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Oracle Cloud Platform Expands to Help More Organizations Build and Deploy High-Performance Applications

Edgar Haren
Principal Product Marketing Director

Today, I'm very excited to have a new guest blogger, Sohan DeMel, VP of Product Strategy – Database Development.


High Performance Database Cloud Services are Now Available for Developers, SMBs, and Enterprises

Companies of all sizes are rushing to Cloud for a variety of reasons.  Rapid time to value, DevOps, CAPEX reduction, OPEX reduction, closing of data centers, keep up with fashion, … and the list goes on.  A high performance Database Cloud Service is key to ensuring that applications perform well in the Cloud.  And while many Cloud providers tout their services, do they deliver database performance, high availability, and compatibility where it matters most?  Does a high performance Database Cloud Service always equate to high cost?  Why is Oracle’s announcement of database cloud services on bare metal compute a big deal?

Database cloud services and performance differentiation at every scale

  1. For developers, SMBs, and departmental applications:  Exadata Express with 1 OCPU and 50 GB of compressed and mirrored storage. 
  2. For Misssion Critical OLTP, Enterprise Data Warehouse and Database Consolidation:  Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service that starts at 16 OCPUs and goes up to 1,000’s of OCPUs, and petabytes of storage

Oracle Exadata is well known for its industry leading performance, and is widely adopted by the largest Banks, Telco’s, and large enterprises around the world.  Both the Exadata Express service and the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service run on this industry leading platform.  The former is based on a shared infrastructure model with many customers running on a shared Exadata system, and the latter is based on a dedicated infrastructure model that dedicates a given Exadata system to a single customer.  So, what about customers who need between 2 and 16 OCPUs?  Do they also get differentiated performance with Oracle Database Cloud Services?

  1. For SMBs, and enterprise applications:  Oracle Database Cloud Services on virtual machines and Oracle Database Cloud Services on bare metal compute start at 2 OCPUs and go up to 36 OCPUs, with up to 14TB of mirrored storage.

Oracle Database Cloud Services on virtual machines run on shared infrastructure with network I/O.  Oracle Database Cloud Services on bare metal compute run on dedicated infrastructure with locally attached NVMe flash storage.

With the arrival of Oracle Database Cloud Services on bare metal compute, Oracle delivers industry leading performance in the 2 OCPUs to 16 OCPUs category as well - delivering 50x greater performance (1.6M IOPS) vs. Amazon RDS’ best metric of 32K provisioned IOPS -  http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/CHAP_Storage.html - and 40x greater I/O bandwidth (20 GB/sec) vs. Amazon RDS’ best metric of 500 MB/sec ( http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/CHAP_Storage.html ). 

In addition to IOPS and I/O bandwidth, enterprise customers often want predictable latency or response time.  Since Oracle Database Cloud Services on bare metal compute is a dedicated, single tenant service with no noisy neighbors, enterprise customers get the very predictable response times needed for their enterprise applications.

Highest compatibility cloud services for customer applications

What environments do customers choose for running applications and databases on-premises?  Some customers run on virtual machines, some on bare metal infrastructure, and others on Oracle Engineered Systems.  While performance differentiation is important, customers often want a Cloud environment that mimics what they run on-premises.  By offering similar virtual machine infrastructure, bare metal compute infrastructure and Oracle Engineered Systems infrastructure in the Cloud, Oracle makes it easy for customers to move their workloads to Cloud.  With Oracle, customers don’t have to ‘port’ their workloads to Cloud.  Everything works the same way as it does on-premises.

Affordable database cloud services starting @ $175/month

Developers need fast access to affordable compute and storage infrastructure to build applications.  SMBs often have the performance and high availability needs of enterprises, but can seldom afford the cost of enterprise systems.  Oracle Exadata Express cloud service meets this need by offering a fully functional, fully managed Oracle Database Cloud Service at an extremely affordable price point.  Customers get access to the complete feature set of the Oracle Database starting at only $175 per month.  Customers needing high speed analytics, can run a higher tier of the same service that comes with Oracle Database In-Memory and a large memory footprint, and still pay only $950 per month.

With the availability of Oracle Database Cloud Services on bare metal compute, SMBs and enterprises have access to an elastic database service on a dedicated high performance system.  Customers only pay based on how many OCPUs they use and can vary consumption over time – helping customers reduce cost, while gaining greater flexibility.


The introduction of Oracle Database Cloud Services on bare metal compute completes Oracle’s differentiated portfolio of database cloud services.  From differentiated performance at every scale, to compatibility with on-premises applications, to low cost and affordable cloud services for developers and SMBs, and enterprises, Oracle provides customers with a broad and compelling set of Database Cloud Services.

For more information on Oracle's Database Cloud Service on bare-metal servers, please be sure to check out the resources below.


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