlling where geographically restricted data resides and is processed.

Because it is based on Autonomous Database running on Oracle Exadata infrastructure, each Globally Distributed Autonomous Database shard is already highly scalable, performant, and fault-tolerant, so this new service takes these capabilities to a whole new level, making it the optimal choice for organizations that need to store and process massive amounts of data.

In addition, Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database supports multiple data models, including relational, JSON, graph, and spatial data so it can be used to meet the data needs of diverse applications instead of organizations having to use multiple single-purpose databases that don’t provide automated shard management and operations.

Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database  provides built-in security features to protect data, including encryption, access control, and auditing while also automatically deploying the latest security patches, bug fixes, etc. across the entire sharded database stack. As a result, your data is secure and running with the latest security and software patches at the infrastructure, database, and shard infrastructure layers.