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Oracle Move - Successfully Migrate Your Data to the Oracle Cloud

Ricardo Gonzalez
Product Manager

The Oracle Database is enterprise-proven—it supports all types of workloads and various deployments as well as platforms on-premises and in the cloud. The question is, how can you migrate your Oracle Database into the cloud successfully, easily, and with virtually no downtime?

The answer to this question is Oracle Move: www.oracle.com/goto/move

Oracle Move provides the information and tools you need to determine the best strategy and methods to migrate your on-premises database to the Oracle Cloud and then helps you execute on the plan.

The Oracle Database in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is available in several services and configurations, each one tailored to your business needs. Oracle Move therefore not only supports a variety of source database configurations, but also considers the managed Oracle Cloud database services you can choose from and be provided with the most efficient path into the Oracle Cloud. For example, Oracle Move supports the migration of an Oracle Database into the Exadata Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud at Customer, and of course, the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing services. In other words, Oracle Move is your one stop solution.

Moving your Databases to the Oracle Cloud starts from where you are today, taking into consideration your source database, whether it's an Oracle Database or other databases hosted on a 3rd Party Cloud. Oracle Move offers a simple advisor that recommends the optimal migration solution based on your selection of the target and source database deployments.

Oracle Move offers simplicity and efficiency. Oracle automated tools make it seamless to move your database to the Oracle Cloud with virtually no downtime. Using the same technology and standards on-premises and in the Oracle Cloud, you can facilitate the same products and skills to manage your cloud-based Oracle Databases as you would on any other platform.

Oracle Move is flexible. You can directly migrate your Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud from various source databases into different target cloud deployments depending on your requirements and business needs. Oracle Move provides a well-defined set of tools, giving you the flexibility to choose the method that best applies to your needs.

Oracle Move is cost effective. The same flexibility that lets you directly migrate your Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud is applied to finding the most cost effective solution for the purpose and duration of the migration.

Oracle Move is highly available and scalable. The tight integration of all migration tools with the Oracle Database lets you maintain control and gain better efficiency when moving your databases into the Oracle Cloud, while the Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)-approved tools as well as Oracle’s soon to be released Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM)-based migration ensure that your migration is handled as smoothly as possible. https://www.oracle.com/database/technologies/rac/zdm.html

The Oracle Zero Downtime Migration tool follows a simple single button approach, is fully MAA-compliant and scales to your fleet needs. Oracle ZDM leverages Oracle Data Guard in order to provide an automated migration for your on-premises database to the Oracle Cloud; all of this, with a five step process that analyzes both the source and target, prepares both databases, migrates your data, provides monitoring and then a controlled switchover of the application to your newly migrated database in the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Move provides all the resources for Migrating OVEr to the Oracle Cloud. For more information, visit www.oracle.com/goto/move to find your best path to the Oracle Cloud.

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