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  • March 23, 2016

Oracle Database Solutions: Proven Market Leadership

Edgar Haren
Principal Product Marketing Director
In a non-sponsored survey conducted by IT Brand Pulse titled, “IT Pros Vote 2016 Server & Database Brand Leaders” finds Oracle to be leading in the SQL Database market segment. IT Brand Pulse, a trusted source for research, data and analysis about data center infrastructure conducted the survey with the intent to measure the pulse of brand leadership in specific product categories. Within each product category, respondents choose the overall market leader, as well as the leader in price, performance, reliability, service and support, and innovation. From the survey, Oracle is voted as market leader in key database segments for:
• SQL Database
• Performance
• Reliability
• Service and Support
• Innovation

For In-Memory database, Oracle leads in nearly all categories including: Market Leader, Performance, Reliability, Service and Support and Innovation

Figure-1: IT Pros Vote 2016 Server & Database Brand Leaders

In-Memory databases have been in the market for a few years, so why are they now becoming so important? The answer is that the explosion of data has forced data stores to continue to grow larger and more diverse. In addition to this complexity, so too is the growing demand for greater performing analytics. In-memory databases enable decision makers to have access to real time analytics, which in turn enable businesses to be more agile and ultimately better equipped to compete in the market. Oracle’s DBIM solutions provide extreme performance for analytics through in-memory acceleration and are also very cost effective. The engineering design supports both scale-up and scale-out models that can provide up to 100’s of terabytes of memory and 1000’s of CPU threads. Lastly, the architectural foundation was designed to be “cloud-ready”, helping ensure that the in-memory database is 100% compatible with Oracle tools, as well as 3rd party solutions.

Figure-2: Oracle DBIM Key Benefits

The survey also highlights Oracle’s strength in the SQL Database segment, and one such differentiator is security. Oracle has a distinct advantage over the competition in providing security on Oracle databases because security is multilayered and at the same time built directly into the Oracle database kernel. Oracle also offers database security solutions that work with non-Oracle databases by virtue of years of working with many of the world’s largest, most complex customer environments. Let’s take a look at some of the security advantages Oracle provides for SQL Database that go beyond other competitive offerings-

Database Activity Monitoring – While some SQL Database solutions rely on secondary software providers to provide this feature, Oracle offers Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (OAVDF) to proactively monitor Oracle and non-Oracle database traffic to detect and block unauthorized activity
Secure Centralized Configuration – Other databases offer fewer capabilities to enable efficient consolidation and centralization of database services. This inability to consolidate efficiently results in database proliferation affecting cost, management effort, and security. Oracle’s centralization, configuration management tools, and architectural flexibility help control database sprawl making it possible to implement and enforce consistent security policies.
Privilege and Sensitive Data Discovery – There are some non-Oracle solutions that do not provide tools to locate sensitive data within SQL databases or to identify how privileges are being used. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides discovery of sensitive, high-risk data, as well as policy-based monitoring of privilege usage and reporting on how privileges are actually being used.

As we discussed throughout this blog, Oracle Database offers a highly proven and differentiated database offering. As highlighted by IT Brand Pulse, in addition to bringing meaningful innovation through in-memory database solutions, Oracle also focused on customer centric values, and was the leader in reliability, service and support. With Oracle’s Data Management Cloud Services, Oracle now offers customers the choice to harness the power of Oracle database on-premise, or to leverage cloud services to deploy Oracle database solutions. For more information on Oracle Database Cloud Services please visit us at - cloud.oracle.com/database


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