Announcing Oracle APEX 23.2 Availability

November 14, 2023 | 5 minute read
Ashish Mohindroo
Vice President, Product Management APEX Low Code Application Platform
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Oracle APEX 23.2 is now generally available for download and is rolling out to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) regions across the globe.

This release enables developers to easily build secure and scalable enterprise cloud, mobile, and SaaS apps with low-code. App builders now have access to a variety of native enterprise features and capabilities that include end-to-end process automation, collaborative development, and new User Interface (UI) components.  

Here are some of the highlights of Oracle APEX 23.2 for Enterprise-Scale Application Development

  • End-to-End Process Automation with native Workflow

    Fully integrated workflow solution that enables developers to automate business processes and worflows, both system-to-system and human-system, using an intuitive, visual workflow designer built natively into the platform.
  • Collaborative Development - Application Working Copies

    Native team development capability enables developers to create a working copy of an app to fix a bug or add a feature, then selectively merge their changes back into the main application.  Thus developers can work on different aspects of the same app in parallel.
  • New UI Components 

    New world class page items that include QR code generator, image upload and combobox give enterprise apps fresh capabilities without coding.

This release also includes numerous additional features and bug fixes resulting in even higher quality and stability for APEX apps. For more information about the new features in Oracle APEX 23.2, as well as many of the other exciting enhancements, please see the Release Notes or visit the What's New page.  You can also watch our five-part APEX 23.2 New Features office hours series by visiting the Oracle APEX Office Hours page.  

Oracle APEX is powered by a vibrant community of 700,000+ developers, who are building sophisticated apps to address organizations most demanding challenges.  These developers plays a big role in the success and product direction of APEX, and we're thrilled to share that in APEX 23.2, we have implemented more than 20 ideas that came directly from developer requests. APEX developers are building apps that range across ERP, Content Management, CRM, Freight Management, Payment processing, Fraud detection and even simple spreadsheets replacement.  With APEX, compared to 'high code' technologies, these developers are able to build enterprise apps with world class features 20X faster with 100X less code while reducing the application development effort by 65%

Low-code app builders are also looking at ways to leverage AI to deliver new cutting-edge capabilities for their organizations. According to Gartner®, “by 2024, 40% of enterprise applications will have embedded conversational AI, up from less than 5% in 2020.“*  

Oracle APEX enables app builders via REST APIs to easily integrate with a suite of OCI AI services to build next-gen AI-powered apps.  These AI services include Oracle Generative AI (currently in limited availability), AI Speech, AI Vision, Oracle Document Understanding, Oracle Digital Assistant, and Oracle Data Science. With the combination of Oracle APEX and OCI AI services, developers can incorporate powerful AI features to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations, process natural language prompts, automate image and object detection, generate text (email, marketing copy, etc), and more.


APEX Availability & Pricing

Oracle APEX is available as a standalone, fully managed service in OCI (all global cloud regions) as a pay per use model. You pay for only the resources you consume, there is no per app or per user fee hassle. There is also a free version included in OCI’s Always Free services. It’s also included as a no-cost feature with any Oracle Database service, including Autonomous Database. There is no extra charge for specific features - all features are available to all customers.


As of today, customers worldwide have created more than 19 Million apps with Oracle APEX.  We are receiving very positive feedback from users across the world who have tried APEX 23.2 preview over the past month.  Here are a few quotes from the actual users of the product:

"The possibility for developers to create branches makes the app development experience much easier and is my top favorite feature in APEX 23.2. The visual builder adaption to workflows is a great enhancement to create complicated tasks. We are already using faceted search and the latest enhancements with filter options provides much greater flexibility to the users." – Dr. Birthe Gebhardt, Team Lead, Siemens Mobility

"We have a very large APEX Team working on multiple applications. Application Working Copies in APEX 23.2 is going to have a huge impact especially on our release teams in understanding what changed and keeping everything straight. I am personally excited about Template Components and to see the creativity of people in how we can bring in visualizations that are more interesting than what come out of the box. Looking forward to getting our hands on APEX 23.2 soon!" – Sayee Natarajan, CEO RxDataScience, Syneos Health

"As a developer, the Application Working Copies is a life saver in APEX 23.2. This will enable our team to work together and review the changes before merging them. Previously, we had to maintain multiple copies of the same app. Workflows are also going to have a huge impact on our customers with easy task management using the new visual designer" – Tasos Tzamarias, Munich RE HealthTech

"We have been using APEX since version 18 and I am excited to see the APEX team releasing great new features with every release. Personally, we have been waiting for the Application Working Copies since a year. QR Code generator as a declarative option is an important feature in today's age since people use QR code for documents and reports. Previously, we had to use third-party tools to achieve the same. Congrats to the entire APEX team on the new release!" – Suketu Shah, Managing Director, Soham ERP

You can also hear and learn directly from our customers on how they are using Oracle APEX to build new apps for their organizations worldwide via the Business Innovations with APEX series.  Register for the next episode.

Where can I get Oracle APEX 23.2?

Try Oracle APEX 23.2 now by signing up for a FREE online workspace or Download the product.  Within minutes you can also build your 1st low-code app.  If you are interested in learning about Oracle APEX, we encourage you to register for the FREE online Learning Courses.  These self-paced courses offer every developer an opportunity to become proficient with APEX at their own pace and convenience. 

Go ahead and try APEX 23.2 today! We’ll love to hear your feedback via



*Gartner Insights, Gartner Experts Answer the Top Generative AI Questions for Your Enterprise, 2023, GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.





Ashish Mohindroo

Vice President, Product Management APEX Low Code Application Platform

I am the Vice President of Product Management for Oracle APEX – low code application platform. I am passionate about building great products and solutions for our customers. Prior to Oracle, I was the General Manager for the technology incubator at Bertram Capital, a private equity firm, where I incubated and launched four Cloud startups focused on DevOps and hybrid clouds including Morpheus Data. I was also the Chief Marketing Officer at NuoDB, a cloud database company. Before that I held various product and marketing leadership roles at Salesforce and Symantec.

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